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Karen Kijewski
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Kat Colorado

Have you met Kat Colorado yet? If not, run, don't walk, to your nearest bookstore and get aquainted. Kat is a P.I located in Sacramento, CA. Surrounded by a variety of colorful characters. She works each case depending on her sharp wit and has a strong dedication to her client (well, ok...most of the time.)
There are 9 books in the series. In order, they are: Plus there are three (3) short stories:

When is the next Kat book coming out?

I wish I knew. There are a few rumors out there. The two that I keep hearing are (1) She lost her contract with Putnam and is looking for a new publisher and (2) She's quit writing due to family obligations. I don't know whether either one is true, she's the only one who can say for sure. I just hope that she either gets a new publisher or gets her family obligations taken care of soon. :)
I recently heard a new rumor. Her latest book is ready to go, but her publisher wanted to go straight to paperback and she refused.

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Comming soon.....I hope!!

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  • A few pictures I'm proud to have (even though I am in a couple of them!)

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