here's your free look at the new book........ The Secret To Really Making Money With Your Crafts: HOW TO MAKE AND SELL YOUR OWN PATTERNS FOR MORE CRAFTING PROFITS

Yes, You Can Make And Sell Your Own Craft Patterns, Catalogs, And Instruction Booklets Right From Your Home!

If it makes more sense to you to create a craft pattern just once, then reproduce and sell it over and over again for a repetitive income - instead of investing your time and money making one craft item at a time, and being paid for each one only once, then YOU'LL WANT TO KNOW.....

Why And How Selling Craft Patterns Is More Profitable Than Selling Individually Crafted Items: Here’s the low-down on exactly how easy and lucrative it is to make and sell your own craft patterns.

How To Turn Your Original Craft Design Into A Manufactured Pattern You Can Sell From Your Home: The nuts and bolts DETAILS of exactly how to create a pattern you can sell, from designing, to manufacturing, and reproducing your patterns. What to print it on, what to put it in, when to “move up”. You can do it from home, and you don’t need a computer!

How To Test Market Your Patterns Before Going Into Full Swing Production: Starting small and working your way up, be certain your pattern sells before you spend much money for a large ad. Here’s how to test your pattern while earning money for the ad!

How And Where To Market Your Patterns: Everything you need to know! Who to talk to, where you want to sell your patterns. How to sell on the Internet! How to get free advertising, and how to develop your own NATIONAL mailing list for (almost) free! How to tap some hidden customers you’ve been overlooking, how to use the “magic” of direct mail, How to develop your own local mailing list FREE!

Calculating Your Cost And Pricing Your Pattern: Here’s what to include when calculating the exact cost of your pattern. HERE’S HOW TO GET YOUR FIRST PATTERNS PRINTED FOR FREE!

How And Why To Copyright Your Patterns: Do you know the advantages of copyrighting patterns? Here’s information about what can and can’t be copyrighted, with instructions on how to copyright a pattern or instruction book. Here’s where you can get the forms FREE!

How To Create (From Home!) A Catalog For Your Patterns: Use your catalog for mail order as well as handouts at fairs and shows, and you don’t even need to incur the expense of renting a booth! You can design and create a great catalog, once you’ve got a stock of a few different well-selling patterns or instruction booklets. Capitalize on cashing in on the sale of your catalog at certain times of the year... you may even make more money selling your catalog than selling your patterns! NO COMPUTER NEEDED!

Financing Your Endeavor: Some easy options available to the home-based business entrepreneur for finding money to use to start selling patterns for profit. How much money will you really need?

If you already have or would like to design original crafted items, and want to capitalize on your talents, this book is for you!

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