- Wild Cat Education Programs -

While Education Programs And Schools Specific To Cats Seem To Be
Rare, You Can Get A More General Education In Biology, Zoology,
Or Exotic Animal Handling Below Is A List Of Recommended Fields.
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Cat Tales Zoological Training Center

  • Train to become one of the best. Cat Tales ZTC is the ONLY school of it's kind where students learn every aspect of zoo operations and professional animal care.While we do not guarantee job placement for graduates of the program, we receive request on a regular basis for information on upcoming graduates as possibilities for positions at various facilities. Top names in the Zoological community hire people, who have successfully completed our program, because of their well rounded training. Located In Washington. Are you ready to start?

    Cat Tails Home Page

  • The Big Cat Internship involves Animal Care Apprentice and Public Education.This is a 90-day unpaid position (by 4 quarters/terms) allowing one to gain experience in the zoological field. Job duties include cleaning, diet preparation, light maintenance, education tours, etc. Interns are responsible for the daily cleaning and health monitoring of a number of exotic feline species including, but not limited to: tigers, lions, leopards, and pumas. Big Cat Internship opportunities also include working in environmental education with schools and scout groups in a variety of learning activities. You will present short guided lessons on animal care techniques, conservation and rescue methods, backgrounds on the big cats, and much more. This wide variety of teaching opportunities and education training provides the intern with an exciting array of new skills and experiences. Training is provided by the staff. ( See Web Site For General Requirements )

    Tiger Creek Wildllife Refuge Internship Program

  • If you desire a career in zoo animal care or want to work at the world's largest accredited sanctuary, check our our Intern with Big Cats program, Located In Florida.

    Big Cat Rescue Internship Programe

    The Animal Behavior Institute offers professional online training programs in animal behavior, training and husbandry. Our programs can help you prepare for careers in animal training, animal behavior, zookeeping, animal assisted therapy and wildlife rehabilitation.

    Animal Behavior Institute

  • LOOKING FOR ANIMAL CARE EXPERIENCE? Apply for the Animal Care Intern Program or the Education Intern Program at the first and only sanctuary of its kind to be certified by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary. There are four to eight positions available within the IEAS animal care department and one position available in the education department, each session. Located In Boyd Texas More Info Is On Their Web Site.


    There classes offer a broad range of information to include: Animal Husbandry,Animal Training, Wrangling and Handling - yes, there is a difference! (beginning and advanced),Animal Behaviors - trained and instinctual,Compound Management,Facility maintenance,Safety,Equipment,Animal transport,Political issues showmanship and presentations,Employment Seeking skills,Laws, Rules & Regulations,Veterinary care and much much more!!!

    Wild Things Inc

    Where Too Locate Internships With Carnivores For Zoo Education / Jobs

  • To start with, and most probably the best place to look for an internship with carnivore is with the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA). They are looking to fill many positions and even a few for a Carnivore Zookeeper. As you will see, the required education and experience is rather extensive when compared to the pay being offered. Be mindful that most of these are actual job listing, not internships

    ( Go To AZA Site )

  • Mizzou Tigers for Tigers was organized at the University of Missouri in 1999 as the nation's first tiger mascot conservation program. Faculty, staff, students and alumni from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Fisheries and Wildlife;

  • Faculty, staff, students and alumni from the College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; Fisheries and Wildlife; Veterinary Medicine; Journalism; Biological Sciences; Environmental Studies; International Center; University Affairs; Alumni Relations; Development; and Intercollegiate Athletics work together to ensure that there will be wild tigers as long as there are Mizzou Tigers.

    Mizzou Tigers For Tigers

  • The National Tigers for Tigers Coalition is devoted to improving the status of tigers, both captive and wild.Through the collaboration of students attending tiger mascot schools across the country, we aim to mobilize the public through education, improve and/or create relevant policies and take direct action to ensure the survival of the tiger.

    National Tigers For Tigers Coalition

  • VOLUNTEER PROJECTS - Choose from over 33 unique Community, Children, Animal or Environmental volunteer projects. Bring YOUR skills, interests and passions TO South Africa and really make a difference.

    You 2 Africa Projects


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