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The Latest News- 12.3.01:
Updated the equipment and links pages. I will not be able to update this site as much as before. Sorry I'm very sorry for the fans that check this site daily. The Donnas have a small picture and article in the new Rolling Stone magazine. They were haning out with Joey from New Kids On The Block. :)

Sorry people for not updating in a couple of months. I have been very busy this summer. Well on the Donnaholics discussion list, they posted that Donna R will getting married on the 12th. Wish Donna R a beautiful wedding on Sunday. Donna C has now been endorsed by Aquarian drumheads. I think Aquarian makes the best drumheads. I've tried them before and they do rock. Have fun Donna C!

I will be serving The Donnas videos on mIRC. Look for me and SillieGrl at #thedonnas on EFnet. If you need anymore help please e-mail.

There's a rumor that The Donnas will be at San Francisco's Live 105 studio on June 10th for their show Soundcheck. They will be interviewed and play some tunes of theirs and some of thier fave picks. Also you can no longer access the videos at myspace, now you'll have to get them on mIRC. Look for me at #movienight on Sandnet. Just message me there and I'll send you the video you want.

Updated some tour dates.

Updated the links in the videos section.

I've made a couple of video captures of the 40 Boys In 40 Night video. Go here to see the captures.

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