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 Donna Videos

These files are hosted on myspace in DivX format. Click the link to log in, if you dont have an account visit and create one. The shared password is "". Do not link to these! Also use my referal code: U0054A762 Using my referal code will give me more space to upload videos on my account. So if you want to see more videos, then please use my referal code. First you will need to download a codec in order to watch divx videos. Click the link to get the codec DivX Codec.

***Hints on Downloading with Myspace***

1 Checkout the multiple enable d/l (the checkbox cleared)

2 rightclick in the file (s) you want to d/l and copy the url

3 paste the url in a new explorer window BUT change the IP adress (the last number only to play safe and stay in the realms of myspace), for example I did the following

original url:[fasf]titan.a.e.ts.subbed[2of2].c11

changed url[fasf]titan.a.e.ts.subbed[2of2].c11


Note the change from x.x.x.149 to x.x.x.148

Another problem solver is to log out and log in a few times...

Try different hours of the day.

Frames Version or Non - Frames