Friends   are   Like   Flowers.....

Ello everybody! I thought I should make a section on my site all about the people who put up with me, my groovy friends. With out them Im nobody. I want to thank them all for what they have done for me. Thanks buddies!!!!


Kat- I have know Kat for a little bit now. She really rocks:) She loves the Beatles. She lives very far from me but we agree on a lot of stuff
Chris- have know Chris for a year now and gosh he is really awesome. He loves THe Beatles!! And he also has a band who rocks. I can't wait for the CD!! :)
Julie- Finally a Davy fan!!! I met Julie on ICQ not to long ago and we both like one really groovy thing: DAVY JONES!!:)
Jenny- I met Jenn on ICQ. She rocks! She helped me on me page and I can always talk to her about my favorite thing, The Monkees even If She is Micky fan. uumm many of me friends like Micky!!
Brit- I also met Brit on ICQ. She loves Davy!! Yea! She is awesome and has a great page! I can't believe I didn't have it on me links before, Brit!!!