Michael Nesmith

Born: Dec.30,1942
Birthplace: Dallas,Texas
Given Name: Robert Michael Nesmith
Parents: W.A and Bette Nesmith
Height: 6'1
Marriages:2~ Phyllis and Kathryn
Current Marital Status: Single
Hits with the Monkees(a few): Mary Mary, You Just May Be The One,Papa
Genes Blues,Sweet Young Thing and The Girl I Knew Somewhere
Favorite things he has said: There is a message for you on the Bird,
Davy,Be Good, Hold on Officer this is Micky Dolenz of the Monkees and 
Hello we're the Monkees

A few things on our sweet Mike

Mike recorded two singles for Colpix (later Colgems) before the Monkees
under the name Michael Blessing. 
Mike's mother Bette Nesmith invented Liquid Paper
Mike was married before the Monkees
When Mike's mother passed away he inherited half of her fortune(helllooo Mike!)

For New Monkee Fans who don't know who Mike is: he is always
has a hat on!

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