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New Media for Parents, Teachers, and Youth
Useful links and insights on new media, computer games, books and more.

The Path of Hope (Wall of Hope)
Over 100 peace and justice successes throughout history: Exhibit, activities, handouts, resources.
More than 600 churches and groups have found this helps inspire and encourage faithful action for justice and peace. Timeline of events: (pdf) (html) español Versión en español

Peace Points
A resource series for youth groups and adult leaders. 11 widely used and effective group activities and bible studies on peacemaking, conflict resolution, world hunger, just war, simple living, peace worship, and other topics

24 Ways Students Can Work for Peace
tri-fold handout with great ideas for teens and college students.

Our Student Group as Peacemaker
Learn how you can apply the Nobel Peace Prize laureates appeal for a “Decade of Nonviolence” in your student group.

U.S. Budget Priorities: An engaging, interactive computer activity for youth and adults. Previous users have said it brings alive the shocking imbalance in U.S. budget priorities: a vast amount goes to military power, and very little to diplomacy and development aid as alternatives for engaging our world. (updated 2014 version).

Youth and the Military
What are your options? What questions might you ask? What organizations can help? What are alternatives to military service? How can you be a conscientious objector?


List of peace and justice related films (pdf)


AFSC, Help Increase the Peace dynamic, engaging, highly participatory training program to learn nonviolent skills; trainers in 19 states (’04, manual is $30, 12-minute video rents for $5; AFSC, 410/323-7200,

Susan G. Fitzell, Free the Children,* fine conflict education manual for children and teens; useful quotes, activities (New Society, '97)

Paul Loeb, Generation at the Crossroads,* revealing and insightful interviews build a hopeful perspective on youth today (Rutgers, ‘94)

Fiona Macbeth and Nick Fine, Playing With Fire: Creative Conflict Resolution for Young Adults, superb activities (New Society, ‘95)

Cornelia Penner, Games That Byte: Helping Youth Evaluate Computer Games, a full curriculum (Faith & Life Press)

School Programs

Center for Media Literacy, fine videos and discussion helps for parents and teens on media violence (800/226-9494,

Classroom Pledge of Nonviolence,* curricula, videos, school packages, e-newsletter... (Institute for Peace & Justice, 314/533-4445,

Conflict Resolution and Prevention programs:mediation, social skills, anti-bullying guided discipline; Partners in Learning enhancing school climate, student support (Educators for Social Responsibility,

PeaceWorks conflict resolution and mediation curricula for schools, peacemaking skills, research summaries (

Sarah Pirtle, Discovery Time for Cooperation and Conflict Resolution, a superb manual of activities, K-8 (CCRC, ‘99)

Resolving Conflict Creatively Program well researched and designed program (Educators for Social Responsibility,

University Peace and Justice Studies

The Peace and Justice Studies Association

Maurianne Adams, et al, eds., Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, a goldmine of curriculum ideas and resources (Routledge, 1997)

David P. Barash, ed., Introduction to Peace Studies (Wadsworth, ’91)

Jennifer Turpin and Lester Kurtz The Web of Violence (Illinois, ‘97)

Daniel Thomas and Michael Klare, eds., Peace and World Order Studies: A Curriculum Guide, hundreds of syllabi (Westview, ‘96)


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