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Bring inspiration and enrichment to your adult forum (new)

Peace Points: LPF series for leaders of engaging discussion activities; each includes handouts, facilitation tips. Topics include: biblical peacemaking, global conflict, peace worship, simple living, conflict transformation, world hunger, just war, and more...

U.S. Budget Priorities: An engaging, interactive computer activity for youth and adults. Previous users have said it brings alive the shocking imbalance in U.S. budget priorities: a vast amount goes to military power, and very little to diplomacy and development aid as alternatives for engaging our world. (updated 2014 version).

Conflict Education - Insights, activities and resources for examining conflicts between individuals and on larger levels, and for strengthening skills to address conflict in any area of life.
in Spanish: español Educación de Conflicto - Perspicacias, actividades y recursos para examinar los conflictos entre los individuos y en niveles más grandes, y para fortalecer habilidades para abordar conflicto en cualquier área de la vida.

Shalom! Toward a More Effective, More Faithful Approach to Conflict and Violence - Our most popular essay explores a more faithful and effective approach to conflict and violence: it is an eye-opening overview, with annotated resource list.

Encouraging Shalom in the Congregation: a resource guide

Addressing Racism: Challenge for Peacemakers, a discussion and resource guide
in Spanish: español Abordando el Racismo: Desafío para los Pacificadores
guia para discusion y recursos

Global Conflict Resources

Ending World Hunger!

Hunger Resources - Engaging forum, discussion, and advocacy resources on our top education and advocacy priority.

Hunger Volunteer Training & Support Project - Faith-based efforts to alleviate hunger, poverty, and homelessness have been challenged in recent years by the economic downturn. This project aims to help by offering resources, activities, workshops, and mentoring to support program volunteers and strengthen congregation involvement. World Hunger Advocacy

For several decades, ending hunger has been our top legislative priority. During that time, we’ve learned a lot and grown in skill and determination. What is unique this year is that our efforts have a receptive administration. Our advocacy is still urgently needed: Here´s our latest advocacy update.

"Taking Root" is a superb five-part congregation education program on hunger (look under the "Hunger Education" tab). It is available for three different age levels, primary, middle, h.s. each with very different, well conceived activities, visuals, stories, and great graphic look. Several LPF pastors and lay leaders who have used the program in their congregation have raved about its quality, flexibility, and ability to engage young people.

Hunger and Development Links

Top 10 Reasons…check yr wallet edition

Genetically Modified Foods and World Hunger - español in Spanish: Alimentos transgénicas y el hambre

Ways to Nonviolence

Nonviolence Resources: Cultivating the Way of Peace -overviews, activities and ideas for leaders.

Building a Culture of Nonviolence: activity and resource guide

Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls - Action Guide - new

The Path of Hope (Wall of Hope)
Over 100 peace and justice successes throughout history: Exhibit, activities, handouts, resources.

More than 600 churches and groups have found this helps inspire and encourage faithful action for justice and peace. Timeline of events: (pdf) (html)

españolEl Sendero de la Esperanza Versión en español
Eventos y movimientos a favor de la justicia y la paz a través de la historia.

A few dimensions of violence - through numbers

Peace Bibliographies

A Brief Overview of LPF Resources for Leaders
LPF's most popular and effective activities and resources for leaders.

Activity and Discussion Guides
A treasury of materials for active learning and teaching about peace.

Alternative News and Websites
Alternative news, stories, and action ideas to empower and inspire us.

Audiovisual Tools for Peacemakers
A list of AV resources and links to more on LPF’s website.

Conflict Transformation, Nonviolence, and Justice
An annotated guide to over 400 outstanding books, manuals, audiovisuals, and websites.

LPF Resources for Youth Leaders
A quick overview of LPF activities and resources for youth leaders.

New Media for Parents, Teachers, and Youth
Useful links and insights on new media, computer games, books and more.

Notable Peacemakers
Learn about remarkable champions of peace and justice through peace quotes, videos, and stories.

Students and Young Adults
Books, programs, studies, and links for youth and young adults.

Spanish Language Resources español Recursos de Paz en Español
Spanish translations of many of LPF’s best materials.

Transforming Our World - The most useful books, manuals, and web sites, selected by PJRC teachers, researchers, parents, and activists.

Women's Peace Resources - new

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Top Ten List (pdf, html)
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