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Resources about Nonviolence
Lutheran Peace Fellowship


In our culture the word "nonviolence" is loaded down with stereotypes, myths, and misconceptions. It may be among the most misunderstood words in our language. Following a few overview articles and resources, the following activities offer opportunities to recover the breadth and depth and power of nonviolence and to explore arenas in which we can take those insights into our lives and world

1. Overviews of Nonviolence

Shalom! Toward a More Effective, More Faithful Approach to Conflict and Violence - Our most popular essay explores a more faithful and effective approach to conflict and violence: it is an eye-opening overview, with annotated resource list.

Encouraging Shalom in the Congregation: a resource guide (NEW)

biblical vision – Jesus’ Way of Shalom, and What is Christian Peacemaking?
This popular activity explores the breadth and depth of the biblical vision of Shalom, peace, justice, community, wholeness. One to six session resource with additional questions and activities to build on or expand the impact of "Jesus’ Way of Shalom"

Definition of nonviolence – adopted by the ELCA (originally written by two LPF leaders)

International Day of Non-violence - Gandhi video series (new)

Nonviolence for the Violent - Walter Wink - video series

Martin Luther King, Jr. - resources and video series

A few dimensions of violence - through numbers

2. Activities exploring particular dimensions of nonviolence

Stopping Violence Against Women and Girls - Action Guide - new

ONE by ONE toward justice for All - Peace points activity on Millennium Development Goals and the ONE Campaign - among the most hopeful efforts in decades.

It's Time to Talk... - A thoughtful and stimulating activity for adult forums and youth groups to explore together the growing concerns about the Iraq War. *for additional materials see: Iraq Resources

Hunger Awareness Meal - An experiential meal that helps teach participants about the realities of hunger and poverty in the world.

Conflict Education - Insights, activities and resources for examining conflicts between individuals and on larger levels, and for strengthening skills to address conflict in any area of life.
in Spanish: español Educación de Conflicto - Perspicacias, actividades y recursos para examinar los conflictos entre los individuos y en niveles más grandes, y para fortalecer habilidades para abordar conflicto en cualquier área de la vida.

Path of Hope - Our most popular activity making use of this exhibit and listing of peace and justice movements and heroes throughout history; includes brief descriptions of eleven other activities; the full ‘how to kit’ includes an annotated selection of events from the Path of Hope.
Peace and justice successes throughout history.
in Spanish: español El Sendero de la Esperanza
Eventos y movimientos a favor de la justicia y la paz a través de la historia.

Just War - A series of activities for youth and adult groups that explores in detail the classic just war principles, and also opens up the dynamic insights of the ‘just peace’ perspective.

Nonviolent Social Movements in Creating Change try this combination session Video/Path of Hope

Peace Points Starters - Resources for creating or strengthening a peace-focused session for youth.

Peace Worship - Provides a variety of resources including prayers, litanies, songs, and a complete 20 minute worship session.

Reclaim the Season! - Peace & justice living and giving – especially appropriate at Christmas; useful throughout the year.

3. Ideas, activities, and resources for leaders

In the congregationBuilding a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence as well as Our Congregation as Peacemaker and Peacemaking Discussion and Activity Resources

In youth groups and classes
-- 24 Ways Students Can Work for Peace, What can our student group do for peace? and Lutherans and Conscientious Objection to the Draft

In forums - U.S. Budget Priorities: An engaging, interactive computer activity for youth and adults. Previous users have said it brings alive the shocking imbalance in U.S. budget priorities: a vast amount goes to military power, and very little to diplomacy and development aid as alternatives for engaging our world. (updated 2014 version).

In the family -- Family Pledge of Nonviolence, Media Violence

In the community
ten stories (forthcoming)

IraqInvisible Option, The Lutheran article (spanish version) (see also other Iraq resources)

Around the worldGlobal Spread of NV article by Richard Deats and other stories

Throughout historyPath of Hope

Worship and devotional uselitany and peace deck (revised)


Decade for Peace, Nobel Appeal -- lpf page on nobel appeal

The Promise and Challenge of the Nobel Peace Appeal

Nobel Laureates Appeal Discussed in Lutheran Theology Journal

Canadian Commission for UNESCO website on the International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-violence

Alternative versions of the nobel resolution for a:
City Council, Community Group, Church, School, College or University

Thoughts in a time of tragedy September 11, 2001
by Glen Gersmehl

Synods Say "Yes" to Active Nonviolence

4. Further resources

A Brief Overview of LPF Resources for Leaders
LPF's most popular and effective activities and resources for leaders.

Conflict Transformation, Nonviolence, and Justice: An Annotated Guide to Over 400 Outstanding Books, Manuals, Audiovisuals, and Web Sites

Sources for Further Nonviolence Training

Transforming Our World - The most useful books, manuals, and web sites, selected by PJRC teachers, researchers, parents, and activists.

Notable Peacemakers
Learn about remarkable champions of peace and nonviolence through peace quotes, videos, and stories.

Outstanding online resource: Metta Center for Nonviolence Education.

See also the following references:

Walter Wink, editor, Peace Is the Way* is the best anthology on nonviolence we’ve seen: endlessly insightful (Orbis, 2000). Engage and From Violence to Wholeness,* are outstanding study and activity manuals, esp. for religious groups (Pace e Bene, ‘98, ‘05; AFSC, Help Increase the Peace, is a great manual of engaging activities to teach youth peacemaking skills ( Leadership Training in Peacemaking and Peacemaking in the Real World* workshop and manual for organizers, speakers, teaches (LPF, PJRC, ’07; 206.349.2501). Peter Ackerman and Jack DuVall, A Force More Powerful,* successful nonviolent efforts worldwide (St. Martin’s, 2000, PBS series, ); Robert Cooney and Helen Michalowski, The Power of the People,* a wonderful illustrated history of nonviolence in the US (New Society, ‘87); Bill Moyer, Doing Democracy, insight on social movements (New Society, ‘01); Stephen Zunes, et al, eds., Nonviolent Social Movements, a superb global survey… also: King,* McCarthy, Muste, Nagler, O’Gorman,* Prejean,* Schell, Sharp,* Sibley* Pam McAllister, ed., Reweaving the Web of Life,* an illuminating anthology on women and nonviolence by the author of You Can’t Kill the Spirit* and This River of Courage,* terrific stories of women and nonviolence (New Society, ‘82, ’88, ’91); Elise Boulding, Cultures of Peace, wonderful essays (Syracuse, ‘00)…also: Day,* Deming,* Eisler,* Enloe,* Lester, Ruddick… Paul Loeb, The Impossible Will Take a Little While,* 50 hopeful essays by a who’s who of activists (Basic, ’04)

The above references are an excerpt from:
Transforming Our World - A compact “best of the best” catalog of the most useful books, manuals, and websites, selected by teachers, researchers, parents, and activists from the Peace and Justice Resource Center.

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