haiku from the desert

      sunset's flame
      pale moon floats up -
      good hunting!

                              hotpink blooms
                              hedgehog cactus
                              hailing summer

      coyote digs
      in dry desert sand -
      a skull grins

                              lightning tears
                              clouds heavy with rain:
                              water, water!

      cactus wren nests
      fill sahuaro's holes -
      an owl waits

                             crows quarelling
                             over pink scraps:
                             index or thumb?

      javalinas' lairs
      dug in dry creek walls -
      jojoba roots bared

                              tripping over
                              a rotten tree trunk:
                              whose bite stings?

      cottontails nibble
      grass of golf course greens -
      shadows paint stripes

Izabel Sonia Ganz
January - December 1998

haiku from Quintana Roo

   red handprints
   around descending god -
   gawking tourists

                              moist and salty
                              kiss of a dolphin

                                         closed white sand beaches
                                         uprooted rainforests
                                         new roads and resorts

Izabel Sonia Ganz
August 1998

haiku in the dark

      driving along
      a windswept road
      "no vacancy"

                                              last leaves
                                              on bare branches
                                              waiting for snow

      rainsoaked sheets
      by a dumpster:
      yesterday's Times

                                     railroad tracks
                                     curve into distance
                                     coming and going

Izabel Sonia Ganz
November 1998

cat haiku

      moon rising
      stars and cats' eyes
      dim their shine

                                              a sick cat -
                                              aching paws stretch
                                              through my heart

      black tomcat
      watching a nest -
      worried dove flaps wings

                                     cactus wrens squawk
                                     on the verandah:
                                     cat's jaws applaud

Izabel Sonia Ganz
December 1998

haiku for December

      Solstice night
      the dark goddess

                                           christmas lights -
                                           power companies
                                           rake it in

      old man's house -
      oasis of peace
      from xmas glare

                                        christmas trees:
                                        tinsel and wrappings for
                                        tomorrow's trash

      winter months
      in Valley of the Sun --
      feeding hummers

Izabel Sonia Ganz
December 1998

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