Portrait of a Crone

Her thinning hair
crown of her years
she wears in pride
the Hag, the Hagia,
the Hallowed one.
Her wise blood kept within
unspilled in menses
feeding her spirit.

Wrinkles dance ageless patterns
around her eyes - mirroring wisdom
around her mouth - speaking the truth.

Her neck sags softly
she naysays the peddlers
crowding to embalm her
with scalpels and collagens
with pastes, patties and powders
to quell and conceal her power
waxing with each waning moon.

The celebrated crowned crone
centuries old oracle
of human tribes.

Izabel Sonia Ganz
October 12, 1997

   Quitting time

   Since my resignation
   from the position
   of General Manager of the Universe
   I no longer try to run it
   expecting it to
   follow my orders
   conform to my rules and regulations
   dance to the beat of my drum.
   I am no longer responsible
   for the destruction of the planet
   vanishing species
   all the crime and violence
   the religious right
   government circuses
   for traffic jams
   and jerks posting in newsgroups.

   Next I am getting ready
   to chuck the solemn robes
   I have worn for years
   as Chief Supreme Justice.
   Some days even before breakfast
   I would utter a few judgements
   pass a verdict or two
   and declare a sentence.
   But before the flapping gown
   joins the pounding gavel
   on the bonfire
   I fully intend
   to issue a final order
   granting executive pardon
   to myself.

   Izabel Sonia Ganz
   October 15, 1998

    Published in "Unlikely Stories" (A Collection of Literary Art)

         For my granddaughters

         Honor your anger
         protect its fire
         the very flame of life
         use it wisely
         so that you may dance
         on the graves
         of the enemies
         that challenge you by day
         or sneak in at night.

         Hold safe the seed
         of your anger
         so that it may grow
         and explode
         at your bidding
         scattering your foes
         into ashes
         be they outside
         or within you.

         Izabel Sonia Ganz
         Oct.31, 1998

    Published in "A Writer's Choice Literary Journal"


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