counting two thousand
                           revolutions of the star --
                          enjoy next round trip!

                              MY NEW YEAR'S

                         EVERY DAY I WILL
                         APPRECIATE MYSELF:

                         - for not growing old

                         - for allowing my breasts
                         to swing free of bras

                          - for not spending time
                          with people who bore me
                          whether I was born
                          with the same last name
                          as they, or not

                           - for changing my mind,
                          discarding diapers
                          that do not serve me

                         - for learning html

                         - for feeding hummingbirds

                         - for not feeding stray cats
                          since it became
                          a burdensome duty

                        - for buying flowers
                          for myself

                         - for sending my mother
                         flowers instead of
                         calling her,
                         so she can not
                         push my buttons

                         - for becoming free
                          of superstitions
                          based on fear, guilt
                          and greed of preachers
                          of all kind

                         - for using my time writing
                          meaningful and enjoyable
                          poetry, instead of
                          pushing the vacuum

                         - for creating webpages
                          that win awards
                          as "a great contribution
                          to the World Wide Web"

                           - for enjoying
                          my own company

                          - for trusting my ability
                          to make it
                          without becoming
                          a slave from 9 to 5

                            - for not owning
                           or shoes with high heels

                          - for keeping my mind
                          open to new and exciting

                          - for finding new reasons
                         to praise myself for
                         every day!

                                             Izabel Sonia Ganz
                                            January 1, 2000

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