nineteen ninety nine -
                          neither end nor beginning
                          nick on the circle

                         my new year's

                         I will not even think about
                         giving up the pleasure of

                         I will continue to make the
                         guys at the meat counter
                         look baffled when I ask
                         for hamburger with the
                           most fat content possible

                         I won't send out any holiday
                         greeting cards by snail-mail

                         I will not smile when
                         I don't feel like it

                         I will not go to family
                         reunions and admire
                         drooling smelly babies

                         I will not wear fashionable
                          shoes which deform my feet

                         I will not count feet
                            in my poems

                        every day I will do
                         something strange
                         and unexpected

                         every day I will do
                         a dance step
                          of my own invention

                         I will take my shower at
                         a different time each day

                         I will change my name
                         when I am bored with
                         the one I am using now

                         I will write a haiku a day
                         perhaps even two

                         I will send myself an
                         electronic "thank you" card
                         every time I write
                         a great poem

                         I will edit this list
                         whenever I feel like it

                         Izabel Sonia Ganz
                         January 1, 1999

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