A letter to Hawk, my prairie friend

   You never have told me who were those
   that surround you when you come out at night
   on the prairie, in the woods and moongroves
   by the pale stars flickering light.

   I don't know if they graze on tall grasses
   or tear mice and rabbits apart,
   if they munch on leaves, flowers and
                                    young shoots
   or bloodily feast on small hearts.

   I know they don't fear or avoid you
   as you walk never crushing a branch
   as you keep all your energy folded
   with no sound or city man's stench.

   I know well how you sit still and quiet
   nothing happens, outwardly it seems,
   while the nebulae flow trough your veins
   linking human and animal dreams.

   While the Earth never stops tracing orbits
   and all life changes shape, changes form,
   eternally evolving livingness
   moves through all, whether human or worm.

   And as we - the civilized and progressed -
   rush pall-mall on a quite doubtful course
   maybe those that meet with you nightly
   are much closer aligned with The Force.

   So one night, oh Hawk, I beseech you
   as the moon helps you right path to find
   do include me in that ring of woods' magic
   simply hold me in your clear quiet mind.

   May all of the fourleggeds and crawlies
   know how honored and privileged I'd be
   if they choose to include me in their circle
   perhaps even send a message to me...

   Izabel Sonia Ganz
   October 1997


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