Sunbeams poured down
on mesquite and yucca.
I stumbled on the path
as a flash of turquoise
streaked by my feet.

I sat down on a boulder
among sagebrush and warm breeze
and he reappeared before me
etched against a red stone.

Still and uncoiled
his long tail glowing bluegreen
his body turquoise studded
and lime feet gripping surface.

His eyes fixed my stare
my breath paused
time paused
for a very long while.

And then he danced!
His long body whirled round
tail whipping fast
he wheeled again
and again
spun once more
then stopped short
looking straight into my eyes.

Immobile, I felt his motion
that mirrored the one within me
deep in my cells
in my atoms.
Silent, I listened as he
soundlessly echoed galaxies
and repeated nebulae
unerring in his knowing
of the moment
out of time
beyond space
past separation.

Now when I put on his colors
I wear them as emblems of honor
a gift from dancing together
a breathtaking pasodoble
in forever whirling ballet
of parallel universes.

Izabel Sonia Ganz
September 1997
revised April 1999

AWILIX - The Moongoddess