When they cremate my body
I want you to pour the ashes
into a glass jar
or a ziplock bag
and fly them first class
in their own window seat
to a tropical island.
Let the trade winds take them
among palm trees
over the water
into an orange and purple sunset.

      Too expensive, you say?
      I am not leaving enough
      for the tickets?

Then in your fourwheeler
drive the carcass
into the desert
where sahuaros
creosote bush
and jumping cholla abound.
Lay it - gently -
among rocks and clumps
of hedgehog cactus
so that mountain lions, coyotes,
eagles, hawks and vultures
may have a feast
before the worms get their share.

You're afraid they'll put
you in jail for murder or
illegal garbage dumping?

Why then don't you sell
the cadaver
to a cat food factory
where they will grind it finely
and allow Fluffy
and Jellylorum
to enjoy a new taste
in their diet?
I plan to die pretty healthy
so the little darlings
will come to no harm.

You don't think you can
handle this either?

I really don't give a hoot
what you do with
"the remains"
as long as you don't
put them in an urn
to decorate a mantelpiece or
a shelf in the garage,
or stuff them in a box
which gets buried in the ground
with two crossed sticks
like bars
planted above it.

Izabel Sonia Ganz

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