on Key #13 of Major Arcana
- the B.O.T.A. Tarot deck -

   In fear and dread I called you "Grim";
   why don't you scare me anymore?
   Is it because of sunrise gleam
   where sunset used to loom before?

   Is it the seed that floats up, free
   to move on, sprout, bloom as it grows
   or glowing white on a green tree
   is it the one full petalled rose?

   Is it the grin on a skull's face,
   the Mother's hair or Wisdom's crown,
   Piscean foot's receding pace
   or Hand of Fate resting palm down?

   Maybe the scythe, so sharp and wide
   that cuts through heartbreak's hardest stone
   and that no matter where I hide
   will scour sick marrow from each bone?

   What river this that flows away
   towards an ocean, far from earth
   blue in the light of dawning day?
   Perhaps I shall call this key "Birth"?

   The symbols weave and cast a spell
   that stirrs my body's secret mind
   and drawing from its deepest well
   ever more treasures I may find.

Izabel Sonia Ganz
May 24, 1999

My last Will and Testament

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