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The Guild High Council

The High Council is solely responsible for all decisions made in the Guild.

1. Guild Matriarch: Quinn Logan. Website. Location: Nova Scotia, Canada.

2. Guild Viceroy (and Marvel News Reporter): Razeth Kota. Location: California, USA.

Associate High Council

The Associate High Council are Guild members who contribute more to the Guild website than just fiction or artwork.

1. Graphics Designer: Aubrey. Website. Location: Virginia, USA.

2. Public Relations Officer:

General Members

  1. Padme Skywalker. Website. Location: Florida, USA.
  2. Candra Phoenix. Website. Location: California, USA.
  3. Wren. Website. Location: Missouri, USA.
  4. DeWheatley. Website. Location: Leeds, UK.
  5. Aqua's Shadow. Location: California, USA.
  6. Shy Mazta. Location: Manitoba, Canada.
  7. Hoodoo. Location: Pennsylvania, USA.
  8. Kizmet. Website. Location: Oregon, USA.
  9. Lady Trunks. Website. Location: Kansas, USA.
  10. Dramahootie. Location: Florida, USA.
  11. Kibou No Tenshi. Website. Location: South Africa.
  12. Pyromaniac. Website. Location: Newfoundland, Canada.
  13. Astria. Location: Texas, USA.
  14. Dayna Romulus. Website. Location: Pennsylvania, USA.
  15. FireStorm. Location: Virgina, USA.
  16. Child of Light. Location: Virgina, USA.
  17. GaiaMalfoy. Location: Florida, USA.