This is where you can find all the comic reviews that Raz and I will put here for you. They will be grouped in two categories: old and new. There will be more coming soon!

The reviews listed on this page contain spoilers for the comics in question. If you do not want to know what happens before you read the comics, do not read the reviews. Raz and I are not holding a gun to your head making you read the reviews, so please do not blame us if you read something you didn't want to know before you buy the book. Thank you.

New Comics


Old Comics

The following comics will all be reviewed by Quinn Logan as soon as she gets the time to start picking at them.

The Rogue Limited Series

The First Gambit Limited Series

The Second Gambit Limited Series

Gambit & the Externals Limited Series

The Regular Gambit Series

Wolverine/Gambit: Victims

Bishop & Gambit: Sons of the Atom

Deadpool Limited Series