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Mabray, Alonzo M. (h/o Engletine) ; Whitefield

Mabray, Bettie (w/o P.M.) ; Whitefield

Mabray, Della ; Antioch

Mabray, Engletine (w/o Alonzo M.) ; Whitefield

Mabray, Henry A. (h/o Nancy C.) ; Whitefield

Mabray, Lee ; Antioch

Mabray, Myrtle ; Whitefield

Mabray, Nancy C. (w/o Henry A.) ; Whitefield

MacDonald, Gladys Ann (w/o Stephen Earl) ; Iron Bridge

MacDonald, Stephen Earl (h/o Gladys Ann) ; Iron Bridge

Mace, Ben W. (Husb of Minnie M.) ; Brooken

Mace, Delilah J. (Bickle) (Wife of Robert H.) ; Brooken

Mace, Fred James ; Brooken

Mace, Infant Son of Ben & Minnie ; Brooken

Mace, John F. (Son of R.H. & D.J.) ; Brooken

Mace, Minnie M. (Phillips) (Wife of Ben W.) ; Brooken

Mace, Robert H. (Husb of Delilah J.) ; Brooken

Mackey, Columbus L. (Husb of Mary Belle) ; Brooken

Mackey, Mary Belle (Wife of Columbus L.) ; Brooken

Mackey, Richard ; Quinton

Madden, Arthur J. (Husb of Earie) ; Brooken

Madden, Billy Eardie (s/o A.J. & Earle (McClannahan Madden, h/o Elsie) ; Brooken

Madden, Buck (Husb of Ruby L.) ; Brooken

Madden, Clyde E. ; Old Panther

Madden, Earie (McClenahan-Griffin) ; Brooken

Madden, Edgar R. (Husb of Mary) ; Brooken

Madden, Gent ; Old Panther

Madden, Laura (Westbrooks) ; Brooken

Madden, Macken (Pate) (Wife of Arthur J.) ; Brooken

Madden, Mary (Wife of Edgar) ; Brooken

Madden, Mary Ellen ; Miners

Madden, Mattie (w/o Ed) ; Miners

Madden, Ruby L. (Wife of Buck) ; Brooken

Maddox, Elihu ; Garland

Maddux, Lenard Herbert (Husb of Ouida) ; Keota

Maddux, Ouida (Wife of Lenard Herbert) ; Keota

Madewell, Alice C. (d/o Samuel Junor & Tamer Izora (Kelley)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Beulah M. ; Old Cache

Madewell, Cecil F. ; Old Cache

Madewell, Cecilia ; Old Cache

Madewell, Cynthia (w/o George Washington) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Dee (d/o Samuel Junor & Tamer (Kelley)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Dora (d/o Samuel Junor & Tamer Izora (Kelley)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Flora Ellen (d/o Samuel Junor & Tamer Izora (Kelley)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Ida Mae (Bush) (w/o Troy Eulis, d/o Jessie James & Fannie Bell (Snow)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell,James Samuel; Silome Springs

Madewell, Louis Samuel (h/o Blanche (Hayes), s/o Samuel Junor & Tamer Izora (Kelley)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Raymon E. (s/o Samuel Junor & Tamer Izora (Kelley)) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Samuel Junor (h/o Tamer Izora (Kelley), s/o George Washington & Cynthia Margaret (Bellew), md 11 Nov 1906 ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Tamer Izora (Kelley) (w/o Samuel Junor, d/o Aaron F.) ; Siloam Springs

Madewell, Troy Timothy (s/o Troy Eulis & Ida Mae (Bush)) ; Siloam Springs

Madison, J.R.L. (h/o V.E.) ; Tamaha

Madrid,Eusevio "Mike"; Stigler

Magby, Marion (General) ; Old Panther

Magby, Mary Elizabeth ; Old Panther

Magitis, Frank ; Miners

Mahall, Fronie Belle (w/o Warren J.) ; Miners

Mahan, Jim Sherman (h/o Oneta, s/o Robert & Freda (White)) ; Garland

Mahan, Lucille (w/o Tom B.) ; Enterprise

Mahan, Ritta A. (Phillips ; Enterprise

Mahan, Robert S. (h/o Bertha (Hope)) ; Garland

Mahan, Tom B. (h/o Lucille) ; Enterprise

Mahan, W.R. "Bill" ; Enterprise

Mahurin, Joshus ; Quinton

Maidic, Edward E. (h/o Pearl) ; Miners

Maidic, Evelyn ; Miners

Maidic, Tony ; Miners

Maidic,Pearl (w/o Edward E., md 23 Feb 1949) ; Miners

Mallet, Euby (h/o Pearl Elizabeth (Decker), s/o Eugene & Sylvia (Brasseux)) ; Iron Bridge

Malone, Elian M. ; Stigler

Malone, Gladys ; Quinton

Malone, Gladys ; Stigler

Malone, Grace ; Stigler

Malone, Leona Elen ; Old Cache

Malone, Lula J. ; Stigler

Malone, Orvil Lee ; Quinton

Malone, Oscar E. ; Stigler

Malone, S.A. Junior ; Quinton

Mandy, Noel ; Sans Bois

Maness, Mary Ellen ; Stigler

Maness, T.H. ; Stigler

Mangrum, Anderson A. (s/o Isom G. & Margaret (Elkins), h/o Matilda (Wells)) ; Old Cache

Mangrum, Cloyd T. (s/o William E. & Louisa (Anderson)) ; Old Cache

Mangrum, Emma E. ; Old Cache

Mangrum, John E. (s/o Anderson S. & Rebecca (Winn), h/o Maggie Lee (Brewer)) ; Old Cache

Mangrum, Lott W. (s/o Samuel E Mangrum and Sarah Smith Mangrum) ; Old Cache

Mangrum, Margie Lee (Brewer) (w/o John E.) ; Old Cache

Mangrum, Matilda (Wells) (w/o Anderson A.) ; Old Cache

Mann, Alice ; Sans Bois

Mann, Annabel (Wife of John C.) ; Keota

Mann, Charley C. ; Sans Bois

Mann, John C. (Husb of Annabel) ; Keota

Mann, John S. ; Sans Bois

Mann, Mildred ; Keota

Mann, Nancy Jane (1st h George W. Stout, 2nd h Fred Mann) ; Siloam Springs

Manning, Elbert Leo ; West Liberty

Manning, Frances M. (Stamper) (w/o M. Jasper) ; West Liberty

Manning, James Allen ; Brooken

Manning, Jessie Kater (Marchbanks) ; West Liberty

Manning, John Marion (h/o Minion, s/o Jasper & Francis) ; West Liberty

Manning, M. Jasper (h/o Francis) ; West Liberty

Manning, Minion Marie (Averett) (w/o John Marion) ; West Liberty

Manning, Oshell ; West Liberty

Manning, Ottie M. (Myrtle Ottie) ; Brooken

Manning, William C. ; Quinton

Manning, William Jasper ; West Liberty

Manning, Wilma (d/o John Manning) ; West Liberty

Mansker, Helen L. ; Tamaha

Mansker, Oren Franklin ; Tamaha

Mansker, Robert T. ; Keota

Manson, Sallee ; Sans Bois

Mantooth, Vanessa (d/o Denice Roye) ; Garland

Maples, Ada ; Hoyt

Maples, Earl ; Hoyt

Maples, Infant Son of J.J. & S.A. ; Hoyt

Maples, Ivey ; Miners

Maples, J.B. ; Miners

Maples, John ; Hoyt

Maples, Joshua J. Hus of S.A. ; Hoyt

Maples, Katien Dau of J.J. & S.A. ; Hoyt

Maples, Marry ; Tamaha

Maples, S.A. Wife of J.J. ; Hoyt

Maples, Waite Lucille (Nelson) ; Whitefield

Marchbanks, Herman (bro/o Ozelas Denton) ; Enterprise

Marchbanks, Martha Caroline (Hamilton) (w/o Ozelas Denton) ; Enterprise

Marchbanks, Ozelas Denton (h/o Martha Carloine, s/o John & Crecla (Radiska)) ; Enterprise

Marchman, Everet ; Old Cache

Markham,Ardie Lee; Panther

Markham, Barbara Kaye ; Old Panther

Markham, Bill (s/o Robert Edward & Nora (Deason) Markham) ; Old Panther

Markham, Billie R. ; Sans Bois

Markham, Bob ; Old Panther

Markham, Carmelita ; Old Panther

Markham, Chester Eugene ; Old Panther

Markham, Claud ; Old Panther

Markham, David Dell ; Old Panther

Markham, Gertrude ; Old Panther

Markham, Harrell E. ; Old Panther

Markham, J.F. ; Old Panther

Markham, James C. ; Sans Bois

Markham, Jessie ; Old Panther

Markham, Lester D. ; Old Panther

Markham, Nellie J. ; Sans Bois

Markham, Sarah ; Old Panther

Markham, Susie C. ; Sans Bois

Marks, Lillian ; Antioch

Marks, Arthur ; Antioch

Marks, Don (h/o Sherry, s/o Vital & Thelma (Phillips)) ; Garland

Marks, Eva ; Antioch

Marks, Hanford ; Antioch

Marks, J.C. ; Antioch

Marks, Jacky Ray (f/o Bobbi & Dana) ; Garland

Marks, James Richard (h/o Lezzettie, md 14 Jan 1912) ; Garland

Marks, Joe Clayton (s/o James R. & Lezzettie) ; Garland

Marks, Lena ; Antioch

Marks, Lezzettie (McClure) (w/o James Richard, d/o Authur & Cate) ; Garland

Marks, Rebecca ; Antioch

Marks, Sarah ; Antioch

Marks, Sylvia ; Antioch

Marks, Thelma (Prentice) (w/o Vital L., d/o Grover & Emma M. (Phillips)) ; Garland

Marks, Vital L. (h/o Thelma, s/o James R. & Lezzettie) ; Garland

Marlier, T.H. ; Miners

Marriman, Eugene (h/o Eva Jo, s/o Everett and Ola) ; Garland

Marshall, Frances J. ; Garland

Marshall, Francis ; Old Panther

Marshall, J.T. ; Tamaha

Martin Jessie A. ; Sans Bois

Martin, Agnes Y. ; Quinton

Martin, Amos (h/o Cordia (Newton)) ; Whitefield

Martin, Anne ; Stigler

Martin, Armabell (d/o william & Charlott) ; Martin

Martin, B.H. ; Sans Bois

Martin, Bertha ; Stigler

Martin, Bertha E. ; Sans Bois

Martin, Bertsmorth (s/o William & Charlott) ; Martin

Martin, Brazada ; Stigler

Martin, Charlott (w/o William) ; Martin

Martin, Cora ; West Liberty

Martin, Cora J. Dau of Jouna ; Hoyt

Martin, Della (Norman) (w/o William Morgan) ; Garland

Martin, Einer A. ; Stigler

Martin, Ellie M. ; Stigler

Martin, Elsie ; Stigler

Martin, Elzie Lee ; Stigler

Martin, Eric Williams ; Sans Bois

Martin, Fannie (d/o J.C. & Dora) ; Whitefield

Martin, G.F. ; Antioch

Martin, Gena ; Martin

Martin, Genell ; Stigler

Martin, George W. ; Sans Bois

Martin, Glen ; Martin

Martin, Gusona N. (Husb of Velma T.) ; Keota

Martin, H.C. ; Old Cache

Martin, Horal ; West Liberty

Martin, Hubert ; Stigler

Martin, Hubert M. ; Stigler

Martin, Ila Leorna ; Whitefield

Martin, J.D. ; Sans Bois

Martin, J.S. ; Keota

Martin, Jake ; Stigler

Martin, James ; Stigler

Martin, James A. ; Sans Bois

Martin, James M. ; Hoyt

Martin, Jane Jo Ella ; Stigler

Martin, Jessie S. ; Keota

Martin, Julia ; Garland

Martin, Kathirine N. ; Stigler

Martin, Kizzie ; Stigler

Martin, Laler M. ; Stigler

Martin, Lela ; Stigler

Martin, Lillian ; Sans Bois

Martin, Lizzie ; Keota

Martin, Lizzie ; Sans Bois

Martin, Lovina M. ; Stigler

Martin, Mandy ; Old Cache

Martin, Martha ; Stigler

Martin, Minnie Alma ; Whitefield

Martin, Oldes E. (Underwood) ; Mountain Home

Martin, Paul R. ; Old Cache

Martin, Preston Clarence ; Stigler

Martin, Reco ; Martin

Martin, Roy Jake ; Stigler

Martin, Ruth ; Garland

Martin, S.T. ; Stigler

Martin, T.K.M. ; Stigler

Martin, Turner K. ; Stigler

Martin, Velma T. (Wife of Gusona N.) ; Keota

Martin, W.A. ; Mountain Home

Martin, W.E. ; Stigler

Martin, W.J. (Rev) ; Stigler

Martin, W.M. ; Stigler

Martin, William (h/o Charlott) ; Martin

Martin, William J. ; Sans Bois

Martin, William Morgan (h/o Della) ; Garland

Martindale, Albert ; Stigler

Martindale, Anna ; Mountain Home

Martindale, Charles Lewis ; Mountain Home

Martindale, Clara Idellia ; Whitefield

Martindale, Cordie ; Quinton

Martindale, Daisy Elizabeth (Mace) (w/o Font Martindale, d/o Robert & Deliah (Bickle)) ; Enterprise

Martindale, Emily (d/o Font & Daisy) ; Enterprise

Martindale, Fannie Flora (Frazier) (w/o John Westley) ; Enterprise

Martindale, Font Emery (s/o John W. & Fannie F. (Frazier)) ; Enterprise

Martindale, J.J. ; Whitefield

Martindale, James Ray ; Mountain Home

Martindale, Janetta Wife of L.D. ; Mountain Home

Martindale, John Wesley (h/o Fannie Flora, s/o Thomas & Rebecca (Evans), f/o Font) ; Enterprise

Martindale, L.D. ; Mountain Home

Martindale, Laura ; Mountain Home

Martindale, Leslie Emery (s/o Font & Daisy) ; Enterprise

Martindale, Madge G. (Ritter) ; Mountain Home

Martindale, Norman Ray (s/o Alfred & Florence) ; West Liberty

Martindale, Ocie B ; Stigler

Martindale, Perry ; Quinton

Martindale, Perry L. ; Mountain Home

Martindale, William Wesley ; Whitefield

Martindale, Zack Farrill ; Mountain Home

Martingig, Frank (Born in Cirknic, Austria) ; Miners

Marton, Willie ; Antioch

Martyn, Carl F. ; Tamaha

Marvin, Ordealia Spittler ; Antioch

Masel, Mary (w/o Matt, Sr.) ; Miners

Masel, Matt Jr. (s/o Matt & Mary) ; Miners

Masel, Matt Sr. (h/o Mary) ; Miners

Mason, Charles J. ; Sans Bois

Mason, Claud ; Mountain Home

Mason, Elizabeth ; Whitefield

Mason, G.I.D.F. ; Sans Bois

Mason, G.M. ; Sans Bois

Mason, Harrison ; Sans Bois

Mason, Henry W. ; Sans Bois

Mason, I. ; Sans Bois

Mason, J.H. ; Sans Bois

Mason, Julie Wife of Jim ; Mountain Home

Mason, Lanora ; Sans Bois

Mason, Leavy ; West Liberty

Mason, Mary Elizabeth (Hughart) ; Mountain Home

Mason, Ples ; West Liberty

Mason, S.F. ; Sans Bois

Mason, Sallie ; Sans Bois

Mason, Theodosai A. ; Sans Bois

Mason, W. Harrison ; West Liberty

Mason, W.E. ; Shady Grove

Mason, W.H. ; Star

Mason, William ; Whitefield

Massey, Ada Fannie ; Sans Bois

Massey, Bob E. ; Quinton

Massey, Della (w/o William G.) ; Garland

Massey, Dook Houston ; Sans Bois

Massey, Edmund N. (Husb of Rose) ; Quinton

Massey, Edward Hoyt ; Quinton

Massey, Francis F.A. (Wife of Leo David) ; Keota

Massey, Hallie L. ; Quinton

Massey, Leo David (Husb of Francis F.A.) ; Keota

Massey,Melvin Wayne; Mountain Home

Massey, Nellie ; Keota

Massey, Rise B. Mother ; Sans Bois

Massey, Rose B. Mother ; Sans Bois

Massey,Velma; Quinton

Massey, William G. (h/o Della) ; Garland

Massingill, Nellie ; Antioch

Masterson, Clay ; Old Cache

Masterson, Gracey ; Old Cache

Masterson, James Wayne Jr. ; Quinton

Masterson, Kay ; Old Cache

Masterson, Lena Fay ; Old Cache

Masterson, Othel J. ; Old Cache

Mastin, Columbus Jr. ; Star

Mathews, Arrie Lee (d/o William Wiley & Betty (Jackson)) ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Cornelia ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Cornelia ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Earnest W. ; Sans Bois

Mathews, F.A. ; Brooken

Mathews, Mary Gladys ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Pearl Hayes ; Keota

Mathews, Vernon R. ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Virgil A. ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Walker H. ; Sans Bois

Mathews, Will ; Star

Mathews, Winnie M. ; Sans Bois

Mathis, Alice Holleman ; Stigler

Mathis, Alta Dau of T.M. ; Mountain Home

Mathis, Altha E. ; Stigler

Mathis, Byron ; Quinton

Mathis, Charlie A. ; Quinton

Mathis, Chrystelle ; Stigler

Mathis, Clara ; Quinton

Mathis, Elmer ; Stigler

Mathis, Emmer J. ; Stigler

Mathis, Ethel (Wife of W.N.) ; Keota

Mathis, F. Otis ; Stigler

Mathis, Florene ; Keota

Mathis, Frank R. ; Stigler

Mathis, George E. ; Quinton

Mathis, George W. ; Quinton

Mathis, J. Franklin ; Stigler

Mathis, J.D. ; Stigler

Mathis, Jack ; Quinton

Mathis, James A. (Rev ) ; Stigler

Mathis, James Robert ; Stigler

Mathis, Juanita ; Stigler

Mathis, Lizzy (Wife of Marion) ; Keota

Mathis, Loyce W. ; Quinton

Mathis, Marion (Husb of Lizzy) ; Keota

Mathis, Martha E. ; Stigler

Mathis, Mary E. ; Quinton

Mathis, Mose B. ; Quinton

Mathis, S.P. ; Old Panther

Mathis, Stella A. ; Quinton

Matlock,Gail W. ; Keota

Matlock, Vernon M. ; Keota

Matthews, Arthur C. ; Stigler

Matthews, Carnell ; Stigler

Matthews, Clarence ; Stigler

Matthews, Cleo R. ; Quinton

Matthews, Ercie ; Stigler

Matthews, George L. (h/o Cora) ; Garland

Matthews, Hulbert R. ; Quinton

Matthews,Lillie Mae;Quinton

Matthews, Mattie May ; Stigler

Matthews, Riley S. (w/o Pearl) ; Garland

Matthews, William J. ; Whitefield

Mattis, Pete (h/o Rosie) ; Miners

Maus, Susan ; Antioch

Maxey, Inita ; Keota

Maxey, John T. ; Star

Maxey, Millard F. ; Star

Maxwell, Adrue ; Stigler

Maxwell, Alyne (w/o O.C. Pete) ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Arthur ; Stigler

Maxwell, B.L. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Bessie M. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Billie Hugh ; Stigler

Maxwell, Brenda C. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Charles ; Hoyt

Maxwell, Charles X. ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Edie Mae (listed as Reading on funeral home marker, but buried beside Roy Maxwell) ; Garland

Maxwell, Edith ; Stigler

Maxwell, Everett J. ; Whitefield

Maxwell, G.D. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Infant ; Antioch

Maxwell, J.H. ; Stigler

Maxwell, James T. ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Jane A. (w/o Robert Lee) ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Jessie ; Stigler

Maxwell, John H. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Johnnie P. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Johnnie Z. ; Antioch

Maxwell, Judith ; Antioch

Maxwell, Lena ; Stigler

Maxwell, M.M. ; Stigler

Maxwell, M.T. ; Antioch

Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth ; Antioch

Maxwell, Mildred ; Stigler

Maxwell, O.C. Pete (h/o Alyne) ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Odus E. ; Stigler

Maxwell, Paul ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Robert Lee ; Whitefield

Maxwell, Rosie ; Stigler

Maxwell, Roy Bennett (h/o Nancy, s/o Robert L. Sr., & Irene (Parker)) ; Garland

Maxwell, Rye ; Stigler

Maxwell, Sidnia ; Stigler

Maxwell, Susan ; Antioch

Maxwell, W. Alyne ; Whitefield

Maxwell, William Louis ; Antioch

May, Cyril Joseph ; Stigler

May, Lynn L. ; Miners

May, Nellie Mae (d/o William & Bessie (Moody) Craig) ; Miners

Mayberry, Margaret ; Quinton

Mayberry, Mary M. ; Quinton

Mayberry, William R. ; Quinton

Mayfield, Bessie (Rhodes) ; Quinton

Mayfield, Brenda Joyce (Dau of Billy & Irene) ; Keota

Mayfield,Gary John;Sans Bois

Mayfield,Irene ; Keota

Mayfield, John Father ; Sans Bois

Mayfield,Katherine D.' Keota

Mayfield, Lillian A. ; Keota

Mayfield, Mary ; Stigler

Mayfield, Thomas Newton ; Quinton

Mayfield, Tony Ray (Son of Billy & Irene) ; Keota

Mayfield, Willie ; Keota

Mayhall, A.W.L. ; Miners

Mayhall, Bernon C. "Fat" (s/o Warren & Fronie (Nixon) Mayhall) ; Miners

Mayhall, Bertha Leona (Goins) (w/o James Franklin) ; Miners

Mayhall, Ernie Theodore (s/o James Warren & Fronie Belle (Nixon), twin to Artie Weece) ; Miners

Mayhall, Ethel L. ; Miners

Mayhall, J.D. ; Miners

Mayhall, James Franklin "Bub" ; Miners

Mayhall, James Franklin (s/o James Warren & Fronnie Belle (Nixon)) ; Miners

Mayhall, Jessie M. ; Miners

Mayhall, Kelly Joe ; Old Panther

Mayhall, L. Marie ; Old Panther

Mayhall, L.D. (s/o James Warren & Fronie Belle (Nixon)) ; Miners

Mayhall, Leonard Henry (f/o Leonard Ray, Chester Wayne, Mary Ellen & Linda June) ; Miners

Mayhall, Lester "Slim" ; Old Panther

Mayhall, Loyd P. ; Miners

Mayhall, Paul ; Miners

Mayhall, Stanley Edward ; Miners

Mayhall, Vernon Wayne ; Miners

Mayhall, Viola L. (d/o George Franklin & Anna Belle (Stanfield) Lane) ; Miners

Mayhall, Warren J. (h/o Fronie (Belle) ; Miners

Maynard, Rubin L. ; Old Enterprise

Mayne, Mamie (Neal-Stricker) ; Brooken

Mayne, Raymond E. ; Brooken

Mayo,Johnnie,LaVonna: Enterprise

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