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McAdoo, Cleo; Stigler

McAdoo, Fay E. ; Mountain Home

McAdoo, Tommie R. ; Mountain Home

McAlpine, Clarence W. (s/o G.C. & Maud) ; Miners

McAlpine, Edna Isabelle (d/o G.C. & Maud) ; Miners

McAlpine, Lizzie (d/o William & Isibella) ; Miners

McAlvain, Jewel L. ; Miners

McAninch, Hannah (w/o Joe Sr.) ; Miners

McArther, Alexander S. Dr. ; Quinton

McBee, Louisa Jane ; Antioch

McBee, W.M. ; Antioch

McBrayer, John E. (h/o Virginia) ; Tamaha

McBrayer, John L. (s/o John E. & Virginia) ; Tamaha

McBrayer, Rolmer Sanford (s/o John E. & Virginia) ; Tamaha

McBrayer, Sallie ; Tamaha

McBrayer, Virginia (w/o John E.) ; Tamaha

McBride, Annie Gorman ; Stigler

McBride, James Howett ; Stigler

McBride, James Lane ; Stigler

McBride, John Leonard ; Brooken

McBride, Minnie M. ; Brooken

McBride, Missour Emily ; Stigler

McCage, Bettie M. ; Stigler

McCage, Furman A. (Rev) ; Stigler

McCage, Loreca B. ; Stigler

McCage, Minnie ; Stigler

McCage, Tenn C. ; Stigler

McCage, Weldon ; Stigler

McCain, Ella ; Stigler

McCain, Sarah (Durrett - Barns) ; Quinton

McCain, William Russell ; Quinton

McCall, Mildred (w/o William) ; Tamaha

McCall, Richard William ; Tamaha

McCall, Robert Lee ; Stigler

McCall, William (h/o Mildred) ; Tamaha

McCam, Martha ; Sans Bois

McCann, Alexander ; Eston Greenwood

McCann, Alexander (h/o Hoychoke) ; Star

McCann, Alexander J. ; Simon Isaac

McCann, Allen ; Simon Isaac

McCann, Aren H. ; Little Sans Bois

McCann, Benjamin (s/o A.L. & Alice) ; Star

McCann,Doyle Norman;Simon-Isaac

McCann, Hoychoke (w/o Alex) ; Star

McCann, Hoyohoke ; Eston Greenwood

McCann, Joseph C. ; Simon Isaac

McCann, Maggie (d/o A.L. & Alice) ; Star

McCann, Phillip ; Simon Isaac

McCann, Sallie ; Simon Isaac

McCann, Sam ; Simon Isaac

McCarroll, Beatrice M. ; Stigler

McCarroll, Jimmie J. ; Stigler

McCarter,Donnie Weldon; Whitefield

McCarthy, Lee (s/o W.C.V. & M.M., drowned with friend, Hallie Harrison. Buried next to each other) ; Enterprise

McCarty, Audrey ; Old Cache

McCarty, Ealine M. (w/o Earnest A.) ; Miners

McCarty, Earnest A. (h/o Ealine M.) ; Miners

McCarty, Elizabeth Ealine (d/o Earnest & Ealine) ; Miners

McCarty, Gary Ray ; Miners

McCarty, James V. ; Whitefield

McCarty, Martha (w/o W.V.) ; Whitefield

McCarty, Robert J. ; Whitefield

McCarty, Vernon V. Rev. ; Whitefield

McCaslin, Alzada ; Quinton

McCaslin, Andrew J. ; Stigler

McCaslin, Belle (w/o We P.) ; Garland

McCaslin, Bettie ; Stigler

McCaslin, Buster (grandson of James M. & Zena Rains) ; Garland

McCaslin, Clara Elizabeth (McNerlin) (d/o W.J. & Annie) ; Garland

McCaslin, Ella Rue (w/o Pat) ; Garland

McCaslin, Ethel L. (Beck) (w/o Walter L., d/o James & Arrena) ; Garland

McCaslin, Ida Belle (McNerlin) (w/o John Lee, d/o Gibson & Sarah) ; Garland

McCaslin, Janie ; Stigler

McCaslin, John (h/o Sallie, md 20 Apr 1910) ; Garland

McCaslin, John Lee (h/o Ida Belle, md 1905) ; Garland

McCaslin, Martha Callie (w/o Mont, 2nd husb Tom Bryant) ; Garland

McCaslin, Mont (h/o Martha Callie) ; Garland

McCaslin, Newt ; Stigler

McCaslin, Pat (h/o Ella Rue, s/o John & Ida) ; Garland

McCaslin, R. Pink ; Quinton

McCaslin, Roberta (2nd w/o Buster) ; Garland

McCaslin, Ruby Mae ; Keota

McCaslin, Sallie (Weatherford) (w/o John)- ; Garland

McCaslin, Sam F. ; Stigler

McCaslin, Selma Irene ; Stigler

McCaslin, Velt ; Stigler

McCaslin, Virginia N. ; Stigler

McCaslin, W.J. (h/o Annie McNerlin) ; Garland

McCaslin, Walter L. (h/o Ethel L., s/o Mont & Callie) ; Garland

McCaslin, We P. (h/o Belle, md 1905) ; Garland

McCauley, Ed W. ; Stigler

McCauley, Gladys M. (Moss) (w/o Wilford, d/o George & Grace Ethel (Wine) Moss) ; Stigler

McClain, Bobby ; Garland

McClain, Elizabeth (Dooley) (w.o Joseph L.) ; Garland

McClain, Ethel (Hughes) (w/o James O.) ; Garland

McClain, James O. (h/o Ethel, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth) ; Garland

McClain, Joseph L. (h/o Elizabeth) ; Garland

McClain, Linda Ledbetter ; Stigler

McClain, Rachel J. (Wyrick)R.N. (w/o Robert Norman, d/o Ambrose & Sibbie (Davis) ; Garland

McClain, Robert Norman (h/o Rachel J., md 1927, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth) ; Garland

McClanahn, Clayton (h/o Maude) ; Lona

McClary, Clayton F. (Husb of Golda J.) ; Keota

McClary, Dee ; Iron Bridge

McClary, Emma ; Iron Bridge

McClary, Ermal ; Star

McClary, George ; Iron Bridge

McClary, George L. (s/o Justin Leroy & Margie (Canady) McClary, h/o Sherrie ; Keota

McClary, Gertrude ; Sans Bois

McClary, Golda J. (Wife of Clayton F.) ; Keota

McClary, Grace G. (Wife of Tommie M.) ; Keota

McClary, James ; Iron Bridge

McClary,Jimmy Ray; Keota

McClary, John R. ; Sans Bois

McClary, Marie ; Stigler

McClary, Mary R. ; Keota

McClary, Mattie Monroe (2nd w/o George W.) ; Iron Bridge

McClary, Merry (twin , dau of George and Mattie McClary) ; Iron Bridge

McClary, Murl ; Stigler

McClary, Numan (s/o J.M. & E.M. McClary) ; Iron Bridge

McClary, Roy ; Keota

McClary, Tommie M. (Husb of Grace G.) ; Keota

McClary, Wanda Marlene ; Keota

McClary, Wendy ; Star

McClary, Willard (twin to Willene, son of Roy and Margie McClary) ; Iron Bridge

McClary, Willene (twin to Willard, dau of Roy and Margie McClary) ; Iron Bridge

McClellan, Joe M. ; Quinton

McClenahan, Ellen ; Brooken

McClenahan, William Isaac ; Brooken

McClendon, Katie L. (w/o W.W.) ; Whitefield

McClendon, Lee Burt ; Whitefield

McClendon, Robert C. ; Whitefield

McClinton, Henrietta Dorris ; Stigler

McClinton, Louise C. ; Stigler

McClinton, Mary ; Stigler

McClure, Arthur M. (h/o Cate, md 1884) ; Garland

McClure, Cate (w/o Arthur M.) ; Garland

McClure, Leeoda Mae (English) (w/o Phillip, d/o Elbert & Zella (Parker)) ; Garland

McClure, Morah, Mrs. ; Quinton

McClure, Morah, Mrs. (age 36) ; Old Quinton

McClure, Roy Lee ; Old Panther

McConnel, Blanche ; Antioch

McConnel, Cad W. ; Stigler

McConnel, Johnny Denver (h/o Jewel (Ludwell), s/o Elbridge & Martha (Stevens)) ; Enterprise

McConnel, Knox A. ; Stigler

McConnell, Anna (Garland)R.N. (w/o Jack, d/o C.C. & Lettie) ; Garland

McConnell, Fena (McDaniel - Surratt) ; Whitefield

McConnell, Mallie Erleen ; Stigler

McConnell, Martha L. ; Stigler

McConnell, Maude E. ; Stigler

McCormick, Dianne D. ; Keota

McCormick, Layne ; Keota

McCormick,Jewell Dean;Keota

McCormick, Sam E. ; Keota

McCoy, A.G. ; Brooken

McCoy, Albert (Husb of Jencie) ; Brooken

McCoy, Beecher ; Hoyt

McCoy, Dora E. ; Hoyt

McCoy, Ernest D. (h/o Lila Flora, s/o Albert & Jencie (Walls)) ; Enterprise

McCoy, Gina Elizabeth ; Whitefield

McCoy, Infant Son of A.B. ; Brooken

McCoy, James ; Tamaha

McCoy, Jencia (Walls) (Wife of Albert) ; Brooken

McCoy, Lila (Walls-Anderson) ; Enterprise

McCoy, Lila Flora (Martindale) (w/o Ernest D., d/o Font & Daisy (Mace)) ; Enterprise

McCoy, Mary Kate ; Tamaha

McCoy,Otheda Taylor Vail;Hoyt

McCoy, Russell Oren (Son of Alvert & Jencie) ; Brooken

McCoy, Tommy (grandson of L.R. Bruner_ ; Iron Bridge

McCoy, William ; Brooken

McCracken, Leaner A. ; Brooken

McCrummen, Ruby A. ; Old Panther

McCullar, S.C. ; Keota

McCullough, James (15y 2m 17d) ; Quinton

McCullough, Troy Son of G.H. ; Hoyt

McCurdy, Altie ; Hoyt

McCurdy, Baby ; Hoyt

McCurdy, Bertha L. ; Quinton

McCurdy, Eugene ; Quinton

McCurdy, Henry J. ; Hoyt

McCurdy, J.H. ; Hoyt

McCurdy, M.E. Wife of WF ; Hoyt

McCurdy, S.M. Wife of JH ; Hoyt

McCurdy, Thomas Frank ; Quinton

McCurdy, W.F. ; Hoyt

McCurtain, Amy ; Sans Bois

McCurtain, Buster ; Stigler

McCurtain, George ; Sans Bois

McCurtain, Green (Gov.) ; Sans Bois

McCurtain, Isaac ; Stigler

McCurtain, Kate SpringW/Gov.McCurtain ; Sans Bois

McCurtain, Naploen B. S/of Green & Kitty ; Sans Bois

McCurtain, Oscar ; Siloam Springs

McCutcheon, Edna G. (d/o D.C. & Laura (Hammons) Cantrell, w/o Ewing R.) ; Stigler

McDade, Clarence ; Lewisville

McDade, David ; Lewisville

McDade, Mattie ; Lewisville

McDaniel, Ardith Branson ; Keota

McDaniel, Ben (h/o Elva Rae) ; Miners

McDaniel, Clyde ; Tamaha

McDaniel, Dicie ; Stigler

McDaniel, Dollie ; Antioch

McDaniel, Elizabeth ; Stigler

McDaniel, Elva Rae (w/o Ben) ; Miners

McDaniel, George W. ; Stigler

McDaniel, Harmon ; Antioch

McDaniel, Hugh L. ; Stigler

McDaniel, Jess P. ; Stigler

McDaniel,Larry; Antioch

McDaniel, Leonadus ; Hoyt

McDaniel, Lillian ; Antioch

McDaniel, Lillie Mae ; Antioch

McDaniel, Mellie ; Stigler

McDaniel, Mollie B. (w/o C.W.) ; Whitefield

McDaniel, Ocie E. ; Stigler

McDaniel, Pleas Earl ; Antioch

McDaniel, Rhoda J. ; Stigler

McDaniel, Sarah ; Stigler

McDaniel, Solon ; Keota

McDonald, A.J. ; Hoyt

McDonald, Bonnie P. (d/o Andrew A. & Maggie) ; Mt. Zion

McDonald, C.S. ; Stigler

McDonald, Caleb Roy (h/o Mattie Catherine, s/o W.J.) ; Enterprise

McDonald, George W. ; Keota

McDonald, John ; Brooken

McDonald,Larry; Antioch

McDonald, Mary V. Cowan ; Stigler

McDonald, Mattie Catherine (Payton) (w/o Caleb Roy, d/o George W. & Sarah F.) ; Enterprise

McDonald, S.W. (John William, Dr.) ; Brooken

McDonald, Sherry (D/of Charles McDonald) ; Brooken

McDonald,Wanda ; Brooken

McDougle, J.L. (h/o Katherine) ; Garland

McDougle, Troy L. (h/o Charlotte F., s/o DeForrest & Viola (Gravitt)) ; Garland

McDow, Carl L. ; Stigler

McDow, Jerry E. ; Stigler

McDow, Johnnie R. ; Stigler

McDow, W.M. ; Stigler

McDuff, Rhonda June ; Stigler

McDuffie, George ; Siloam Springs

McElhaney, Iva M. ; Stigler

McElhaney, John N. ; Stigler

McElroy, Don (Husb of Wanda L.) ; Keota

McElroy, Erma Viola (Wife of John Estel) ; Keota

McElroy, Geraldine E. (Wife of William Earl) ; Keota

McElroy, Hannah (Wife of John L.) ; Keota

McElroy, Harold E. ; Mountain Home

McElroy, Hattie B. (Wife of Walter E.) ; Keota

McElroy, John Estel (Husb of Erma Viola) ; Keota

McElroy, John L. (Husb of Hannah) ; Keota

McElroy, Lorene T. (Spears) ; Mountain Home

McElroy, M. Lucille (d/o Claude & Eula (Tobey) Peevy, w/o Houston M.) ; Garland

McElroy, Ora Mae ; Keota

McElroy, Walter E. (Husb of Hattie B.) ; Keota

McElroy, Wanda L. (Wife of Don) ; Keota

McElroy, William Earl (Husb of Geraldine E.) ; Keota

McElyea,Glenda June; Garland

McElyea, Tyler Dale ; Garland

McFarland, Matilda ; Simon Isaac

McGaughy, Alice (w/o Flint) ; Whitefield

McGaughy, Flint (h/o Alice) ; Whitefield

McGeath, J.S., Mrs. ; Old Quinton

McGeath, J.S., Mrs. ; Quinton

McGee, Ada Belle ; Keota

McGee, Daisey (Turnbow) w/o Walter, d/o Andrew J. & Rebecca Emmaline (Cothern)) ; Mountain Home

McGee, Dallas ; Stigler

McGee, Holsom, (s/o Sweeny & Lizzie) ; Siloam Springs

McGee, Infant ; Antioch

McGee, Infant of Sweeny & Lizzie ; Siloam Springs

McGee, J.B. ; Antioch

McGee, Jackie C. ; Miners

McGee, Lizzie (1st h King, 2nd h Sweeny T. McGee) ; Siloam Springs

McGee, Patsy R. (w/o Richard L.) ; Miners

McGee, Perry ; Miners

McGee, Richard L. (h/o Patsy R.) ; Miners

McGee, Sweeny T. (h/o Lizzie (King), s/o Thompson & Sillen) ; Siloam Springs

McGee, Thomas J. ; Stigler

McGee, Violet ; Miners

McGehee, Claudie (s/o S. & E.) ; Garland

McGehee, Dorth A.. (d/o S/ & E.) ; Garland

McGehee, James B. ; Garland

McGehee, Lula (d/o Samuel S. & Lucinda) ; Garland

McGehee, Samuel S. (h/o Lucinda) ; Garland

McGilberry, Eliza ; Simon Isaac

McGilberry, Kitty ; Sans Bois

McGilberry, Martha ; Stigler

McGilberry, Sibby ; Trueblood

McGill, John H. (h/o Maggie) ; Enterprise

McGillberry, Allen ; Little Sans Bois

McGillberry, Elvine ; Little Sans Bois

McGillberry, Elvire ; Little Sans Bois

McGillberry, Odborne ; Little Sans Bois

McGillberry, Sibby ; Antioch

McGinnis, Paul C. ; Iron Bridge

McGlamery, Debra Gwen ; Sans Bois

McGlaughlin, Margaret B. ; Stigler

McGlaughlin, Robert J. ; Stigler

McGowen,Arthur Carl ; Sans Bois

McGuire, Archibald B. (h/o Talitha Ellen (Patrick)) ; Garland

McGuire, Archie E. "Buddy" (h/o Susan Loretta, s/o Archibald B. & Talitha) ; Garland

McGuire, Bass Little (h/o Valma Neosha, md 24 Nov 1922, s/o George P. & Pearl (Crump)) ; Garland

McGuire, Beatris (beside Virgie Johnson) ; Garland

McGuire, Bryan ; Miners

McGuire, Clyde (s/o John Wesley & Lilly) ; Keota

McGuire, Cole ; Sans Bois

McGuire,Connie "CJ"; Garland

McGuire, Elbert G. ; Sans Bois

McGuire, Eugene V. (h/o Arvella, s/o Archibald B. & Talitha) ; Garland

McGuire, Fred (s/o Archibald B. & Talitha) ; Garland

McGuire, George Hunter (stillborn s/o Bass & Valma (Hunter)) ; Garland

McGuire, George Palestine (h/o Pearl Albeth, md 20 Aug 1887) ; Garland

McGuire, George W. (h/o JoAnn (Helton, md 7 Nov 1953, s/o Phillip & Roberta Storment) ; Garland

McGuire, Haskell George (h/o Lucille, s/o George & Pearl) ; Garland

McGuire,Harold Eugene "Gene" "WIll"Keota

McGuire, Janie (Owens) ; Garland

McGuire, John J. (s/o Archibald B. & Talitha) ; Garland

McGuire, John Wesley (h/o Lilly) ; Keota

McGuire, Juanita Ruth Lavern (Storment) (d/o Phillip William & Ruth) ; Garland

McGuire, Larry (s/o Leon & Pauline (Hurst)) ; Keota

McGuire, Leota ; Antioch

McGuire, Lilly (w/o John Wesley) ; Keota

McGuire, Lizzie (Williams) (w/o Hollzy, d/o Eliga & Maggie) ; Garland

McGuire, Lonnie Ray ; Keota

McGuire, Lucille (Roberts) (w/o Haskell George, md 23 Nov 1932, d/o Rooney & Birdie (Howard)) ; Garland

McGuire, M.E (d/o T. & D.) ; Miners

McGuire, Mark J. (s.o Thomas) ; Garland

McGuire, Pauline (d/o Arthur & Dicy (Walton) Hurst) ; Keota

McGuire, Pearl Albeth (Crump) (w/o George P., d/o William W. & Emily A. (Ball)) ; Garland

McGuire, Phillip Wayne (s/o Phillip William & Ruth Storment) ; Garland

McGuire, Phillip William (s/o George & Pearl, md 1st, 12 Jul 1930 Ruth Storment, md 2nd 1971 Kathleen Blaylock) ; Garland

McGuire, Ricky G. ; Keota

McGuire, Ronnie D. ; Keota

McGuire, Ruth Lou (Storment) (1st w/o Phillip, d/o John & Vella) ; Garland

McGuire, Susan Loretta (Hammer) (w/o Hulsey) ; Garland

McGuire, Talitha Ellen (Patrick) (w/o Archibald B.) ; Garland

McGuire, Tom ; Miners

McGuire, Valma Neosha (Hunter) (w/o Bass Little) ; Garland

McGuire, William Hollzy (h/o Lizzie, md 1913, s/o Archiblad & Talitha) ; Garland

McHainey, Alice ; Quinton

McHainey, William G. ; Quinton

McHenry, William G. ; Garland

McIntosh, Charity ; Whitefield

McIntosh, Ernest ; Whitefield

McIntosh, Menford ; Lona

McIntosh, Mose ; Whitefield

McKaughan, Elmo S. ; Quinton

McKaughan, Pearl M. (Wife of William T.) ; Quinton

McKaughan, William T. (Husb of Pearl M.) ; Quinton

McKaughan, Wynemah (Dau of William T. & Pearl M.) ; Quinton

McKee, Ada (d/o Charles Willis & Maude) ; West Liberty

McKee, Bertha Bell (d/o Charles Willis & Maude) ; West Liberty

McKee, Bessie (Parker) (md 11 Jul 1920) ; West Liberty

McKee,Billy Gene; West Liberty

McKee,Cecil W. ;Quinton

McKee, Charles Willis (h/o Maude L.) ; West Liberty

McKee, Clarence ; West Liberty

McKee, Daniel Edward (h/o Pauline M.) ; Enterprise

McKee, Daniel Washington (h/o Nannie C.) ; West Liberty

McKee, Darrell Von ; Enterprise

McKee, Everett M. ; West Liberty

McKee,Fred A.;West Liberty

McKee, G. Martin (h/o Lavon M., md 18 Jul 1943) ; Enterprise

McKee, George Clifford (s/o Daniel Washington & Nannie Caroline (Barrett) McKee, h/o Bessie) ; West Liberty

McKee, George W. ; Quinton

McKee, Hattie ; West Liberty

McKee, Henry (Son of Daniel Washington & Nannie C.) ; West Liberty

McKee, Infant son of C.A. ; West Liberty

McKee, James A. ; Old Panther

McKee, James Lee ; West Liberty

McKee, Jessie (Mooneyham) ; Quinton

McKee, John ; Old Panther

McKee, John Amos ; Old Panther

McKee, John W. (h/o Mary) ; West Liberty

McKee, Lavon M. (Eubanks) (w/o G. Martin) ; Enterprise

McKee, Lawrence ; West Liberty

McKee, Lillian ; West Liberty

McKee, Mary (w/o John W. McKee) ; West Liberty

McKee, Mary Jo (Dau of C.A.) ; West Liberty

McKee, Mattie P. ; Quinton

McKee, Maude L. (Wilburn) (w/o Charles Willis) ; West Liberty

McKee, Maudie ; Old Panther

McKee, Nannie C.(w/o Daniel Washington) ; West Liberty

McKee, Pauline M. (Edwards) (w/o Daniel Edward) ; Enterprise

McKee, William Arthur ; Quinton

McKenzie, E.E. ; Miners

McKenzie, Ella (Wife of H.W.) ; Keota

McKenzie, George A. ; Antioch

McKenzie, H.W. (Husb of Ella) ; Keota

McKenzie, Mrs. S. M. ; Miners

McKenzie, Myrtle P. ; Miners

McKenzie, W.F. ; Keota

McKibben, Alva Wayland ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Brandon ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Ella V. ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Floyd ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Gertride (Hughart) ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Gertrude P. (Scrimscher) ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Glenna Jean D/of Wayland&Lola ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Infant I/of Gertrude & Millard ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Infant S/of Eulis & Helen ; Mountain Home

McKibben, James C. (h/o Susan (Gorde), s/o James Floyd & Leticia M. (Smith)) ; Mountain Home

McKibben,James Leland; Mountain Home

McKibben,Lenora Virginia; Mountain Home

McKibben, Lola Mae (Spears) ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Millard S. ; Mountain Home

McKibben, Ronnie Wallace (s/o Wallace & Lenora McKibben) ;Mountain Home

McKibben, Tishie ; Mountain Home

McKinley, Emmit ; Old Panther

McKinley, Janie Viola ; Old Panther

McKinney, A.J. ; Stigler

McKinney, Anna Marie (d/o Joe & Maudie (Logan) Brewer, w/o Cole) ; Antioch

McKinney, Arva E. (Robinson)(W/ofJodie Calvin Sr.) ; Brooken

McKinney, Bessie (Moser) (w/o T.C. Clarence) ; Whitefield

McKinney, Betty J. (McElroy) (Wife of Odie E.) ; Brooken

McKinney, Bicey (1st h Isom Thompson, 2nd h McKinney) ; Siloam Springs

McKinney, Billy James ; Sans Bois

McKinney, Box ; Brooken

McKinney, Calvin Jr. ; Old Cache

McKinney, Charles Arlie (Boe) (h/o Ethel Lela) ; Tamaha

McKinney, Charley E. (h/oEthel Lela) ; Tamaha

McKinney, Dalton William ; Old Cache

McKinney, David F. ; Old Cache

McKinney, Ethel Lela (w/o Charles Arlie ) ; Tamaha

McKinney, Faye M. ; Old Cache

McKinney, Gladys B. ; Sans Bois

McKinney, Harmon W. ; Sans Bois

McKinney, Hubert (h/o Christine (Beck), s/o Walter & Mattie (Glisson)) ; West Liberty

McKinney, J.H. ; Stigler

McKinney, James ; Sans Bois

McKinney, Jessie ; Stigler

McKinney, Jessie (w/o Jene Harrell McKinney, d/o Jim & Mary (Stevens) Jones) ; Stigler

McKinney, Jodie C. (Husb of Arva E.) ; Brooken

McKinney, Jonathan L. ; Old Cache

McKinney, Lillie Mae (w/o S.H., md 16 Oct 1935) ; Tamaha

McKinney, Lois A. ; Old Cache

McKinney, Loranzo ; Tamaha

McKinney, Loyd "Dude" (Husb of Zella N.) ; Brooken

McKinney, Mattie (Glisson) (Wife of Walter) ; Brooken

McKinney, Odie E. (Husb of Betty J.) ; Brooken

McKinney, S.H. “Friz” (h/o Lillie Mae) ; Tamaha

McKinney, Steaven Ray ; Old Cache

McKinney, T.C. Clarence (h/o Bessie) ; Whitefield

McKinney, Terry Don ; Brooken

McKinney, Tolmer W. ; Stigler

McKinney, Tony M. ; Old Cache

McKinney, Walter (Husb of Mattie) ; Brooken

McKinney, Zella N. (Wife of Loyd) ; Brooken

McKinnon, John W. ; Old Panther

McKnight, Charles (Rev) ; Stigler

McKnight, Flora Ella ; Stigler

McLemore,Vonetta; Miners

McMahan, A.L. ; Old Panther

McMahan, Arthur Lee (h/o Gertha L.) ; Old Panther

McMahan, Cornelia (w/o Edmon Moore) ; Tamaha

McMahan, Dosha ; Old Panther

McMahan, Dude ; Keota

McMahan, Edmon Moore (h/o Cornelia) ; Tamaha

McMahan, Eli ; Old Panther

McMahan, George ; Old Panther

McMahan, Gertha L. ; Old Panther

McMahan, H. Klein ; Tamaha

McMahan, H. Lyman ; Tamaha

McMahan, Infant son of G. Frank & M. Mahala McMahan ; Tamaha

McMahan, Mary E. ; Old Panther

McMahan, Mary Mahala ; Tamaha

McMahan, Millia ; Star

McMahan, Phillip P. ; Keota

McMahan, Robert ; Old Panther

McMahan, Rosy ; Old Panther

McMahon, Laura ; Old Cache

McMasters, Baby ; Whitefield

McMasters, Cordelia ; Whitefield

McMasters, Lorraine (Farrill) ; Whitefield

McMasters, Rado (Matthews) ; Whitefield

McMasters, W.F. "Bud" ; Whitefield

McMasters, Wilmoth (s/o W.F.) ; Whitefield

McMeans, James ; Stigler

McMillian, Inez ; Keota

McMillion, C.V. ; Antioch

McMillion, John ; Antioch

McMonigle, Theodore ; Stigler

McMurray, Lula E. ; Stigler

McMurray, Peter R. ; Stigler

McMurry, Eyness ; Star

McMurry, Manervie ; Star

McNary, Mae (adopted d/o Porch, J.R.) ; Garland

McNerlin, Elzie Olen (s/o Henry A. & Jennie (Bond))) ; Garland

McNerlin, Mildred L. (d/o George & Wadie (Howard)) ; Garland

McNerlin, Sarah E. (w/o Isaac Gibson McNerlin, md 15 May 1881) ; Garland

McNoel, Agnes ; Simon Isaac

McNutt, Leon Otto ; Miners

McNutt, M R ; Miners

McPeters, Amos (s/o William Henry & Minnie Jane (Adams) McPeters, h/o Okla) ; Keota

McPeters, Okla (d/o Albert Nathan & Susan Ellen (Jordan) Christenberry) ; Keota

McPhetridge, L.O. ; Star

McQueen, Warren Henry ; Mountain Home

McQuilliams, Emma Myrtle (d/o John R. & Mary) ; Garland

McQuilliams, Infant of John R. & Mary ; Garland

McQuilliams, Virgil Fred (s/o John R. & Mary) ; Garland

McRee, Hettie M.(d/o Walter McRee, sis/o Henrietter (McRee) Perry & Effie (McRee) Jennings) (died of appendicitis) ; Star

McRee, Hettie M.(d/o Walter McRee, sis/o Henrietter (McRee) Perry & Effie (McRee) Jennings) (died of appendicitis) ; Star

McRee, Katy (Parmelia J.)(w/o Walter, m/o Henrietter Perry & Effie Jennings) ; Star

McRee, Katy (Parmelia J.)(w/o Walter, m/o Henrietter Perry & Effie Jennings) ; Star

McRee, Walter Warren (see also Permelia J. "Katy" Robertson) ; Star

McRee, Walter Warren (see also Permelia J. "Katy" Robertson) ; Star

McSpadden, David C. ; Antioch

McSpadden, Faye ; Antioch

McSpadden, Freda ; Antioch

McSpadden, Hancel ; Antioch

McSpadden, Mary ; Antioch

McSperitt, Barbara Kay ; Keota

McSperitt, Cager ; Keota

McSperitt, Chester Orville ; Tamaha

McSperitt, Emma (w/o Frank) ; Tamaha

McSperitt, Frank (h/o Emma) ; Tamaha

McSperitt, Jefferson ; Tamaha

McSperitt,Marvin; Tamaha

McSperitt, Orpha Edward ; Keota

McSperitt,Regina Ann; Garland

McSperritt, Merilda ; Keota

McTyre, A. (w/o W.R.) ; Miners

McVay, Dan ; Antioch

McVay, Dora ; Antioch

McVey, M. Gertrude (Cole) ; Whitefield

McWells, Clarence C. ; Garland

McWhorter, Jack P. ; Garland

McWilliams, Infant of A.T. ; Sand Springs

McWilliams, S.A.E. ; Old Panther

Meade, Bonnie ; Tamaha

Meade, Edna (w/o Virgil E.) ; Tamaha

Meade, J.V. ; Tamaha

Meade, Virgil E. (h/o Edna) ; Tamaha

Meadlock, Bertha ; Old Cache

Meadors, Luther E. ; Quinton

Meadors, Sarah T. ; Quinton

Meadows, Arch Sr. (Husb of Cordia) ; Keota

Meadows, Brad ; Old Cache

Meadows, Cordia (Wife of Arch Sr.) ; Keota

Means, Dortha Ann ; Old Panther

Means, Elmer D. ; Stigler

Means, Preston Delbert ; Old Panther

Means, Susan Tidball ; Stigler

Medford, Lymon S. ; Sans Bois

Medley,John Terrell; Keota

Medlock, Chloe (Wife of Kivel J.) ; Keota

Medlock, Dessie ; Old Cache

Medlock, Dorsie N. (Wife of Gene V.) ; Keota

Medlock, Gene V. (Husb of Dorsie N.) ; Keota

Medlock, Jerry Don Sr. ; Keota

Medlock, Jim ; Old Cache

Medlock, Kivel J. (Husb of Chloe) ; Keota

Medlock, Linda ; Old Cache

Medlock, Lula R. ; Old Cache

Medlock, Mat ; Old Cache

Medlock, Othal ; Old Cache

Meeks, Kenneth ; Miners

Melhorn, Faith (Eaton) ; Sans Bois

Melhorn, Max F. ; Sans Bois

Melton, Fred (s/o Lloyd & Hazel (Snow) Welton) ; Stigler

Melton, Jack ; Sans Bois

Melton, R.A. ; Iron Bridge

Mendenhall, Carol ; Stigler

Mendenhall, Dessie ; Stigler

Mendenhall, Irena ; Stigler

Mendenhall, Orville ; Stigler

Merchant, Infant son of James T. & Ora A. ; Enterprise

Merchant, Infant son of James T. & Ora A. ; Enterprise

Mercle, Fern ; Antioch

Merriman, Alice Wanda ; Star

Merriman, Claud E. ; Garland

Merriman, J.E. ; Star

Merriman, Jerry ; Star

Merriman, Lydia ; Keota

Merriman, Oscar ; Garland

Merriman, Pearl ; Garland

Merriman, Pearl (Butler) ; Keota

Merriman, S.A. (Gus) ; Keota

Merriman, S.B. ; Keota

Metcalf, Forrest ; Old Cache

Mhoon, Ethek (Knight) ; Quinton

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