PA - PL Surnames

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PM - PZ & Q Surnames



Padgett, Jerome N. ; Stigler

Padgett, Matildia ; Star

Padgett, Minnie L. ; Star

Padgett, Robert ; Star

Padgett, Sarah N. ; Stigler

Page, Everett ; Whitefield

Page, Isabella (McDonald) (w/o Lard Thomas) ; Enterprise

Page, James Monroe (s/o L.L. & Isabella) ; Enterprise

Page, Manda ; Whitefield

Page, Marion E. ; Whitefield

Page, Patricia A. (d/o Chester & Mae (Miller) Young, w/o Gearld, md 25 Jun 1991 in Loveland, CO) ; Tamaha

Painter, Altha Rose (Stroud) ; Antioch

Painter, Birl Martin ; Antioch

Painter, Deon (s/o Deon Murl & Jeanne (Loudermilk) Painter) ; Antioch

Painter, Edna Grace ; Stigler

Painter, James Willlam ; Stigler

Pale, Virginia ; Antioch

Palmer, Agnes Wilmouth (Cobey) (w/o George, 1st husb Upton, Andrew) ; Garland

Palmer, Audrey ; Stigler

Palmer, Benjamin F. ; Stigler

Palmer, Burl ; Keota

Palmer, Charles Edgar ; Stigler

Palmer, Else N. ; Old Cache

Palmer, Ernest ; Old Cache

Palmer, George "Dewey" (h/o Agnes, s/o Jake) ; Garland

Palmer, J.C. (Husb of Ruby) ; Keota

Palmer, Jacob A. (h/o Luetter) ; Lona

Palmer, Jewel E. (Wife of John H.) ; Keota

Palmer, John H. (Husb of Jewel E.) ; Keota

Palmer, Junie Adeline ; Stigler

Palmer, Luetter (w/o Jacob A.) ; Lona

Palmer, Lyda ; Old Cache

Palmer, Martha E. ; Stigler

Palmer, Mary Ellen ; Quinton

Palmer, Myrtle ; Quinton

Palmer, Ruby (Wife of Ruby) ; Keota

Palmer, Ruby E. ; Stigler

Palmer, Thelma ; Garland

Palmer, Tishie Lee ; Lona

Palmer, W.H. ; Stigler

Pamplin, Ida A. ; Stigler

Pamplin, Joseph A. ; Stigler

Pardue, Mandie A. ; Tamaha

Parenti, Plinto Ollie ; Miners

Parham, Anna Lee ; Whitefield

Parham, Laura ; Whitefield

Parham, Margaret (d/o A.W. & B.M.) ; Miners

Parham, Sam A. ; Whitefield

Park, Frank A. ; Quinton

Park, Fred O. ; Quinton

Park, Hettie L. ; Quinton

Park, Lillian A. ; Quinton

Park, Myrtle Belle ; Quinton

Park, Wallace M. ; Quinton

Parker, Ader B. ; Whitefield

Parker, Albert R. ; Tamaha

Parker, Alice (Lentz) (w/o Joseph Robert, d/o John M. & Rosella (Freman)) ; Enterprise

Parker, Anderville ; Tamaha

Parker, Bertha L. (Wife of Walter L.) ; Keota

Parker, Betty Jo (sis of Patty Lou, d/o Leonard & Ruby (Simmons)) Hicks ; Enterprise

Parker, Buddy Gene (s/o W.F. & Lillie) ; Garland

Parker, Carnilia (w.o LaRue) ; Tamaha

Parker, Catherine ; Whitefield

Parker, Charles ; Tamaha

Parker, Daisy ; Old Cache

Parker, Dora Ann (w/o William D.) ; Whitefield

Parker,Doralene"Doshee" Enterprise

Parker, Edna Bessie (Howell) (w/o N.E., d/o M.H.) ; Garland

Parker, Elzie L. (h/o Rose L., s/o Mack C. & Manerva A.) ; Garland

Parker, Eugene Debs (h/o Opal Julia, s/o William & Vallie) ; Enterprise

Parker, Eulen (h/ Rhodie, md 3 Mar 1947) ; Tamaha

Parker, Florence M. ; Stigler

Parker, Glenna Ann ; Tamaha

Parker, Infant boy ; Mountain Home

Parker, James D. ; Old Cache

Parker, James S. (h/o Sara I.) ; Tamaha

Parker, Jane ; Lona

Parker, Jane A. ; Mountain Home

Parker, Jessie Cecil (s/o William & Vallie) ; Enterprise

Parker, Joseph Robert (h/o Alice (Lentz), s/o William & Vallie) ; Enterprise

Parker, LaRue (h/o Carnilia) ; Tamaha

Parker, Lillian ; Mountain Home

Parker, Lona B. ; Tamaha

Parker, Mable K. ; Miners

Parker, Mahaley ; Star

Parker, Martha F. ; Old Panther

Parker, Mary F. ; Old Cache

Parker, N.E. ; Old Cache

Parker, Opal Julia (Jenkins) (w/o Eugene Debs) ; Enterprise

Paker,Patsy Jean; Tamaha

Parker, Patty Lou (sis/o Betty Jo, s/o Leonard & Ruby (Simmons)) Hicks ; Enterprise

Parker, Pleasant Andrew "Ples" (s/o William & Vallie) ; Enterprise

Parker, Rachel Lucille ; Tamaha

Parker, Rhodie ; Tamaha

Parker, Robert A. Son of Jane A. ; Mountain Home

Parker, Roland Lorance ; Tamaha

Parker, Roland Ray (s/o William & Vallie) ; Enterprise

Parker, Rose L. (w.o Elzie) ; Garland

Parker, Ruby ; Tamaha

Parker, Ruby (Simmons) (w/o William Leslie, d/o James Andrew & Ella Belle (White)) ; Enterprise

Parker, Sara I. (w/o James S.) ; Tamaha

Parker, Sarah ; Tamaha

Parker, Shirley Lee (d/o E.L. & R.L.) ; Garland

Parker, Sula Carter ; Quinton

Parker, Thomas Mack ; Tamaha

Parker, Ulesses I. Son of J.W. & Kate ; Sans Bois

Parker, Vallie Belle (Kellough) (w/o William Louis, d/o Robert & Mary Eliz (Duke)) ; Enterprise

Parker, Walter B. ; Tamaha

Parker, Walter B., son of Walter B. & Sarah) ; Tamaha

Parker, Walter L. (Husb of Bertha I.) ; Keota

Parker, William “Bill” ; Tamaha

Parker, William D. (h/o Dora Ann) ; Whitefield

Parker, William Leslie (h/o Ruby, s/o William & Vallie) ; Enterprise

Parker, William Louis (h/o Vallie Belle, s/o Joseph Thomas & Susan (Oliver)) ; Enterprise

Parker, William Sterling ; Sans Bois

Parkin, Edith ; Miners

Parkin, Thomas M. ; Miners

Parks, A.M. Dau of J H & L L ; Hoyt

Parks, Bertha ; Old Perry

Parks, Catherine (d/o F.J. Bench) ; Hoyt

Parks, Charles ; Hoyt

Parks, Evelyn Bernice ; Hoyt

Parks, Fannie E. ; Hoyt

Parks, Fannie Lou (s/o Charles Clinton & Clista Lion Bickle, w/o Charles) ; Hoyt

Parks, G.W. (h/o Luvena) ; Old Perry

Parks, Infant d/o George Parks ; Sand Springs

Parks, Jason H. Husb of Lavina L. ; Hoyt

Parks, Joseph Monroe ; Hoyt

Parks, Lavina ; Hoyt

Parks, Lavina L. Wife of Jason H. ; Hoyt

Parks, Letty Francis (Wilson) (w/o Wallace Hanibal, md 26 Dec 1930, d/o John Harvey & Matilda Jane (Simmons)) ; Enterprise

Parks, Max E. ; Hoyt

Parks, Tommy Lee ; Hoyt

Parks, Wallace Hanibal (h/o Letty Francis, s/o William Newton & Fannie Elizabeth (Taylor)) ; Enterprise

Parks, William N. ; Hoyt

Parnell, Marie Wadley ; Stigler

Parrott, Farley C. ; Stigler

Parsley, Maud ; Star

Parson, Leonard ; Old Cache

Parson, Mack ; Sans Bois

Parson, Margrett (Issac) ; Sans Bois

Parsons, Beulah M. (Tricket) (1st w/o John Henry, d/o W.T. & Charlotte) ; Garland

Parsons, Frank ; Quinton

Parsons, Geraldine (Barbee) ; Whitefield

Parsons, Grace ; Old Cache

Parsons, Grace M. (Hays) (2nd w/o John Henry, d/o William A. & Mary E.) ; Garland

Parsons, John Henry (h/o Beulah M., h/o Grace M., s/o Oscar & Sela) ; Garland

Parsons, Lela (w/o Oscar) ; Tamaha

Parsons, Oscar (h/o Lela) ; Tamaha

Parsons, Raymond ; Old Cache

Partain, Arthur William ; Antioch

Partain, Lola ; Antioch

Partain, Ronald ; Antioch

Partee, Francill (Bumpers) (d/o Clarence & Gladys Keith) ; Garland

Pate, Allie ; Stigler

Pate, C.W. (Husb of Myrtle) ; Brooken

Pate, Ida ; Brooken

Pate, Infant ; Brooken

Pate, Lee (Louvina) ; Brooken

Pate, Lonnie A. ; Brooken

Patten, Robert B. ; Stigler

Patterson, Carmen R. ; Stigler

Patterson, Charles J. ; Miners

Patterson, Charlie F. (h/o Pauline J., s/o Gurley & Louis J.) ; Garland

Patterson, Chase Wayne (s/o Travis & Jennifer (Holden)) ; Sans Bois

Patterson, Clementine Arrettie (Jones) (w.o Doc, d/o W.S.& Julia (Cox)) ; Garland

Patterson, Dee Thomas (h/o Louise, s/o Ed & Hattie) ; Garland

Patterson, Dellar L. ; Stigler

Patterson, Doc (h/o Clementine, md 1905) ; Garland

Patterson, Ed (h/o Hattie, bro/o Doc) ; Garland

Patterson, Edith (w/o Orville) ; Whitefield

Patterson, George D. ; Stigler

Patterson, George W. ; Quinton

Patterson, Gurley F. (h/o Lois Jane, bro/o Doc) ; Garland

Patterson, Hattie (w/o Ed) ; Garland

Patterson, Hattie Ophelia (w/o C.J.) ; Miners

Patterson, Ida ; Sans Bois

Patterson, James ; Garland

Patterson, Jessie P. ; Stigler

Patterson, John (Husb of Pearl Iva) ; Keota

Patterson, Julie B. ; Star

Patterson, Lois Jane (Jones) (w/o Gurley, d/o W.S. & Julia (Cox)) ; Garland

Patterson, Margaret (w/o Samuel) ; Garland

Patterson, Martha A. ; Stigler

Patterson, Mary A. (w/o Phillip M.) ; Miners

Patterson, Mary Lou ; Quinton

Patterson, Minnie Lee (w/o Roy L.) ; Miners

Patterson, Orville (h/o Edith) ; Whitefield

Patterson, Oscar L. (s/o Mary A. & PhillipM.) ; Miners

Patterson, Pauline (Walingstick) (w/o Charlie F.) ; Garland

Patterson, Pearl Iva (Wife of John) ; Keota

Patterson, Phillip (died at age 73) ; Garland

Patterson, Phillip M. (h/o Mary A.) ; Miners

Patterson, Ponder ; Sans Bois

Patterson, Roy L. ; Miners

Patterson, Samuel (h/o Margaret) ; Garland

Patterson, Sidney P. ; Stigler

Patterson, Stella M. ; Sans Bois

Patterson, Susan (died age 68) ; Garland

Patterson, W. Lee ; Stigler

Patterson, Wiley J. ; Keota

Patterson, William M. ; Stigler

Pattison, Nora Moore ; Whitefield

Patton, Lulu M. ; Brooken

Patton, Annie (w/o William, md 1893 - 1904) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Annie Bell ; Sans Bois

Patton, Baby ; Iron Bridge

Patton, Betty Jo "Jane" ; Sans Bois

Patton, Clorus Teady Tipton ; Keota

Patton, Darthia ; Sans Bois

Patton, Emma Sue (Patrick) (w/o Prosper H., md 1875, d/o Richard C. & Mary M.) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Flora Mae (Langham) (w/o Henry) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, H.C. ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Henry (1st w Hattie (Goria), md 1895 IT (1873 - 190?), 2nd w Flora May (Langham), md 1903 IT, s/o Prosper H. & Emma (Patrick)) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Henry F. M/Betty 24 May 1945 ; Sans Bois

Patton, Imogene ; Sans Bois

Patton, James Earl (s/o James Wiley) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, James Wiley (2nd w Pauline M. (Nelson) md 192?) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Jennie (d/o Willard Orlando & Jennie (Ferris) Peterson, w/o Marty Buckner & John Patton) ; Tamaha

Patton, Mary Ann ; Siloam Springs

Patton, N.M. ; Miners

Patton, P.J. ; Stigler

Patton, Pauline M. (Nelson) (h/o James W.) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Prosper H. "Bud" (h/o Emma (Patrick), s/o Henry & Sarah) ; Siloam Springs

Patton, Ray ; Antioch

Patton,Raymond; Stigler

Patton, Ricky ; Keota

Patton, Robert Lee ; Antioch

Patton,Velma Lee ; Sans Bois

Patton, W.N. ; Siloam Springs

Patton, William M. (h/o Annie Bell (Tucker)) ; Siloam Springs

Patty, Lester (s/o Hosie Houston & Josie) ; Enterprise

Paul, Alice E. (w/o Phillip) ; Miners

Paul,angela Dawn;Miners

Paul, Helen Christine (d/o Steve & Mamie) ; Miners

Paul, June (William) (w/o Steve Jr.) ; Miners

Paul, Mamie (w/o Steve Sr.) ; Miners

Paul, Martha Ann (Lollis) (sis to Rosie Nixon) ; Miners

Paul, Phillip (h/o Alice E.) ; Miners

Paul, Steve Jr. (h/o June) ; Miners

Paul, Steve Sr. (h/o Mamie) ; Miners

Paul, Theodore Jr. ; Miners

Payne, George W. (h/o Marinda) ; West Liberty

Payne, Marinda M. (w/o George W.) ; West Liberty

Payne, Shannon Renee ; Whitefield

Payne, Shannon Renee ; Whitefield

Payne, Willie T. (s/o George & Miranda) ; West Liberty

Payton, Alexander L. ; Stigler

Payton, Eugene ; Enterprise

Payton, Everett ; Stigler

Payton, Frank ; Enterprise

Payton, George W. (h/o Sarah Francis) ; Enterprise

Payton, Irene A. ; Stigler

Payton, James E. (h/o Lillie) ; Enterprise

Payton, Joseph ; Little Sans Bois

Payton, Justin Layne ; Antioch

Payton, Lillie (Gilick) (w/o James E.) ; Enterprise

Payton,Luetta; Stigler

Payton, Marvin Joe ; Stigler

Payton, Mary ; Little Sans Bois

Payton, Millard ; Enterprise

Payton, Nancy Jo ; Stigler

Payton, Sarah Francis (w/o George W.) ; Enterprise

Pearce, Marion Son of J.R. & F. ; Hoyt

Pearson, Abbie A. (w/o Arlie A.) ; Whitefield

Pearson, Arlie A. (h/o Abbie A.) ; Whitefield

Pearson, Arthur Dean (s/o Arles Alonzo "Arlie" & Arra Abbie (Bean) Pearson, h/o Lula Peevyhouse, md 23 Oct 1940) ; Antioch

Pearson, Arthur V. (h/o Lulu) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Arzo ; West Liberty

Pearson, Bennie D. ; Sans Bois

Pearson, Boyd ; Whitefield

Pearson, C.L. "Bud" (s/o Henry J. & Mable W.) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Carolyn ; West Liberty

Pearson, Clark Rice ; Keota

Pearson, Daniel L. ; West Liberty

Pearson, Docia ; West Liberty

Pearson, Earl H. ; West Liberty

Pearson, Edgar L. (md 26 Sep 1959) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Elouise ; West Liberty

Pearson, Elvous Homer ; West Liberty

Pearson, Emma ; West Liberty

Pearson, Floyd Lee ; West Liberty

Pearson, George Burt ; West Liberty

Pearson, Gertie Lucille ; West Liberty

Pearson, Gertrude V. (w/o Roy Lee) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Henry Joe (h/o Mable W.) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Hettie Veoma ; West Liberty

Pearson, Jerry I. ; Whitefield

Pearson, Leonard (h/o Tina, s/o George & Clara (Anderson)) ; Brooken

Pearson, Lulu (Wife of Arthur) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Mable W. (w/o Henry Joe) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Mamie ; West Liberty

Pearson, Margrath (Paul) (m/o Julia Ann Jones) ; Enterprise

Pearson, Maxine Faye ; West Liberty

Pearson, Maybelle ; Whitefield

Pearson, Met ; West Liberty

Pearson, Otis R. (s/o Roy & Gertrude (Hughes) Pearson, h/o Betty (Atkinson) md 16 May 1965, Stigler) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Richard ; West Liberty

Pearson, Robbie Ruth ; Whitefield

Pearson, Rosie ; West Liberty

Pearson, Roy Lee (h/o Gertrude V., md 18 Jan 1930) ; West Liberty

Pearson, Troy ; West Liberty

Pearson, Willard ; Whitefield

Peavy, Toni Marie (d/o Loretta (Cronic)) ; Garland

Pebworth, Bertha ; Sans Bois

Pebworth, Cora ; Sans Bois

Pebworth, James A. ; Sans Bois

Peck, Anthony ; Garland

Peck, Charles L. ; Garland

Peck, Clarence Adison (h/o Mozell M., md 26 Jul 1919, s/o John & Flora) ; Garland

Peck, Elizabeth ; Garland

Peck, Flora (Palmer) (w.o John) ; Garland

Peck, Glen (s/o J.J. & Bessie) ; Garland

Peck, Henryetta Etta (w/o Horace) ; Garland

Peck, Horace Cliff (h/o Henryetta Etta) ; Garland

Peck, Infant s/o J.J. & Bessie ; Garland

Peck, Jessie J. (md 1904 Bessie Hill) ; Garland

Peck, John Franklin (h/o Flora) ; Garland

Peck, Lavona (d/o John F. & Flora) ; Garland

Peck, Mozell M. (Carolan) (w/o Clarence, d/o Arthur & Nannie) ; Garland

Peck, Rebekah Keara Nicole (d/o of Todd & Karen (Anderson) Peck) ; Garland

Peck, W.H. ; Star

Peck, Wilburn Austin (h/o Norma, s/o Horace Cliff & Henryetta) ; Garland

Peelman, Bertha Mae (Wife of Floyd Edward) ; Keota

Peelson, Floyd Edward (Husb of Bertha Mae) ; Keota

Peevy, Raymon ; Quinton

Peevyhouse, A.J. ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Atta V. (Wife of Eugene) ; Keota

Peevyhouse, Benjamin ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Clara Ladene ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Elizabeth ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Eugene (Husb of Atta V.) ; Keota

Peevyhouse, Frank ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Jessie ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Jimmy Ray (Husb of Mary G.) ; Keota

Peevyhouse, Lela M. ; Keota

Peevyhouse, Lillian Mae ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Lillie ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Lois JoAnn ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Lucky Randal ; Keota

Peevyhouse, Maggie ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Marjorie Ilene ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Mary G. (Wife of Jimmy Ray) ; Keota

Peevyhouse, Ollie ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Roy J. ; Antioch

Peevyhouse, Sam ; Keota

Pendergraft, Reuben D. ; Garland

Pendergrass, Flossie ; Antioch

Pendergrass, Hattie O. (d/o E.L. Spain) ; Whitefield

Pendergrass, Tilmon ; Stigler

Pendergrass, Truitt Jr. ; Antioch

Pendergrass, Turitt ; Antioch

Pendergrass, William N. ; Stigler

Pennington, A.J. ; Star

Pennington, Arminta F. ; Stigler

Pennington, Baby ; Miners

Pennington, Betty J. ; Star

Pennington, Coven A. (h/o Marguerite E.) ; Miners

Pennington, E.C. ; Star

Pennington, Howard Dalton ; Stigler

Pennington, James M. ; Stigler

Pennington, John A. ; Stigler

Pennington, John W. ; Stigler

Pennington, L.E. ; Star

Pennington, M.E. ; Star

Pennington, Marguerite E. (w/o Coven A.) ; Miners

Pennington, Nancy C. ; Stigler

Pennington, Thomas B. ; Stigler

Penwell, Edward Moses ; Brooken

Penwell, Emma (Gann) ; Brooken

Penwell, Homer E. ; Brooken

Penwell, Infant Son of Joseph & Nora A. ; Brooken

Penwell, Joe H. ; Brooken

Penwell, Joe T. (Husb of Nora A.) ; Brooken

Penwell, Marvel (Dau of Joseph & Mary A.) ; Brooken

Penwell, Mary E. (Dau of Joseph & Mary A.) ; Brooken

Penwell, Nora A. (Lytle) ; Brooken

Peratt, Herman Davis ; Stigler

Peratt, Jon D. ; Stigler

Percifield, Argel E. ; Whitefield

Perdue, Alice (w/o Virgil Floyd) ; Garland

Perdue, Virgil Floyd (h/o Alice) ; Garland

Perkins, Andy (Husb of Maudie) ; Keota

Perkins, Arvilla ; Star

Perkins, Buster Ray ; Keota

Perkins, Dick (Husb of Nettie) ; Keota

Perkins, Helen Louise (w/o Haskell Perkins) ; Iron Bridge

Perkins, Hollis (w/o Dr. S.L.) ; Star

Perkins, Homer L. ; Keota

Perkins, Lester J. ; Keota

Perkins, Mandy ; Keota

Perkins, Maudie (Wife of Andy) ; Keota

Perkins, Nettie (Wife of Dick) ; Keota

Perkins, Rabora R. ; Keota

Perkins, Wilma Lorene (d/o Henry & Lucinda Ann (Metcalf) Green, w/o James Lester) ; Keota

Permenter, Carolyn Sue (Johnson) (d/o Leslie & Anna Katheryn (Bryant)) ; Mountain Home

Perry, Albert ; Willis Family

Perry, Albert L. (s/o A.W. & A.M.) ; Star

Perry, Berlin ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Bertha ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Bessie ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Campbell ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Daniel B. (Rev) ; Stigler

Perry, Edward ; Miners

Perry, Ele ; Stigler

Perry, Elizabeth ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Elizabeth ; Scott Perry

Perry, Emmet E. ; Star

Perry, Eulias M. ; Siloam Springs

Perry, Florence ; Star

Perry, Florence L. ; Brooken

Perry, Frank B. ; Stigler

Perry, Frankie ; Keota

Perry, Frost (s/o Laymon & S.) ; Lamon Perry

Perry, Gerald Bryce ; Antioch

Perry, Harold Wayne ; Old Cache

Perry, Henrietter (McRee) (w/o Albert W., d/o Walter McRee, sis/o Effie (McRee) Jennings)(struck by lightning) ; Star

Perry, Henrietter (McRee) (w/o Albert W., d/o Walter McRee, sis/o Effie (McRee) Jennings)(struck by lightning) ; Star

Perry, Henry ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Henry A. ; Star

Perry, Hugh ; Stigler

Perry, Isham/Isom (1st w Mary (1846 -), 2nd w Eliza (1860 -) ; Siloam Springs

Perry, Jess J. ; Quinton

Perry, Jewel Golie (d/o A.W. & Henrietter) ; Star

Perry, Leo Louis ; Antioch

Perry, Leo Newton (s/o Eastman & Eve) ; Siloam Springs

Perry, Lizzie (d/o Frank & Selina) ; Lamon Perry

Perry, Louis J. ; Old Panther

Perry, Louis L. ; Whitefield

Perry, Louise J. ; Old Panther

Perry, Marcella (d/o Louis & Susanna) ; Whitefield

Perry, Marshall Gene ; Brooken

Perry, Mary ; Whitefield

Perry, Mary Eva ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Myrtle V. ; Keota

Perry, Ola ; Stigler

Perry, Pamela Jo ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Rachel (w/o J.E.F.) ; Lamon Perry

Perry, Robert Lynn ; Keota

Perry, Ruth ; Simon Isaac

Perry, Sally ; Stigler

Perry, Sampson (s/o Frank & Selina) ; Lamon Perry

Perry, Samuel J. ; Siloam Springs

Perry, Sov A. W. (h/o Annie) ; Star

Perry, Steve No Headstone ; Scott Perry

Perry, Susan Jane ; Siloam Springs

Perry, Susanna ; Whitefield

Perry, Thelma Pauline ; Antioch

Perry, Theora ; Star

Perry, W.L. ; Enterprise

Perry, Winnie Floy (Hewitt) (d/o Benjamin Franklin & Lillie Beatrice (Holloway)) ; Enterprise

Perry, Zalia R. ; Quinton

Perryman, Jonas (1st w Maudie Roberts, md 2 Oct 1907, 2nd w Sinia, md 1909, s/o Nancy ; Siloam Springs

Perrymore, Beulah Day ; Quinton

Perrymore, Guy B. ; Quinton

Perrymore, Jack (s/o Willard P. & Lois O. (Nicholson)) ; Stigler

Perrymore, Jack Dewayne ; Hoyt

Perrymore,Lois O. Stigler

Perrymore, Roxie E. (Wife of Thomas F.) ; Quinton

Perrymore, Thomas F. (Husb of Roxie E.) ; Quinton

Pesterfield, Ben M. ; Brooken

Pesterfield, Bessie ; Brooken

Pesterfield, Claud (Son of J.W. & Mollie) ; Brooken

Pesterfield, Hubert (Son of J.W. & Mollie) ; Brooken

Pesterfield, J.W. (Husb of Mollie) ; Brooken

Pesterfield, Mollie (Madden) (Wife of J.W.) ; Brooken

Peters, Alonzo ; Shady Grove

Peters, Elvessie ; Quinton

Peterson, Katherine (Merle-Fernandez) ; Whitefield

Peterson, Nels M. ; Miners

Peterson, Nels M. (d/o N.C. & G. (Nichols)) ; Miners

Petray, Lawrence R. "Father" ; Sans Bois

Petray, Rose E. Mother ; Sans Bois

Pettijohn, Kathryn ( w/o Rex, d/o Burrell M. & Eva (Blanton) Welton) ; Stigler

Pettijohn, Rex Eugene ; Stigler

Petty, Adeline Tennie ; Old Panther

Petty, Almarinda "Alma" (w/o William H.) ; Old Panther

Petty, Barbara ; Miners

Petty, Fonte Columbus ; Old Panther

Petty, John ; Old Panther

Petty, Larry (h/o Nancy) ; Miners

Petty, Lewis J. ; Old Panther

Petty, Sidney Carl (Son of Sidney & Margaret) ; Brooken

Petty, Tommy J. ; Miners

Petty, Tracie Kim ; Miners

Petty, William (Bill) ; Miners

Petty, William "Mack" ; Miners

Petty, William H. (h/o Almarinda) "Alma" ; Old Panther

Pever, Dora ; West Liberty

Phelan, Ikel ; Quinton

Phelan, Mary E. ; Stigler

Phelan, Walter ; Stigler

Pierce,Kathleen McConnell; Stigler

Phillips, Alice O. (McKinney) (Wife of Hughie W.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Hughie W. (Husb of Alice O.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Alice (Kaler) (w/o Green Berry, d/o William & Rosey (Thompson)) ; Enterprise

Phillips, Allen W. ; Sans Bois

Phillips, Ava ; Antioch

Phillips, Bobby Gene (s/o Robert & Iva) ; Garland

Phillips, Boyd Charleston ; Brooken

Phillips,Rev. Boyd William: Mountian Home Phillips, Charles Lee ; Brooken

Phillips, Cleo C. ; Mountain Home

Phillips, Dallas Reuben ; Antioch

Phillips, David Wayne (s/o Larry D. & Francis) ; Garland

Phillips, Dora E. (w/o Elbert Dred) ; Garland

Phillips, E. Ray ; Iron Bridge

Phillips, Elbert Dred (h/o Dora E.) ; Garland

Phillips, Elieen B. (Billington) (w/o Wayne A., d/o Hiram & Allie) ; Enterprise

Phillips,Elza; Antioch

Phillips, Francis A. (Bush) ; Brooken

Phillips, Garrison A. (Son of C.L. & F.A.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Gary Don ; Hoyt

Phillips, George W. ; Miners

Phillips, Green Berry (h/o Alice) ; Enterprise

Phillips, H.C. ; Brooken

Phillips, Hall (stepson of Ernest Hawkins) ; Miners

Phillips, Ida Mae ; Brooken

Phillips, Infant Dau of Barney & Irene ; Enterprise

Phillips, Infant of Robert & Iva ; Garland

Phillips, Iva (Beck) (w/o Robert, d/o James & Arrena) ; Garland

Phillips, James Alford (stepson of Ernest Hawkins) ; Miners

Phillips, Jennie Mae ; Brooken

Phillips, Jerry Wayne ; Antioch

Phillips, Joe B. (h/o Thelma) ; Miners

Phillips, Joe C. (h/o Lola M., md 23 Feb 1934) ; Garland

Phillips, Joe K. ; Stigler

Phillips, John A. ; Miners

Phillips, Kate (w/o J.P.) ; Whitefield

Phillips, Kenneth Joe (h/o Sonja, s/o Joe & Lola, f/o Freddie Joe) ; Garland

Phillips, Larry Don (h/o Francis, s/o Joe & Lola) ; Garland

Phillips, Little Hunkey (Son of J.H.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Lola M. (Nance) (w/o Joe c. d/o T.C. & Lizzie Freeman) ; Garland

Phillips, M. ; Miners

Phillips, Marie Adline ; Miners

Phillips, Mary (Maddox) (Wife of J.H.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Mary A. ; Mountain Home

Phillips, Melven Clark (h/o Vera (Hodgens) ; Lona

Phillips, Melvin Lee ; Lona

Phillips, Nelson O. ; Mountain Home

Phillips, Ola I. ; Miners

Phillips, Paul Dewayne; Keota

Phillips, Ricky Dwayne ; Iron Bridge

Phillips, Robert (h/o Iva) ; Garland

Phillips, Robert Lee ; Iron Bridge

Phillips, Ruby A. (Pearce) ; Brooken

Phillips, Ruby E. ; Mountain Home

Phillips, Sam (stepson of Ernest Hankins) ; Miners

Phillips, Samuel Taylor ; Miners

Phillips, Sarah E. (Wife of W.P.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Steven Willis ; Brooken

Phillips, Taylor ; Brooken

Phillips, Thelma (d/o John Jefferson & Mary Alice (Shannon) Davis, w/o Joe) ; Miners

Phillips, Thelma (w/o Joe B.) ; Miners

Phillips, Timathy ; Antioch

Phillips, Vera (Hodgens) ; Lona

Phillips, W.J. ; Keota

Phillips, Wanda Louise (d/o Joe & Lola) ; Garland

Phillips, Wayne A. (h/o Elieen B., s/o William P. & Livana (Milton)) ; Enterprise

Phillips, William Rufus (Husb of Ruby A.) ; Brooken

Phillips, William T. (Husb of Maud, son of John H.) ; Brooken

Phillips, Woodrow ; Keota

Phipps, Ada ; Quinton

Phipps, Baby ; Brooken

Phipps, James James ; Brooken

Phipps, Joe (Husb of Mary Cyntha) ; Brooken

Phipps, John F. (Husb of Nancy) ; Brooken

Phipps, Mary Cyntha (Busbee) (Wife of Joe) ; Brooken

Phipps, Nancy (Wife of John F.) ; Brooken

Phipps, Odie ; Brooken

Phipps, Olla (Adopted dau of John F. & Nancy) ; Brooken

Phipps, Pauline (d/o Rosco & Lonella (Chaddic)) ; Enterprise

Phipps, Robert ; Quinton

Phipps,Willie J.; Brooken

Piatt, Fannie Bell ; Old Cache

Piatt, Millie M. ; Old Cache

Pibermabe, ; Miners

Pickins, Vick ; Keota

Pierce, Carl ; Antioch

Pierce, Charles Lee (s/o Charles) ; Garland

Pierce, Emma C. ; Stigler

Pierce, John J. ; Stigler

Pierce, M.L. ; Old Cache

Pierce, W.J. ; Stigler

Pierce, Wayne Ray (s/o Charles) ; Garland

Pierce, Willis ; Sans Bois

Piercy, Bertha R. Wife of C.M. ; Hoyt

Piercy, Dora Belle Dau of C.M. & B.P. ; Hoyt

Piercy, Ida Mae ; Hoyt

Piercy, Mary E. ; Hoyt

Piercy, Viola Dau of C.M. & B.P. ; Hoyt

Pierson, John F. ; Whitefield

Pierson, Rosey (w/o George W.) ; Whitefield

Pierson, Roy ; Whitefield

Pigg, Liddy ; Quinton

Pike, Chad DeWayne ; Keota

Pingleton, Benny ; Keota

Pingleton, Betty ; Keota

Pingleton, Bobby ; Keota

Pinion, Garfied (s/o John Wesley & Senia Sarah) ; Tamaha

Pinion, John Thomas (h/o Nancy Catherine (Banks) s/o James & Margaret (Cooper)) ; Tamaha

Pinion, John Wesley (h/o Senia Sarah (Swinford, md 30 Nov 1899)) ; Tamaha

Pinion, Lydia, Wife of W.N. ; Tamaha

Pinion, Otty (d/o W.N. & L.E.) ; Tamaha

Pinion, Senia Sarah (Swinford) (w/o John W., d/o Thomas Eli & Mary Elizabeth (Daves)) ; Tamaha

Pinion, Thomas Jefferson (s/o John Thomas ) ; Tamaha

Pinion, William Newton “Bill” (h/o Lydie E. (Richie), md 13 Jul 1894 in Blansett, AR) ; Tamaha

Pinnell, Arnold C. ; Old Panther

Pinnell, Cordie ; Old Panther

Pinnell, Emogene ; Old Panther

Pinnell, Flora Mae (d/o John & Mary Lou (Owens) House, w/o Elbert Nix & Arnold Pinnell) ; Old Panther

Pinnell, Goldie Florence ; Old Panther

Pinnell, Yarber ; Old Panther

Pinson, Albert H. (Husb of Maude E.) ; Keota

Pinson, Maude E. (Wife Albert H.) ; Keota

Pipp, Bonnie Louise (w/o Richard) ; Miners

Pipp, Mary ; Miners

Pipp, Richard "Dickie" ; Miners

Pipp, Richard (h/o Bonnie Louise) ; Miners

Pipp, Valentine ; Miners

Pipp, Valentine ; Miners

Pirtle, James L. ; Quinton

Pirtle, Julia F. ; Quinton

Pirtle, William L. ; Quinton

Pitchford, Hazel ; Stigler

Pitchford, Wylie ; Stigler

Pitts,Carl Gene; Whitefield

Pitts, Charley ; Whitefield

Pitts, Dovie Victoria ; Stigler

Pitts, Eddie J. (h/o Norma, s/o Charlie & Julia (Parris)) ; Garland

Pitts, Julie E. (w/o Charley) ; Whitefield

Pitts, Kennith Boyd ; Whitefield

Pitts, Lorene M. ; Whitefield

Pitts, Mary Lorene (w/o Robert) ; Whitefield

Pitts,Michael Jay; Garland

Pitts, Robert ; Whitefield

Pitts, Robert ; Whitefield

Plummer, John T. ; Enterprise

Plummer, Mary Aimee (Davenport - Walls - Chuning - Goldstien)(d/o John & Mary) ; Enterprise

Plunk, Helen M. ; Old Panther

Plunky, Harvey ; Old Panther

Plunky, Juanita ; Old Panther

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