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Robb, Simon (h/o Margaret Lois (Robb), s/o of Samuel & Martha) ; Enterprise

Robbins, A.E. ; Antioch

Robbins, Bess ; Keota

Robbins, Billy Dan ; Keota

Robbins, Matilda ; Antioch

Robbins, Murties M. ; Keota

Robbins, Rachel B. (d/o Landle) ; Old Panther

Robbins, Sarah ; Antioch

Robbins, William Ernest ; Antioch

Roberson, Irene Alice (Bigger) ; Lona

Roberson, J.F. (s/o R.N. & M.L.) ; Tamaha

Roberson, Robert N. ; Tamaha

Roberta, Richard E. ; Enterprise

Roberts, ? ; Whitefield

Roberts, A.C. ; Whitefield

Roberts, Allen E. ; Sans Bois

Roberts, Arthur C. ; Whitefield

Roberts, Baby ; Old Panther

Roberts, Birdie (Howard) (w/o Rooney, d/o N.I. & Mattie) ; Garland

Roberts, C.H. ; Sans Bois

Roberts, Charlies ; Sans Bois

Roberts, Cindy (Ary) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Connie Joyce ; Old Panther

Roberts, Dave ; Old Panther

Roberts, Dave ; Old Panther

Roberts, Delia Geneva (Trickett) (w/o William Luther, d/o W.T. & Charlene) ; Garland

Roberts, Ethel Mae ; Star

Roberts, Etta Mae ; Old Panther

Roberts, Florence (d/o E.M. & Mollie) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Floyd David ; Old Panther

Roberts, Fred D. ; Old Panther

Roberts, Gertrude G. (d/o W.A. & S.A.) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Gladys B. (Wife of Jusdon H.) ; Keota

Roberts, Infant ; Whitefield

Roberts, Infant Dau of J.H. ; Brooken

Roberts, Infant of W.L. & Delia ; Garland

Roberts, Infant of W.L. & Delia ; Garland

Roberts, Jack ; Star

Roberts, James M., Rev. (h/o Mary Elizabeth, md 1872) ; Garland

Roberts, Jewell A. ; Sans Bois

Roberts, John C. ; Old Panther

Roberts, Johnnie D. (s/o L.M. & A.C.) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Judson H. (Husb of Gladys B.) ; Keota

Roberts, L.M. ; Whitefield

Roberts, Mary Elizabeth (Witt) (w/o James) ; Garland

Roberts, Mary Katherine (Harrell) (w/o Ovie, d/o Leamon & Ava Flint McGaughy) ; Garland

Roberts, Mollie (w/o E.M.) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Myrtle Mae ; Old Panther

Roberts, N.M. Mrs. ; Whitefield

Roberts, Nora O. (d/o W.A. & S.A.) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Ovie L. (h/o Mary Katherine, md 1939, s/o Luther & Delia) ; Garland

Roberts, R.B. (h/o Laverne, s/o Rooney & Birdie (Howard)) ; Garland

Roberts, Rena ; Old Panther

Roberts, Riney (d/o L.M. & A.C.) ; Whitefield

Roberts, Rooney F. (h/o Birdie) ; Garland

Roberts, Thomas Benton ; Whitefield

Roberts, Wilford Ozel ; Stigler

Roberts, William Luther (h/o Delia Geneva, md 5 Nov 1908, s/o James & Mary) ; Garland

Robertson, Albert C. (h/o Evelyn M., md 22 Jan 1938) ; Miners

Robertson, Allie ; Stigler

Robertson, Allie Mae (Shobert) (1st h Sampson, 2nd h Fred Robertson md 19 May 1953 Van Buren, AR, 3 h Willard Brown) ; Siloam Springs

Robertson, Annie D. (w/o Joseph) ; Miners

Robertson, B. Leona (w/o Ted, md 3 Oct 1936) ; Miners

Robertson, Beatrice ; Stigler

Robertson, Charlotte L. ; Miners

Robertson, Clara D. ; Old Cache

Robertson, Dave ; Old Panther

Robertson, David (h/o Irene, md 1902) ; Siloam Springs

Robertson, Etta (w/o Roy) ; Whitefield

Robertson, Eugene ; Stigler

Robertson, Evelyn M. (w/o Albert C.) ; Miners

Robertson, Frank N. ; Whitefield

Robertson, Franklin N. (h/o Sarah E.) ; Whitefield

Robertson, Fred (1st w Marcella May, md 194?, 2nd w Allie Mae (Shobert) Sampson) ; Siloam Springs

Robertson, G.B. (Rev) ; Stigler

Robertson, Grace F. ; Miners

Robertson, Irene (w/o David) ; Siloam Springs

Robertson, Iva Flora Davis ; Miners

Robertson, James ; Antioch

Robertson, Jennie Florance (w/o J.W.) ; Tamaha

Robertson, Joseph Edward ; Miners

Robertson,Lalie Cordelia; Miners

Robertson, Lalie Lee (w/o Roy Lester, md 12 Sep 1933) ; Miners

Robertson, Leo B. (h/o Ruth L.) ; Miners

Robertson, Leo Lester (s/o Leo & Ruth) ; Miners

Robertson, Loeta ; Old Panther

Robertson, Marine H. ; Keota

Robertson, Mollie ; Stigler

Robertson, Murl H. (Son of Artie) ; Keota

Robertson, O.D. ; Miners

Robertson, Permelia J. "Katy" (Anderson) (w/o Walter Warren McRee, then w/o Henry Hacker, then w/o James Robertson; m/o Henrietter Perry & Effie Jennings) ; Star

Robertson, Roy (h/o Etta) ; Whitefield

Robertson, Roy Lester (h/o Lalie Lee) ; Miners

Robertson, Ruth L. ; Miners

Robertson, Sarah E. (w/o Franklin N.) ; Whitefield

Robertson, Sidna I. ; Stigler

Robertson, Susan ; Antioch

Robertson, Ted (h/o B. Leona, md 3 Oct 1936) ; Miners

Robertson, Valencia A. ; Miners

Robertson, Verne Lorene ; Miners

Robertson, William H. ; Old Cache

Robins, A.M. ; Stigler

Robins, Bertie Mae ; Stigler

Robins, Cleo (Clayton) ; Brooken

Robins, Duell A. ; Antioch

Robins, Ellen ; Stigler

Robins, Ethel ; Antioch

Robins, Eva (Maxwell) ; Antioch

Robins, Gather Lee ; Brooken

Robins, Lahoma Raye ; Brooken

Robins, Loyd L. (md 13 Jan 1909 - Maud McKenzie) ; Garland

Robins, Mary Jane Woodall ; Stigler

Robinson, Amos (Son of W.C. & S.D.) ; Brooken

Robinson, Andrew Jackson ; Tamaha

Robinson, Artie Bell ; Keota

Robinson, Ben L. (h/o Myrtle L.) ; Tamaha

Robinson, Beulah ; Antioch

Robinson, Bright (d/o A.B. & Z.R. ; Old Quinton

Robinson, Bruce "B.W." (s/o Charlie M. & Ina (McBride), h/o Eileen (Hill)) ; Brooken

Robinson, Calvin (s/o Frank & Ellen) ; Siloam Springs

Robinson, Cindy "Jackson" ; Tamaha

Robinson, Clayton ; Siloam Springs

Robinson, Cordelia Z. (w/o Homer Lawrence) ; Garland

Robinson, Edward J. ; Little Sans Bois

Robinson, Elisha C. (h/o Lula) ; Garland

Robinson, Frank ; Stigler

Robinson, Homer Lawrence (h/o Cordelia Z.) ; Garland

Robinson, Infant ; Whitefield

Robinson, Infant Dau of Pat ; Quinton

Robinson, Infant son of Green ; Whitefield

Robinson, Infant Son of N.S. & S.M. ; Brooken

Robinson, J.C. ; Brooken

Robinson, J.T. ; Quinton

Robinson, J.W. ; Old Cache

Robinson, J.W. ; Stigler

Robinson, James W. ; Antioch

Robinson, Jessie & Hessie (Son&Dau of W.C. & S.D.) ; Brooken

Robinson, Joe ; Brooken

Robinson, John Henry ; Tamaha

Robinson, John Henry, Jr. ; Tamaha

Robinson, John W. ; Keota

Robinson, Joshua ; Stigler

Robinson, Lora Edna (Dau of J.C. & Imogene) ; Brooken

Robinson, Louise ; Quinton

Robinson, Lucille ; Tamaha

Robinson, Lucille Reynolds ; Tamaha

Robinson, Lula (w/o Elisha C.) ; Garland

Robinson, Lurie Driver ; Tamaha

Robinson, Martha J. (Wife of A.P.) ; Brooken

Robinson, Martha Jane ; Tamaha

Robinson, May Cheek (With Vivian A.) ; Keota

Robinson, Mildred ; Tamaha

Robinson, Minnie Leo ; Tamaha

Robinson, Mirtle ; Stigler

Robinson, Myrtle L. (w/o Ben L.) ; Tamaha

Robinson, Ora C. (d/o Pete P. & Rosa R.) ; Garland

Robinson, Patterson B. (h/o Zelyer (Perry), s/o Walter & Sarah) ; Enterprise

Robinson, Pete P. (h/o Rosa R.) ; Garland

Robinson, R.N. ; Keota

Robinson, Rath (Dau of W.C. & Dora) ; Brooken

Robinson, Rosa R. (Goodnight) (w/o Pete, m/o Susan McGee G. Coleman, 1st husb Geo McGee) ; Garland

Robinson, Sarah M. (Patterson) (w/o Walter S.) ; Enterprise

Robinson, Shirley Ann (Goff) (w/o A.J., d/o Odray & Elsie) ; Garland

Robinson, Snoden , Antioch

Robinson, T.R. (Son of W.C. & S.O.) ; Brooken

Robinson, Virginia ; Keota

Robinson, Vivian A. (With May Cheek) ; Keota

Robinson, Walter Scott (h/o Sarah M.(Patterson)) ; Enterprise

Robinson, William Jacob ; Tamaha

Robison, Mary Jane ; Miners

Robison, Stella ; Tamaha

Robson, Ethel ; Old Cache

Rockman, Elizabeth (Folsom) (w/o Joseph, 1st husb Brown) ; Garland

Rockman, Joseph E. (h/o Elizabeth, s/o Nancy) ; Garland

Rockman, Sunelle ; Stigler

Rodden, Amanda C. (w/o Joe M.) ; Mt. Zion

Rodden, J.E. ; Mt. Zion

Rodden, M.C. ; Mt. Zion

Rodden, T.F. ; Mt. Zion

Roddy, Jessie Parker ; Whitefield

Rodgers, Connie ; Miners

Rodgers, Martha Louise ; Quinton

Roe, George W. ; Garland

Roe, Jack ; Hoyt

Roe, Johnnie ; Whitefield

Roe, Sina ; Hoyt

Rogers, Albert ; Antioch

Rogers, Alta (w/o Bill) ; Garland

Rogers, Andrew Harley (h/o Cora) ; Garland

Rogers, Baby ; Antioch

Rogers, Bennie Lee ; Tamaha

Rogers, Bill (h/o Alta) ; Garland

Rogers, Bonnie Aneese ; Old Panther

Rogers, Brock Wayne ; Old Cache

Rogers, C. or G.M. ; Iron Bridge

Rogers, Charles ; Tamaha

Rogers, Charley (h/o Maud) ; Tamaha

Rogers, Cora ; Garland

Rogers, Denver ; Stigler

Rogers, Donald ; Stigler

Rogers, Donald Ray (s/o Tex & R.M.) ; Garland

Rogers, Eunice (Farill - Williams) ; Whitefield

Rogers, Gittie R. ; Star

Rogers, Grace ; Antioch

Rogers, Harley ; Antioch

Rogers, Henry D. ; Stigler

Rogers, J.A. ; Old Panther

Rogers, James David ; Antioch

Rogers, James M. ; Iron Bridge

Rogers, Jimmie Ray (s/o Tex & R.M.) ; Garland

Rogers, Joe Vernon "Tex" (h/o Reba Mae, md 3 Apr 1931, s/o Edward & Bertie) ; Garland

Rogers, John Pauline ; Stigler

Rogers, Lavern (With Verna L.) ; Keota

Rogers, Lena ; Antioch

Rogers, Lester (h/o Willow Bell) ; Tamaha

Rogers, Lindsey B. (h/o Zora) ; Whitefield

Rogers, Lue C. (w/o William C., md 1877) ; Garland

Rogers, Mamie ; Stigler

Rogers, Mary T. ; Iron Bridge

Rogers, Mattie L.A.(w/o J.G.) ; Iron Bridge

Rogers, Maud (w/o Charley) ; Tamaha

Rogers, Mervin ; Antioch

Rogers, Nettie ; Stigler

Rogers, Parl M. ; Sans Bois

Rogers, Reba Mae (Laughlin) (w/o Joe Vernon, d/o Hugh & Myrtle (McCaslin)) ; Garland

Rogers, Samuel F. ; Lewisville

Rogers, Ted T. ; Old Panther

Rogers, Verna L. (With Lavern) ; Keota

Rogers, William ; Antioch

Rogers, Willow Bell (w/o Lester, md 4 Dec 1948) ; Tamaha

Rogers, Zora F. (Folsom) (w/o Lindsey B.) ; Whitefield

RogersS, Linda Jean ; Tamaha

Romine, Frank C. ; Old Panther

Romine, Johnny Lee ; Brooken

Rooker, Henry B. ; Miners

Roper, Alvin E. ; Quinton

Roper, Andy ; Quinton

Roper, Elizabeth ; Old Cache

Roper, L. Violet ; Quinton

Roper, Millie ; Quinton

Roper, Rassie Halis ; West Liberty

Rose, Aleta (Howard) (w/o Ike, s/o L. Basil & Nettie (Stout)) ; Garland

Rose, Alice (2nd w/o J.R.) ; Garland

Rose, Annie (Gregory) (w/o James Lincoln) ; Garland

Rose, Audan ; Tamaha

Rose, Carlisle Norman, Rev. (h/o Mary Margaret, s/o James & Annie) ; Garland

Rose, Carrie S. ; Star

Rose, Doris Louise Hunt (Frates) (w/o Loyd) ; Garland

Rose, Ella ; Quinton

Rose, Everett "Ike" (h/o Aleta, s/o J.R. & Isabell) ; Garland

Rose, Frank Lyle (s/o C.N. & Mary) ; Garland

Rose, Grace B. ; Stigler

Rose, H.W. ; Old Cache

Rose, Isabell (1st w/o J.R.) ; Garland

Rose, J.M. ; Stigler

Rose, J.R. son of ? & Judy ; Garland

Rose, Jachob A. ; Star

Rose, Jacob A. ; Keota

Rose, Jacob Arthur, Jr. (Husb of Lucy) ; Keota

Rose, James Lincoln (h/o Annie, md 26 Aug 1889) ; Garland

Rose, Jess F. ; Stigler

Rose,Jimmie Webb; Stigler

Rose, Labie Lee (Scates) (w/o Pat, d/o / & Lela) ; Garland

Rose, Loyd (h/o Doris Louise, s/o J.R. & Isabell) ; Garland

Rose, Lucy (Mathadell) (Wife of Jacob Arthur Jr.) ; Keota

Rose, Mary J. ; Stigler

Rose, Mary Jeanette ; Garland

Rose, Mary Lou (Short) (Wife of Raymond Leon) ; Keota

Rose, Mary Margaret (Allen) (w/o Carlisle Norman, d/o Arthur & Mae Moas) ; Garland

Rose, N.V. ; Quinton

Rose, Pat X. (h/o Labie, md 27 Mar 1947) ; Garland

Rose, Raymond Leon (Husb of Mary Lou) ; Keota

Rose, Rebecca ; Keota

Rose, Rena ; Tamaha

Rosenthal, Maudine S. ; Stigler

Ross, Andy L. ; Stigler

Ross,Bobby Ray; Keota

Ross, Bonnie E. ; Hoyt

Ross, Burta Lee ; Quinton

Ross, Charles E. ; Hoyt

Ross, Charley (h/o Eliza E.) ; Tamaha

Ross, Dale T. (h/o Agnes Moles, s/o Charles & Norma (Osburn) ; Garland

Ross, Elijah ; Tamaha

Ross, Eliza E. (w/o Charley) ; Tamaha

Ross, Eupel ; Tamaha

Ross, Flora ; Tamaha

Ross,Gary Lynn; Garland

Ross, Infant Alpha May ; Tamaha

Ross, Iva Inis ; Quinton

Ross, James W. ; Quinton

Ross, Jewel Hazel ; Stigler

Ross, John ; Old Panther

Ross, John Frederick ; Old Panther

Ross, Juanita ; Old Panther

Ross, Lola Aster ; Old Quinton

Ross, Lola Aster ; Quinton

Ross, Loralee, Infant dau of J.W. ; Quinton

Ross, Maggie Mae (w/o Roy, md 4 Jun 1934) ; Tamaha

Ross, Mary F. ; Stigler

Ross, Melvin (s/o Eliza & Charley) ; Tamaha

Ross, Nora Lee ; Hoyt

Ross, Ola Bonner ; Quinton

Ross, Othal O. ; Quinton

Ross, Otis W. ; Quinton

Ross, Roy (h/o Maggie Mae) ; Tamaha

Ross, Sarah Druchilla ; Quinton

Ross, Virginia (Amos) (w/o William Marion, d/o Clyde & Lillian (Reid)) ; Garland

Ross,Thomas Loyd ; Quinton

Ross, Wayne ; Old Quinton

Ross, Wayne ; Quinton

Ross, William Marion (h/o Virginia) ; Garland

Ross, Willie Estell ; Tamaha

Rosson, Peter L. ; Hoyt

Roub, Ola ; Star

Rouell,Pamela; Star

Rouse, Arthur H. (Husb of Viola) ; Brooken

Rouse, Chris ; Mountain Home

Rouse, Dessie R. (Crosby) (Wife of Herman) ; Brooken

Rouse, Dorothy ; Mountain Home

Rouse, Georgia E. (Weaver) (Wife of H.R.) ; Brooken

Rouse, H.R. (Husb of Georgia E.) ; Brooken

Rouse,H.R.;(hus.of Priscilla) Brooken

Rouse, Herman (Husb of Dessie) ; Brooken

Rouse, Louis Osborn ; Brooken

Rouse,Sylvia; Mountain Home

Rouse, Viola (Norris) ; Brooken

Rouston, Ada May (w/o Charley) ; Old Panther

Rouston, Charley (h/o Ada May) ; Old Panther

Rouston, Ida Leona ; Old Panther

Rouston, Marie J. ; Old Panther

Rouston, Willene ; Old Panther

Rowe,Carolyn J.; Keota

Rowe, Gene Loyd ; Keota

Rowe, Ronald Gene Jr. "Ronnie" ; Iron Bridge

Rowland, Donald ; Tamaha

Rowland, Edwin Eugene (s/o Jim & Susan, b/o Michael) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Eula E. (w/o Oscar) ; Tamaha

Rowland, J.E. (h/o Jane) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Jane (w/o J.E.) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Jewel (w/o Preston E.) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Lora (w/o Ole) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Monty Allen ; Tamaha

Rowland, Ole (h/o Lora) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Oscar (h/o Eula E.) ; Tamaha

Rowland, Preston E. (h/o Jewel, md 26 Dec 1945) ; Tamaha

Rowlett, Manuel ; Quinton

Rowton, J.C. ; Quinton

Roye, Alice Maye ; Tamaha

Roye, Alice P. (w/o Lemuel V.) ; Tamaha

Roye, Alice Winter ; Stigler

Roye, Ara Lena (w/o Jack) ; Garland

Roye, Claude M/Delores 13 Jan 1948 ; Sans Bois

Roye, Col David Price (h/o Edith, md 16 Feb 1944) ; Garland

Roye, Delores Joy ; Sans Bois

Roye, Earl William ; Tamaha

Roye, Edith Folsom (w/o Col. David Price) ; Garland

Roye, Henry Louis Jr. (s/o Henry & Pearl) ; Garland

Roye, Henry Louis Sr. (h/o Pearl, md 14 Nov 1916, s/o Edwin & Indiana) ; Garland

Roye, Henry Vass ; Stigler

Roye,Ivan; Garland

Roye, Jack Seal (h/o Ara Lena, s/o Edwin & Indiana) ; Garland

Roye, Lemuel V. (h/o Alice P.) ; Tamaha

Roye, Mamie (w/o Marion, md 16 oct 1932) ; Tamaha

Roye, Marion (h/o Mamie) ; Tamaha

Roye, Mildred Imogene (d/o Henry & Pearl) ; Garland

Roye, Pearl (Amos) (w/o Henry Louis, Sr., d/o John & Mollie Hill) ; Garland

Roye, Sharon Kay (d/o Charles D. & Ruth (Fraser)) ; Garland

Royston, Edna Earl ; Stigler

Rubalcava,Robbye Lynnette; Garland

Rucker, Leona S. (Scantlen) (d/o James & Lorena (Garland)) ; Garland

Ruddle, Charline ; Whitefield

Ruddle, Milley ; Iron Bridge

Rudiger, Lillie Dee (d/o Amos Bradford & Lillie Mae (Treadway) Neely, w/o Leland) ; Hoyt

Ruminer Velma ; Keota

Ruminer, Julia Ann ; Keota

Ruminer, Pete H. ; Stigler

Rumley, James C. ; Stigler

Rumley, Minnie B. ; Stigler

Rumney, Dixie (Goddard) (w/o Walter) ; Miners

Rumney, Walter R. (h/o Dixie) ; Miners

Runnels, Caroline ; Old Panther

Runnels, Thomas ; Old Panther

Rush, Herschel Kirby ; Quinton

Rush, Ora E. ; Quinton

Rusher, Almira ; Stigler

Rushing, Estelle ; Quinton

Rushing, G.N. Newt ; Quinton

Rushing, Lawson ; Quinton

Rushing, Lena ; Quinton

Rushing, Lyta Jean ; Stigler

Rushing, Oma ; Quinton

Russ, Lemmer ; Keota

Russell, Alma (Works) (w/o Jack) ; Enterprise

Russell, Anita Gail ; Enterprise

Russell, Barbra Ann ; Lona

Russell, Billy Jack ; Enterprise

Russell, Carrie Anna ; Antioch

Russell, Charlie Burton ; Enterprise

Russell, Clemon Doye ; Enterprise

Russell, Cora B ; Enterprise

Russell, Delmon (s/o Earl Russell) ; Enterprise

Russell, Edna (Coppick) ; Enterprise

Russell, Elenor (d/o Charlie & Fannie) ; Enterprise

Russell,Elizabeth; Stigler

Russell, Ella Mae ; Quinton

Russell, Fannie (Gilick) ; Enterprise

Russell, Frances Grundy (h/o Orpha M.) ; Enterprise

Russell, Howard W. (s/o William T.) ; Enterprise

Russell, Hurshel Alvin (s/o F.G. & Orpha) ; Enterprise

Russell, Infant Child of Howard & Edna ; Enterprise

Russell, Infant son of Cora & Ray ; Enterprise

Russell, Infant son of Cora & Ray ; Enterprise

Russell, Irene ; Antioch

Russell, Jack "Roy Jack" (h/o Alma) ; Enterprise

Russell, James Denton (Husb of Mary Martha) ; Quinton

Russell, Jeffery James (h/o Mauline) ; Enterprise

Russell, Jesse M. (bro to Noah C.) ; Enterprise

Russell, John Ervin (h/o Fannie (Gilick), md 12 Apr 1899) ; Enterprise

Russell, John H. ; Stigler

Russell, Lucy Frances d/o Reuben & Mary (Simpson-Young) Staton ; Old Cache

Russell, Luzettie (w/o J.M.) ; Garland

Russell, Mary Martha (Wife of James Denton) ; Quinton

Russell, Melvin Carl ; Antioch

Russell, Mona E. ; Stigler

Russell, Nancy (Seals) ; Enterprise

Russell, Nathan ; Antioch

Russell, Noah Cyrus ; Enterprise

Russell, Orpha M. (Jones) (w/o Frances Grundy, d/o Fred W. & Nancy (Carpenter)) ; Enterprise

Russell, Phoebe C. Wife of Terrell W.) ; Quinton

Russell, Roy Elman (h/o Vesta Marie, md 3 Dec 1934, s/o Francis & Orpha) ; Enterprise

Russell, Serri Lynn ; Enterprise

Russell, Terrell W. (Husb of Phoebe C.) ; Quinton

Russell, Vesta Marie (w/o Roy Elman) ; Enterprise

Russell, Vivian ; Enterprise

Russo, Bessie M. (Wife of Joseph T.) ; Quinton

Russo, Joseph T. ; Quinton

Russom, Elmer Ray ; Miners

Russom, Infant ; Miners

Russom, Mattie Jane ; Miners

Russom, Mittie ; Miners

Russom, Rabon ; Miners

Russom, Ramona A. (w/o Rupert I.) ; Miners

Russom, Rupert I. (h/o Ramona A.) ; Miners

Rust, Edgar E. (s/o R.P. & B.M.) ; Star

Rust, Ernest A. ; Old Cache

Rust, L.E. ; Old Cache

Rust, Lucy A. ; Old Cache

Rust, Margaret ; Old Cache

Rust, Martha E. ; Old Cache

Rust, Martha Jane ; Old Cache

Rust, Martin V. ; Old Cache

Rust, Martin V. ; Old Cache

Rust, Mildred T. ; Old Cache

Rust, Troy Davie ; Keota

Rust, Van Allen ; Old Cache

Rust, Willie A. ; Old Cache

Rutherford, Alford D. ; Garland

Rutherford,Curtis A.; Stigler

Rutledge, David W. ; Miners

Rutledge, Elbert Murel ; Old Panther

Rutledge, Irene (d/o Walter & Mae (Brewer) Lowe ; Miners

Rutledge, John R. ; Tamaha

Rutledge'Ronald; Panther

Rutlege, Baby Girl ; Old Panther

Rutlege, Robert Lee ; Old Panther

Rutlege, Ruth ; Old Panther

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