This cemetery is canvassed and compiled by Wayne Wilson and placed on this site with his approval. We thank Wayne for all his hard work and for authorizing us to place this here for your use. If you have any additions or corrections, please contact Barbara Donathan

This cemetery contains nine graves and it is about ½ of a mile east of Oklahoma Highway 82. It is not fenced or maintained, and is in a cow pasture. All graves are unmarked except the ones listed below.

Location: TWP 8 North, Range 21 East, Section 9, approximately six miles south of the City of Stigler.

Brinson, Richard 1 Jul 1828 - 6 Dec 18?0

Brinson, Pat ? - Aug 1888

Cooper, Samuel 8 Aug 1828 - 1 Jan 1886

Shropshire, Leo 31 Aug 1888 - 9 Oct 1889

Two Twin Babies (No names, dates, only this inscription on natural stone.)

Wood, J.L. (No dates, name scratched on a large native sandstone marker. Inscription "At Rest.")

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