Haskell County Cemeteries

Below is a list of online cemeteries. Check back often as more will be added as they are finished.
Don't know which cemetery your ancestor is buried in?  Check our Index for your family.

Haskell County Veterans buried in these cemeteries ~  A - G

Haskell County Veterans buried in these cemeteries ~  H - Q

Haskell County Veterans buried in these cemeteries ~  R - Z

 Antioch  Cemetery - East of Stigler    

Barker Henson Cemetery -

Blaine Cemetery (Relocated)

Bonham Cemetery (Relocated)
- Northwest of Stigler

Brinsom - Cooper Cemetery
- South of Stigler

Brooken Cemetery - North of Enterprise  

Cooper - Woodridge Cemetery

Enterprise Cemetery - West of Stigler  

Eston Greenwood Cemetery (Relocated) - Northwest of Keota

Folsom Cemetery - West of McCurtain  

Garland Cemetery - Northeast of Stigler  

Hoyt Cemetery
- Northwest of Stigler  

Iron Bridge Cemetery -  SW of Keota  

Keota Cemetery -  NE of Keota  

Kinta or Watkins Cemetery    

Knight #3 Mine Memorial

Lamon Perry Cemetery   

Lewisville Cemetery

Little Sans Bois Cemetery

Lona Cemetery

Martin Cemetery
- in City of Lequire 

Miners Cemetery - West of McCurtain  

 Mountain Home (Hughart) Cemetery

Mt. Zion Cemetery

Nunley Cemetery (Relocated)
- West of Keota

Old Cache Cemetery

Old Enterprise (City) Cemetery - West of Stigler

Old Panther Cemetery
-   Southwest of McCurtain

Old Perry Cemetery -

Old Quinton Cemetery  

Quinton Cemetery  

Sand Springs Cemetery -  North of Stigler

Sans Bois Cemetery

Schroughout Cemetery -   Enterprise

Scott-Perry Cemetery - Southwest of Stigler

Shady Grove Cemetery  Near Kinta

Silome Springs Cemetery - West, NW of McCurtain

Simon Isaac Cemetery

Star Cemetery - NE of Keota

Stigler Cemetery - City of Stigler  

Tamaha Cemetery

Trueblood Cemetery

Vance Family Cemetery

Wallen Cemetery - North of McCurtain

West Liberty Cemetery - Southwest of Stigler

Whitefield Cemetery
-  Town of Whitefield 

Willis/Perry Family Cemetery
- North of Keota

Woolridge Cemetery

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