The first of the contest winners is the main star of this, Lauren. She is portrayed as Cynweilleil Marianne Tether, a sixteen-year-old girl from none other than Lauren's homeland, Australia, better known between the two of us and most of the Australian population as Oz. Seeing as I've never been there, I'm going to ask that if I make a mistake on anything, the Australian readers out there correct me, okay? And excuse me if I have a heavy overload of wombat-related stuff in here, I'm obsessed with wombats.

I'm dealing with some weird issues in here. Though the original idea was to use kleptomania (irresistable urge to steal) we both decided I could use pyromania (fixation with fire). So basically, our dear Cynweilleill is a first-class pyro. Fun, hunh? So, please, without further ado, Cynweilleil Marianne Tether.

Chapter One: First Impressions
Chapter Two: Just Shut Up And Take My Jacket
Chapter Three: Langdon Hall
Chapter Four: Cigarette Lighter In A Penguin Suit

Mental Graffiti