Chapter Twelve

The look on Wind’s face when they pulled into the parking area of the Four Seasons was enough to make everyone around her realize exactly how much she’d missed home.
“Toronto,” she mumbled. “Mr. Hanson, when we get unpacked, can I go down to the Irish Shop? It’s down the street.”
Walker smiled and laughed a little.
“Wind, you can do whatever you like. Why don’t you take Zac? You two go have some fun, but you have to be back by 7:30, alright?”
Wind’s face was just totally taken over by a smile, and she and Zac barrelled off the bus and down the street.
“Oh my Gods I’m home,” Wind said. “And it feels so good…home, sweet sweet Canada, how I missed you…” She grabbed Zac’s wrist and dragged him to the Irish Shop down the street.

“We’re sorry,” Taylor yelled into his microphone. “We’re really sorry that the concert date had to be moved so late, and we hope you enjoy the concert now!” The screams of those teenage girls filled the theatre so quickly that Taylor, Isaac, and Zachary all realized no one much cared now that they were here. They began to play, and watched everyone jumping up and down happily.

Sarah had a spot in the venue way in the back, far from the stage and near the grass seats. Aries was up front, and Wind was in a group of about twenty of her friends in the first few rows. When the concert was finished, Sarah went to go talk to her friends at the gate, babbling on about how great sex was with Taylor. Aries met up with Wind, and Zac bounced off the stage.
“Yeehaw what a BEAUTIFUL night,” Zac hollered, and they began to chase each other around the seats and stage. When all three were tired, panting, and ready to sleep, they went to go backstage. Sarah still wasn’t backstage yet.
“Zac,” the security guard called. “Is that all of you? Wind Harper, Aries Lincoln, and Sarah Bowman?”
Zac looked at Wind and grinned devilishly. “Nah, Sarah went home. Her parents picked her up. She lives an hour away.”
The security guard nodded, and they all went backstage, laughing and joking around with each other.

“What? What the hell are you talking about? I didn’t go home! I’m right here!”
The guard shook his head and crossed his arms.
“Nope, Zac Hanson, Aries Lincoln, and Wind Harper came back here after the concert, and said Sarah Bowman went home. I listen to what the Hanson boys say, miss, not the girls who claim to be their girlfriends.”
Sarah turned bright red.
“Fine,” she screeched. “Get Taylor out here to prove it.”
“Okay,” the guard grunted. “TAYLOR!”
Taylor appeared with Zac and Wind.
“Yeah?” He glared evilly at Sarah over the guard’s shoulder.
“This girl says she knows you. Says she’s Sarah Bowman.”
Wind shook her head.
“Sarah went home. I’ve never seen this girl before in my entire life.”
Taylor shook his head as well.
“Nope, never seen her before. Sorry, dude. Here, wait…” Taylor pulled Wind’s notebook from her back pocket and signed his autograph, ripped the sheet off, and handed it to Sarah. “You have a nice summer now.”
He waved a little, and Wind and Zac followed his action. Then they went back behind stage, leaving Sarah to growl, turn red, and phone her parents to go home.

"Yes, Amanda goes home, does five minutes of homework, then sits around all night doing you know what I do? I go home, check my email, watch Street Cents, then am a porn star by night for cheesy flicks like 'The British are Cumming" with Paul Revere."

- Skylar

Chapter Eleven