Chapter Six

Taylor had just finished scrawling what Wind had said onto the notepad when he heard the lock turn and scattered, turning the television on to some obscure comedy show. He pretended to be totally oblivious to Zac and Wind as they came out of the bathroom, Zac with his arm around Wind’s sagging shoulders and Wind looking a little better than she had when she first ran into the bathroom. They didn’t bother looking at Taylor; simply left without saying anything.

“Alright, Wind. Why did you come if you knew she was going to treat you like this?”
Zac watched Wind blush deeply, then tipped the brim of his baseball cap as a group of teenage girls giggled and flounced by. She poked a few ice cubes with her straw.
“I guess…I just…I always wanted to go out with you, Zac.”
Zac looked down for a few minutes, and Wind kept going. “I adore you guys. I just thought that maybe she was telling the truth for once…I had to give it a shot. Otherwise I’d never have met you.”
Zac looked up. His eyes had seemingly deepened, giving off wonderful warmth that she was sure no one else had seen before. He shoved his glass across the table and moved over to her side of the table, sliding his arms around her waist. Wind wasn’t quite sure what he was doing, or what to do about it, but she liked it, so she just didn’t do anything. Zac turned his hat around backwards and gave Wind a cute little angel kiss on the end of her nose.
“You know, Wind, you have got to be the sweetest, most kind-hearted person I have ever met in my entire life, and I don’t want you to ever change, you hear me? Don’t ever change. You’re absolutely perfect the way you are.”
Wind blushed and her eyes started to well up again.
“Aww, Zac…thank you. Thank you so much…for everything.”
A single tear ran down her cheek, and she smiled such a huge, beautiful smile that Zac wondered if her lips would fall off her face. Zac quickly wiped it away with his thumb, and gladly took the embrace when Wind wrapped her arms around him and hugged him. When they pulled themselves away from each other, Zac grinned and asked softly,
“Now, the next time some airheaded interviewer asks if any of us have girlfriends, what do you think I should tell them?”
Wind blushed and giggled a little.
“I think you should tell them you have a girlfriend and watch those teenies cry.”
Zac nodded.
“I think that’s exactly what I should tell them.”

Aries plunked herself down in front of Zac and Wind, who were still gazing at each other.
“Hey, guys, have you heard the latest dirt?”
Zac snapped back into reality.
“No, what?”
She grinned, showing to both of them that she was absolutely gorgeous. “Sarah’s planning on telling Tay she’s pregnant to get him to marry her and then fake miscarriage…”
Wind’s eyes grew huge.
“She can’t do that! She’s only fourteen!”
Aries shrugged.
“Law states you can get married at fourteen with parental permission or if pregnant.”
Wind’s brow crinkled.
“She isn’t really, is she?”
Aries shook her head.
“Nah…we were both kind of hyper last night and cracked a box of six tests, three each, and neither of us are…well, she shouldn’t be, for all the condom wrappers on Taylor’s floor, man…”
Zac looked absolutely horrified.
“That’s disgusting. We have to tell Tay, man…save the poor guy a lot of trouble.”
Aries sighed.
“She’s telling him tomorrow, apparently, once the concert’s done at our next stop.”
Zac nodded.
“Then the three of us have to tell him before then.”


- Me, to Flipper.

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