Chapter Seven

Aries had left ages before, and Zac and Wind still sat at the table, slurping their drinks and just being relatively silent. Wind suddenly looked up and touched Zac’s ear, causing him to jump a little and look at her.
Wind smiled faintly.
“Bop,” she whispered. His eyes were playful, but his face tired, and she knew she had to ask. “Zac…will you kiss me?”
He grinned.
“Oh, eventually, you know, these things take time, you have to sign a contract swearing it was forced or rape or anything, then we have to do excercises and figure out how to position ourselves and all may take months, maybe years…”
She set a happy glare at him and he realized she was serious. When that came to him he blushed, not sure of what to say.
“Um…uh…well…” He had to look up at her, and he had to gaze into her soft, affectionate eyes, before he found an answer. “Of course.” He inched forward a little, rubbing his nose against hers, and cocked his head a little. There was a little sparkle in Zac’s eyes, something special that marked something magic, and they both froze, locked in time for a second.
“Excuse me? Whoa. Like, hello?”
They broke away, their arms still around each other, but looking at the disturbance. It was some girl with dark hair, too much makeup, and a black tank top who gave Wind an absolutely EVIL glare. Zac crumpled his brow.
“You’re Zac, so where’s Taylor?”
Zac gave her an odd, sick look.
“I don’t give a flying FUCK where he is right now, man, go away! Can’t you see I’m busy?”
She made an awful snorting noise, and Wind looked disgusted.
“Icky…you’re Chelsea. You’re that chick in the Tulsa, Tokyo, and the Middle of Nowhere video with no bra bouncing like a rubber ball…”
She smiled sweetly at Wind, the evil dark haired banshee, with an air of superiority.
“In the flesh. Now where’s Tay?”
Zac stood up and left a tip on the table.
“Nowhere you’re going to be anytime soon.” He slid his arm around Wind’s waist and led her out, looking back once to flip the chick the bird. What a way to ruin a perfect moment.

“Now, where were we,” Zac whispered with a grin as he and Wind went into the darkened hotel room. He pulled her to him and kicked the door shut behind him, and leaned in for the kiss that had been so rudely interrupted only fifteen minutes before. Wind laughed softly before she turned her head, and both could only gaze at each other, freezing in time for the same time they had before.

The lights clicked on and Aries came in, shutting the door behind her and looking oddly at Zac and Wind.
“I’m sorry…I really have a talent for ruining the moment, don’t I?” Wind burst out laughing and stepped out of Zac’s embrace.
“Don’t worry about it, Aries…I was about to sneeze anyway.”
Zac sighed and shook his head like he was annoyed, but they both knew he wasn’t really. He went into his room to get changed for bed, and Wind went to find her bags.

Both Wind and Zac lay awake in their respective beds, staring at the ceiling and listening to the other four in their rooms. Zac wondered what Wind was doing, and Wind wondered what’d happen if she went in to see Zac. They both sat up at the same time, and walked towards the door separating them; Zac’s bedroom door. Both stood staring at the door, wondering whether they should go through with it, until Zac finally opened the door and the two were face to face. Wind blushed. “I was just…um…I couldn’t…sleep…”
Zac looked down.
“Yeah, neither could I…um…”
Wind looked up with her huge innocent eyes and said softly,
“Oh, enough of this, just hug me and be done with it.”
Zac’s face broke into a huge smile and he spread his arms out, letting her walk forward then pulling Wind into himself, relieved when he could feel her warmth surround him. He touched her arm for a second, her bare arm…
“Man, Wind, you’re freezing…what are you sleeping under?”
She looked up at him, and the hint of worry in his eyes.
“The extra blanket off Aries’ and Ike’s bed,” she answered. “It’s like…a sheet. And the couch is like, bruising me up and down.”
Zac’s brow crinkled a little, obviously upset that she had to sleep like that.
“Come on, that’s it. You’d think you were an animal the way they treat you…”
He pulled her into the room and shut the door.
“Are you sure, Zac? I don’t want to be in the way.”
He nodded.
“I’m positive, get in that bed or I’ll make you.”
Wind’s head snapped up and she grinned a little.
“That sounds suggestive, Zackie.”
Zac blushed deeply, but pulled back the covers for her and gestured for her to get in.
“I wouldn’t lay a finger on you if you didn’t want me to.”
And when he said that, Wind saw the sincerity in his dark eyes, and knew that if she didn’t get in that bed within the following two seconds she would seriously regret it for evermore. And so Wind crawled into the soft, warm covers, and when Zac slid in beside her she curled up against him, timidly running her hand up to his neck and letting it hang over his shoulder. Zac silently pulled the heavy covers up to Wind’s chin and tried to figure out where to put his arms. Wind looked up.
He paused. “Yes?”
“Put your right arm around my shoulders and your left so your hand is at the small of my back.”
Zac tried it. Whoa…perfect fit. He touched her cheek then smiled faintly.
“Now you better be well-rested in the morning, Wind, or I’m going to be really mad at you, you hear?”
Wind nodded.
“I promise I’ll try to have a very well-rested sleep.”
But it didn’t seem to be an easily broken promise with Wind; she lay her cheek back on Zac’s chest and closed her eyes, and was asleep within seconds, breathing lightly and smiling faintly in her sleep. Zac shifted a bit to the side, then let his cheek rest against the top of Wind’s head, closed his eyes, and fell asleep, overly happy he had a girl in his arms.

Zac awoke to a thunderstorm. It was cold in the room, he could feel it at the tips of his toes and the top of his head, but Wind’s sleeping body next to his was more than enough warmth. He turned over onto his side and held her a little tighter, still on a high from being able to sleep in the same bed as a girl. He glanced at the clock and realized that it was almost eight; they had to get up soon. One look at Wind told him he could wait, she looked much too peaceful to wake so early in the morning. The poor thing had awful bags under her eyes from the little sleep she got, and this was just what she needed. Wind’s arms were cold; Zac could feel her shivering unconsciously and pulled up the thrown back covers farther up, right to her chin. She instantly buried her face in his shoulder and fell back into her deep, peaceful sleep, never having woken in the slightest way. Zac touched her cheek and grinned faintly.
“You’re the girl of my dreams,” he whispered. “And you always will be.”
And once he’d said it, Zac fell asleep happily.

"It would be a good thing to bind and gag Martha Stewart with her own damn shredded wheat braids!"

- Skylar

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