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Tales from Middle Oerth - Here you can find various stories, set in Middle Oerth. We even have a user participation story, where everyone involves contributes part of the story. Here's how it works. You join a mailing list (instructions are given below). I start a story, and mail it to one of the members on the list. He adds a (hopefully funny) paragraph or two, and sends it back to me. I then mail that story to another person on the list. She adds her paragraph or two, and mails it back to me. And so on. When the story is complete, I send it out to all list members.

If you would like to contribute, you're more than welcome to join the list. A few ground rules to bear in mind, however:

  1. The stories we generate are meant to be funny - so try to remember we are parodying your common fantasy story.
  2. The list is rated Safe for Kids, so no pornography or naughty language.
  3. Submissions to the list (your portion of the story) should be kept relatively short - 1 or 2 paragraphs of no more than 100 words.

That's about it. If you'd like to sign up, just click below:

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