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  August 2003
  Last *important! read me!* Updated: 8-30-03

    Welcome to Look Out Venus a site dedicated to Aino Minako, also known as SailorVenus. Despite the lack of updates in recent months, I still cling stubbornly to the hope that LoV [as it's so affectionately known] will never be truly static. Even if the only real updates are finally adding sections I've been talking about for years, I hope that as long as I'm interested in spending countless hours trying to work something out here, that there will be at least one person interested in seeing the result. Or, in simpler terms, someone else who thinks SailorVenus is just as spiffy as I do. ^_____^
  Sorry about the slight delay in getting everything up and running. Thunderstorms prevented me from being to update as originally planned. However, the change is complete. Image galleries should open in a new window, but there are links to bring you back here. If you find any glaring problems with anything [nagivation or otherwise] please let me know by emailing me. Thank you. ^____^
  If you want, you can email me about the layout, Venus, whatever. I try very hard to reply to every non-spammish email, although I'll admit I don't always manage to follow through. Cursed email box that always fills up too fast. Curse it! ^^
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