all about love
just a note from your webmistress.

    Perhaps this doesn't belong here. Perhaps I care not. -_- I'm the dictator 'round here, and what I say goes! *grin* Anyway, my friend Calli made this loverly 'badge' of sorts, and it took me long enough to put it here. I figured just throwing this up on it's own might be a bit odd and jarring, so I decided to make it into a note.
  I don't see what the big thing about someone's sexuality is. I don't care. I'm going to love someone regardless of who they date/obsess/love. Just like I'm going to love who I want to, regardless of race, sex, and sanity. If you agree, cool. If not, *shrug* It's all about love in the end, right?

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it's all about love, people love.