The goal of initiative is to use information and communication technology to provide public with enhanced view about Canada First Day Covers and Cachets made in Canada reflecting to Canadian Heritage and History. Our online catalogue starts with the earliest known patriotic cachets and on with the 1927 Confederation Issue, date of issuance of the First Commercial Canadian Cachets. It currently ends in 1949. This an attempt at cataloguing every Cachet made for Canada First day Covers. By using digital media and the Canadian First Day Covers History, we want to  to showcase the richness of our country to the world, celebrate our heritage and embrace our identity. We hope to strengthen the connections among Canadian First Day Covers Collectors and create opportunities for participation in our research.

Our Mission is to promote preservation of diverse Canadian cultural works: First Day Covers, Stamps and other collector items reflective of Canadian past and expressive of Canadian values and aspirations. By utilizing electronic media we want to create a virtual museum and  a collectors market place that is:

Educational by nature
Accessible to all, easy to use and organized
Less time-consuming and costly to use
Higher quality and more comprehensive


We are targeting branding and enhancing the visibility of Canadian cultural content and Postal History, particularly for youth and schools. By fostering the development of a specialized web site we would like to provide parents and teachers with tools to educate children about subjects related to Canadian Postal culture and collecting.

First Day Covers under:

QUEEN VICTORIA : 1851-1899

KING EDWARD VII: 1903-1908

KING GEORGE V: 1911-1935

KING GEORGE VI: 1937-1952


New:The First Day Covers of New Foundland


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For questions, comments, contributions, please email: Pierre Ethier , Canadian First Day Cover Specialist