In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful

Montreal Youth Haliqa

Young muslim brothers practicing their deen. Organised by young muslim

brothers to help the muslim youth in Montreal learn about Islam and prepare

them to live Islamicly in this North American society.


Halaqas consist of:


Help support the muslim youth by donating. Donations of over 30$ will be rewarded with a FREE high quality M-Gear shirt. E-Mail Suhail for more information.


West Island Halaqa Page

South Shore Junior Halaqa Page

South Shore Senior Halaqa Page

Saint-Laurent Halaqa Page

Links To Islamic Resources

Check out some of our Halaqa members homepages

Samir Diwan's Page - AMAZING!! selection of books. Good Stuff!!

A must see!!!

Osama Dorias - A great selection to islamic links.

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For information about the halaqa,

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