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Click on the character's name for information about the character, their connections to other characters, and the actor or actress that portrays him or her.

NOTE: this page is current as of December 21, 2008, after the series finale.  Further updates will be made only to Actor bios.

Dawson Leery Joey Potter Jen Lindley Pacey Witter
Bodie Wells Evelyn "Grams" Ryan Mrs. Gail Leery Mr. Mitchell Leery
Bessie Potter Doug Witter Abby Morgan Andie McPhee
Jack McPhee Audrey Liddell    

Note: when a character knows someone "through" another character, unless otherwise specified that is the only way they are connected, they don't really know each other; but may have met or something before.

CREEK DAYS and CREEK TIMES are the same thing. They are Dawson's movie in the second season. Creek Times was the working title during production, the final version however was re-titled Creek Days.

James Van Der Beek

"Dawson Leery"/James Van Der Beek

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Katie Holmes

"Josephine ("Joey") Potter"/Katie Holmes

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Michelle Williams

"Jennifer ("Jen") Lindley"/Michelle Williams

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Joshua Jackson

"Pacey Witter"/Joshua Jackson

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Odi Ndefo

"Bodie Wells"/Obi Ndefo/George Gaffney

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Mary Beth Peil

"Evelyn 'Grams' Ryan"/Mary Beth Peil

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Mary-Margaret Humes

"Mrs. Gail Leery"/Mary-Margaret Humes

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John Wesley Shipp

"Mr. Mitchell Leery"/John Wesley Shipp

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Nina Repeta

"Bessie Potter"/Nina Repeta

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Dylan Neal

"Deputy Doug Witter"/Dylan Neal

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Monica Keena

"Abby Morgan"/Monica Keena

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Meredith Monroe

"Andrea ("Andie") McPhee"/Meredith Monroe

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Kerr Smith

"Jack McPhee"/Kerr Smith

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Busy Phillips

"Audrey Liddell"/Busy Phillips

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Special Thanks to all the websites out there that I got these pictures from, especially (now gone) (for most of the DC screen shots).

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