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Nicholas Mitchell Pravica

(Click on the above picture to see more pictures of me.)

The above picture was taken inside the cockpit of an airplane by a really nice pilot when Daddy, Natalia and I were connecting in Chicago on our way to Las Vegas.
To save my Daddy some time, he set up a new photo album so that friends can see recent pictures of me. The link can be found by clicking on:

My photo album

Hi! My name is Nicholas Mitchell Pravica, and I was born on April 16, 2001 in Santa Fe, New Mexico, one of North America's oldest cities. My parents were so thrilled and excited when I came into the world that they set up this website for little old me. My first name means "Victory of the people" and my last name means "justice/righteousness." I was named after the Orthodox Christian Saint Nicholas, and one of the world's greatest inventors, the Serbian-American, Nikola Tesla. I know that these are big names to live up to, but my parents will always love me no matter what. When I was born over one year ago, I weighed 6 lbs and 12 ozs and was 20" long. As of 4/19/02, I am over 30" long and 24lbs heavy. As of 3/29/01 (and possibly earlier depending on whom you ask), I started walking and standing by my little self. Last Sunday, April 14, Mommy and Daddy held a very successful birthday party with me (complete with a Pinata!) with over 35 people attending. My Grandfather George and Auntie Kris visited us. On my actual birthday, Channel 7 in New Mexico selected to feature my picture and wish me "Happy Birthday" for its "First Birthday Surprise" segment. Thank you for visiting my website, and please check back for more photos courtesy of the very nice digital camera that my grandparents purchased for mommy and daddy. I am now over 4 years old and have a little sister, Natalia, and a little brother, Luka.

This picture was taken on my actual first birthday - April 16, 2002.

Here I am in the sweater that Mommy's thesis advisor made for me. My Mommy is well-liked!

(Here, I am being held by my Mommy. I love my Mommy!!!)

(Here, I am being held by my Daddy when we were on a recent visit to the worldfamous Santa Fe Opera.)


(My Grandaddy George and my Daddy are pictured here with little old me!)

(This picture was taken on a recent trip to Madrid, NM during a well-known Christmas parade there that we attended last December 2001.)

This picture was taken on 4/14/02 just before my parents held a birthday party for me. I love to mess-up Daddy's fax machine!

My Daddy (who is very proud of me and loves me very much) wrote an article about the experience of being a new Father which was published on Father's Day 2001 in the Santa Fe New Mexican.

There are three more pages of my pictures: PAGE 2, PAGE 3, BAPTISM PAGE , and New Year Page .

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