Welcome to New World Rising's BUILD A NEW WORLD NOW PAGE!!! Thanks for stopping by! New World Rising is working on a number of houses in Providence, Rhode Island. There are four houses being worked on presently. The intent is to sell them for a profit when they are completed. Recently a beautiful 2 story apartment located on Newark St.was sold, and a profit was made. This is just the beginning! Right now we are looking at other houses, and would like to own some of them so that we can house other activists, travelers, and workers in the future.

We are a community of activists, and people that want to make a difference!

We are sick and tired of paying outrageous rents to unfriendly landlords that have nothing more in mind than making sure they get the next months rent on time. Most take no part in the community to which they rent to, and the relationship is often weak at best. We knew that there needs to be a change...

(We didn't want to be like this guy anymore.)

So, about 8 years ago, Grateful Fred (Founder of NWR) bought an abandoned house on Sassafras st. in Providence, and eventually after LOTS of work, that house became (and is presently) the center of operations for NWR and it's activists and workers. This house gave our community a place on the map... Since then, other houses have been completed by NWR. And there will be more to come very soon!

Are you interested?

We are a working community, but always have time to relax, and spend time together. The work is pretty basic, and anyone with motivation should be able to hack it, whether you have no skills, or are a advanced craftsperson. Make sure to call or write before you visit, unless you are in the area. You will have a place to stay at our Sassafras St. house, and will probably have the option to work off your rent during your stay. You may have the opportunity to get paid cash for other days that you work, if that work is available. There is not always work available, so please call first especially if you are traveling. If there is not work available, and you intend to stay or visit(extended), please be prepared to pay 35-50 per week for rent, purchase your own food, and ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVIST ORIENTED ACTIVITIES! We work together, and with each other. Anyone interested in living of visiting the NWR house should be approved of by the present members of the house at one of our Tuesday night meetings. We want our home to be a comfortable, safe, freespirited place for all the people that live here and visit.

We are interested in people of all diversities and cultures. We want people that will be active participants in the community and get involved with household activities, street cleanups, publishing literature, work projects,. We usually work 3-5 days a week and have potlucks every week on Thursdays. We are also planning to have weekend gatherings/campouts about once a month beginning in the spring. If you're interested, and want to know more.... get in touch with Jamin, orAngel at the address, e-mail, or phone# below. It's that simple!
Hope to hear from ya...

Jamin or Angel - (401)785-4089

Catrina or Fred - (401)785-3175

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