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Hello! My name is Patrick Orlando. During the Vietnam War, I served in the U.S. Army as a Crewchief on a combat helicopter in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam. I had the privilege of flying with the Red Knights who were a helicopter flight platoon with the 114th Assault Helicopter Company out of Vinh Long Province, Republic of Vietnam 1969-1970.

During my tour of duty, I took several hundred photo's of the war and surrounding countryside. This photo album contains just a few of the photo's I thought you would be interested in seeing. I hope you enjoy the photo's.....

The next several pages are very graphic intensive. Please be patient while the photo's load!
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Vietnamese locals cleaning rice patty rats for supper.
I learned quickly never to ask what it was we were eating.

This photo was taken while flying over Saigon.

My going home, ETS, party. These are all Red Knights. The only name I can recall is Rex Ryker, rear right. Whenever he would return from sick call everyone would clap.

After being promoted to platoon Sgt. of the Red Knights, I took this picture of a fraction of the platoon. Can't remember their names other than Vandyne standing on the right.

Here I am holding a bullet I managed to retrieve from inside my chopper. We were flying a VIP mission near Cambodia when we took 13 hits and went down north of Chi Lang.

The cold shower, brrrr; and the theater is the tent to the left. This was behind our new two story barracks.

My first door gunner after I became Crewchief, PFC. Martinez

A aerial view of our old homestead, Vinh Long Airfield.

A single Cobra escort over Saigon.

Another aerial snapshot of Saigon.

I was also flying VIP this day. That is Ambassador Bunker with the press in pursuit at Can Tho soccer field.

My first pilot CW2 Larson in an old steam roller. He's hard to see but he's in there. Oh well, it's a good shot of the old time steam roller anyway.

On top one of the Three Sister Mountains looking towards Cambodia; at Chi Lang. This is one of my most colorful terrain shots.

Here I am dressed in the flight jacket that I would keep under my seat to protect the vitals.

My friend Tipton (left) and I waiting near some small outpost.


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