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We started rallying in late 1997. We have competed in club events, state and national events.
We competing in a 1976 Ford Escort MkII. The car is fitted with many of the features previously used by the Ford Factory Teams in the Escorts World Rally days.
It features the 2ltr single overhead cam motor. It has the usual extractors, twin 45 IDA webbers etc. We run a Mazda E1000 rear end which has an LSD. The brakes are ventilated disc's on the front with modified Escort callipers. The rear has Ford Falcon EL callipers and Alpha disc's. The gearbox is a standard Escort 4 speed. As you can see it's a real collection of parts but they all seem to work well together.
The most important part of the team is our service crew. Without them to service the car, repair the odd damage etc, we would not be able to compete. The crew is made up of friends and family who give up their weekends to come along to the various events and support us. We thank them all very much.

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1999 Features
Grade 4 State Championship, Runners Up!
Bright Rally - Bad Boys Win !!
Begonia Rally
The Rally Of Melbourne
The Strzelecki Stages
WIN TV Rally in the Valley

1998 Features

Victorian Rally Championships
Bright North East Car Club Rally and pictures

1997 Features
Photographs of the 1997 Rally of Melbourne
Victorian Club Rally Series results

Other Features
Links to our many wonderful sponsors
Links to other rally sites

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