Pink Floyd Trivia Test Answers

(1) They were all bands containing one or more members of Pink Floyd

(2) a) Nick Mason b) Roy Harper c) Claire Torrey

(3) They are both singing dogs who have recorded with the band

(4) a) Medicine Head b) 1972

(5) a) Alan Parker b)"Fame" c)"The Commitments"

(6) Absence, physical or mental

(7) David Gilmore for Ozzy Clark's Quorum

(8) a) Richard Wright b) The London College of Music

(9) Joe Boyd

(10) a) Producer of both "Piper.." & "Saucerful" b)also known as "Hurricane Smith" c) an English hit record called "Oh Babe, what Would You Say?"

(11) Cambridgeshire slang for f_cking

(12) Paul and Linda McCartney

(13) a) Stephane Grappelli b) he was recording with Yehudi Menuhin

(14) South Africa

(15) Jeff Beck, but the bandwere to in awe of him to ask

(16) a) Mike Curb (as in"gutter") b) "Zabriskie Point" c) Michaelangelo Antonioni

(17) a) Barbet Schroeder b)"Barfly"

(18) a) There are only six colorsof the spectrum when there should be seven b) The missing colors is Indigo

(19) Roger Kieth Barret

(20) St. Agustine's Road

(21) A newspaper headline

(22) Echoes

(23) Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

(24) Comfortably Numb

(25) Corporal Clegg

(26) Chapter 24

(27) Time

(28) Dr. Strage from Marvel Comics

(29) a) Ballet de Marseilles b) Roland Petit c) Rodolf Nureyev d) Roman Polanski e)"A la recherche du temps perdu" byMarcel Proust

(30) Eclipse

(31) Meddle

(32) The Alan Parsons Project

(33) Syd Barret

(34) The inflatable pig that was being photographed for the Animals album cover

(35) Richie Havens and big Brother & the Holding Company

(36) A nude woman

(37) Britannia Row Studios

(38) a) Michael Kamen b) he co-wrote "Everything I do..." for Bryan Adams

(39) a) The Beatles b) Abbey Road Studios c)"Sergeant Pepper"

(40) a) Gerald Scarfe b)Jane Asher c) Paul McCartney d)Peter Asher e) Gordon Waller (of Peter and Gordon)

(41) a) "Several Small Furry Animals gathered Together in a Cave and Grooning with a Pict" b) "If"

(42) The bell that is rung in the houses of Parliament to call the members to vote with either "ayes' or "noes"

(43) Ely cathedral in Cambridgeshire, England

(44) a) Royal Festival Hal London b) Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell

(45) June Child, later to marry marc Bolan of T-Rex

(46) a) The design company that produced all of Floyd's early artwork b) Storm Thorgerson and Aubrey Powell

(47) Cambridge, England

(48) A Mouse in "Bike" from Piper at the Gates of Dawn

(49) a) Buffy Sainte Marie and The 1910 Fruit Gum Company b)1971

(50) a) English DJ, Jimmy Young b) Syd Barret

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