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by  Michael Levy

Listen! How sweet sings the breeze, merrily off trees,
whispering wonderment, the ear quietly it does please,
nurturing souls, drifting to Celestial splendor,
beauty unfolds, as into peaceful slumber, coils surrender.
Castles in the sky, growing columns of inspired aspiration,
silver shadows flowing through all generations,
warm cocoons of mortality, linked by silken threads,
webs of lives where comfort embeds.
Serenely rests the head of time,
pillows puff by wisps of the sublime,
mellow moments spark a fusion sphere,
perfumed gardens alight, dancing nymphs are near.
Oh mindful forest flower, rivers many bridges cross,
branches leaved with neurons, invisible flakes of frost,
tender is the night, spirits lovingly caress,
sleep well my children, aware God will bless. M. L.

© Copyright
Michael Levy October 1999
website: Michael Levy Author Poet Philosopher

 Nurse by   Rev. Harry A. Smith

Steps ring out in the hollow hall
A narrow corridor, cups ratting,
Against the night's blazing pain

Rev. Harry A. Smith, D.D., Ph.D., D.Min.
website: LightHouse Ministries

ECLIPSE by   Dana Stephenson

The paleness of the moon punctures my eye.
Focusing on its intense beauty,
I squint,
Letting the light break into shards in length upon my lashes.
Like marbled pearl it reins on high.
I wish to pluck it from the blackness
Which swamps itself everywhere,
Sticking like tar,
Yet its cloak is light and airy.
Then I could place its crystal brightness
In my mouth in a curious flavor,
And let it dissolve in an illuminating fashion of connectedness.
Its beauty would be one with me,
And its essence would glow within,
Stolen from its careful placement,
Decorated so accordingly with the stars.
It would be missed.

Dana Stephenson

 Cradle Me For A while by   Hope

Can I cry upon your shoulder
When I'm feeling a little weak
Place strong arms around me
No need for words to speak
If and when I'm feeling down
Weak and emotions are low
Will you hold me close to you
Stroke my cheeks as tears flow
Wipe each tear with gentle fingers
In silence bring a kiss to my cheek
Hold me, rock me in your arms
Give me strength when I am weak
Let your love flow through me
Vanish my tears , return my smile
The touch of love felt in your arms
Would you cradle me for awhile



 NIGHT DREAMSby  jackson1

In silent slumber you draw me in
To dance upon the water to rest within the wind
The darkness over takes me I began to see
How time space and distance is the real fantasy
What's real becomes the nightmare
What's true becomes the dream
Lost among the slumber nights of endless scenes
Souls that move together to dance upon the dark
To love without touching to fan the hottest spark
To see you in the distance to long to touch your face
To feel your hands upon me to turn and find you gone
To scream in silent slumber to wake again alone
How fleeting is the passion that holds you in the night
That melts away by morning with the dawning of first light
The darkness hides the secret that we refuse to see
Of love lost and longing that draws you back to me


 Personality by   STE96036736

You don't always keep the cards that get dealt
Emotions discovered, some never felt
Identification from the brain to the toe,
From the angel of goodness
To the devil you know
For every situation there's a change in the mask
The Yin-Yang is morphing to deal with the task
Nature? Nuture? that's who you become
Experience moulds everyone.
Personality guides you through the day
Which reflects your life on judgment day.


 From the Windowby   Garrett King

Etches of frost,
artistic design,
the gentle finger of
Winter is tapping.
The steeple is distant,
while the trees rest
neath their blanket of
fresh fallen snow.
The whisper of the
wind is gently howling,
and the stars are
so very bright
The quiet is calming,
the sight of falling
snow neath the street lights
is peaceful,
and the warmth of my
soul fills me with

© Garrett King

 The End of Innocence by   Bettleslydia

Innocent as a child, she dreams of heaven
Never ending, yet still beginning
She can draw an angel down from above
And fly upon its wings
She dances in the wind
Like a summer rose that opens in the morning
Her eyes shine as bright as the morning dew
That looks like diamonds in the sunlight
Her face is like a garden of white lilies
The color of oriental pearls
Her hair as golden as the sun on its brightest day
With eyes as green as emeralds
She's become a full-blown flower
With all its glorious beauty
A surpassing beauty
The very flower of her youth

Bettleslydia 1999

by   Andrew J Canfield

Tell me that you love me
Whisper it into my ear.
Kiss me on my lips
Then kiss me again,
     my dear.
Touch me like I am the snow
As gentle as a breeze.
Hold me close to your heart,
Then even closer, if you please.
Look at me with loving eyes
Warm and tender and true.
Wrap your arms around me
and say,
          "I love you. I do."

Andrew J Canfield

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