Summer 2000

 Summer is flying by!  This season there are so many good poems to select.  
Thank you for your excellent contributions!

Artists on this page:    Aaron LaFlora,  Angela Contino Donshes, Gaz Martin,  
Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper, Gavin Joachims,  George W Knox , Nhea' Duncan

Priceless Landscape
by   George W Knox

I glance into a fire

of resplendent eyes

leading me to a palace

immersed in dreams

as I sweetly sip pure ecstasy

of sacred love

you paint my memories

with gentle strokes of affection

swelling my empty landscape

as we dance in rains

of chilling watercolour

Your passion of red

drips gleefully across

my sharp blue eyes

merging into technicolor thoughts

exhibiting sweet pictures

in my mind

yet when we part

the spectre of emptiness

excavates his grave of nothingness

through my heart

as rains wash away our colours

and transform our masterpiece

to a canvas of white

oh my landscape craves

your colours

come to me

my beautiful artist

paint my life again.

George W Knox   Oct 1998

 While You Were Away
 by   Aaron LaFlora

 Half past a morning's afternoon,

 My love,

 You have left me

 To bathe in the opulence of  your balcony's comforts.

 Your heart has supplied this space for me with

 All the necessities you perceive within my eyes:

 A beanbag or two to hug my soul into;

 Twigs of jasmine to mirror the scent of your sleepy breath

 Between freshened sheets of slumber,

 And a slightest of wind drifting fans of palms

 That do dare to mimic

 The resonance of two lovers carelessly wrestling to become one within each other.

 And if the sun's brilliance could sigh to a whisper for just a moment,

 I would be enticed to behold the warmth within your  willowy eyes.


 But the penetration of  such a heavenly radiance

 Cast down upon my mere mortal self,

 Does leave me to certain  concealments within my mind's eye…


 While I seduce such an aura into closing each one of these lids softly,

 Allow the winds to spin themselves into a bedtime story--

 My subliminal self will mold into a fetal position

 To listen to the inflections of each majical syllable

 Until once again,

 The timbre of your touch prickles through this dream

 And awakens me……

Aaron LaFlora    16 april 2000

by  Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

We said goodbye, that night so late.

It was the end of our first date.

His mouth did smile, we lingered there.

This was for me, a moment rare.

He plucked a rose so deep and red,

And handed it to me and said,

"Remember in the days to come,

Where came the rose, and who 'twas from".

My cherished rose remains with me,

Within my chest for none to see.

But treasure lies within my heart.

"Remember the rose, we'll never part".

 Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

also by Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

A symphony of beauty's in my head,

Composed of words and phrases, it is said.

They run around my thought so endlessly,

That sleep eludes for hours, you can see.

To grab a pen and scribble down the  thought,

Cause only more to tumble as I jot.

So when the special words come fast apace,

Forget my sleep, and to the paper race.

Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

By:  Sharon Joan Rothenfluch Cooper

After dark falls in the desert,

Eerie shadows start to form.

Now the sand is bathed in moonlight,

Cactus silhouettes are born.

They've another kind of beauty,

Tall and stately, dressed in black.

Darkened shadows mark the surface,

Waiting 'til the sun comes back.

by: Sharon Rothenfluch Cooper

 And Still I Dream
by   Angela Contino Donshes

The years grow distant

and still I dream

of emerald skies

above a coral sea

and shining stars

like diamonds

in a velvet sky

of whitewashed houses


on high and verdant hills

a church bell's plaintive ring

thin and far away

of crystal waters

cool upon the lips

purple vineyards


in early morning mist

satin petaled orange blossoms

perfumed sweet

and yellow butterflies

with lacy angel wings


slowly waltzing

down magic paths of gold

and gentle raindrops

jeweled tears

on dusty palid leaves

the years grow distant

and still I dream

by Angela Contino Donshes

 Mother Earth
by  Gaz Martin

Clouds of black,hidden by the blue,

Tears of pain fall from you,

Your earth is falling apart,

No longer a beat within your heart.

Rising of the seas,

Desecration of your trees,

You've held together for so long,

Trying to right mans wrong.

Love for your earth is dying,

Although you'll keep on trying,

And you will have your say,

Because every mother nature has her day.

by Gaz Martin

             In My Mind's Eyeby   Nhea' Duncan

             In my mind's eye, the spirit of tomorrow

             Lies in today.

             Those now called Generation X need to pull together

             In order to have a say.

             Release the negativity, replace it with positivity.

             Those now called Generation X need to pull together—


             In my mind's eye, the spirit of tomorrow

             Lies in today.

             Beautiful ladies of color, step up and take a bow.

             This is our time; we're in our prime.

             Let's rejoice in our success and learn from our failures.

             Beautiful ladies of color, step up and take a bow.

             In my mind's eye, the spirit of tomorrow

             Lies in today.

             If you're a fighting warrior, a strong black man,

             Please come forward.

             Take your rightful place as a part of this society.

             Nothing will get better if you choose to flee,

             Or if you choose to stray.

             If you're a fighting warrior, a strong black man,

             Please come forward.

             In my mind's eye, the spirit of tomorrow

             Lies in today.

             Life as the world knows it,

             Is upon the mercy of our babies.

             Realism, persistence and strength are the keys.

             Teach them the importance of these amenities.

             Life has to be worth the tears of sorrow

             Or joy that our youth will cry.

             This is where the spirit of tomorrow lies

             In my mind's eye.  

Nhea' Duncan

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 Psssssssst... My Tabby
by   Gavin Joachims

They met on a beach, that day.

Thomas and Tabby Cat.

She smiled and winked her eye.

He purred with delight-

went rolling on his back.

She stopped to stare

At this,


Thomas Cat



(yearning his love;

              yearning her soul)

Some say, it was

Thomas Cat's




showing her, how much her welcome meant.



This beautiful

Tabby Cat



(yearning his love;

              yearning her soul)

However this story told-

Please do tell!

This story


these two Cat souls


              each other's)




Thomas and Tabby Cat.

They met on a beach, that day.

Psssssssst... My Tabby

My love is yearning



Gavin Joachims