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Veterans Organizations

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Veterans Organizations - Chartered
 American Legion (The)  "Service to the Nation, State, and Community"
 American Legion For Kids  About Us, Play Games, History Tips, Usefull Links...
 American Legion - Site Map  Site Map with (primary) links to all pages on the Website.
 American Legion Internet Directory  American Legion Websites  >900 Web Sites
 American Legion Auxiliary Internet Directory  American Legion Websites  >300 Web Sites
 American Legion Auxiliary Reference Desk  Families, Children & Youth, Education, Community Service...
 American Legion S.A.L. Internet Directory  American Legion Websites  >300 Web Sites
 American Legion 40 & 8 Internet Directory  American Legion Websites  >70 Web Sites
 American Legion Baseball Internet Directory  American Legion Websites  >400 Web Sites
 American Legion Dept, DSO, Aux Internet Directory  Contact Information for American Legion Officers
 American Legion Boys & Girls State Internet Directory  Boys & Girls State Websites & Contacts  >300 Line Entries
 Air Force Sergeants Association  The Professional Organization of Choice for AF Enlisted
 American Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor, Inc.  POWs of the Japanese during World War II
 American Ex-Prisoners of War  For American Citizens who were Captured by the Enemy
 American G.I. Forum  Education is our Freedom and Freedom...Since 1948
 American Gold Star Mothers of America, Inc.  Composed of American Mothers who lost a Son or Daughter.
 American Veterans Committee  "Composed of men and women who served in World War II"
 AMVETS  "...service to America's Veterans and their Communities."
 AMVETS - Departments & Posts  All Departments and Posts listed by State.
 AMVETS - Site Map  Site Map with links to all pages on the website.
 AMVETS - SAD SACKS  Department of Massachusetts  "Communicate, Inform, Share." A Division of AMVETS.
 Army and Navy Union U.S.A  "The Oldest Veterans Organization in America...1886".
 Blinded Veterans Association  "BVA's forefathers...a group of Veterans blinded...WW-II".
 Blue Star Mothers of America, Inc.  "We are mothers who have, or had, children in the Military."
 Catholic War Veterans  " make aware of the struggle and needs of Veterans."
 Congressional Medal of Honor Society  "To form a bond of friendship/comradeship among holders..."
 Disabled American Veterans (DAV)  "...voice of America's service-connected disabled veterans."
 DAV - Mil/Vet Links  "Military, Retiree, and other Veterans Links"
 DAV - Site Map  Site Map with links to all pages on the website.
 Fleet Reserve Association  "...improving the Quality of Life for Sea Service personnel".
 Gold Star Wives of America, Inc.  "GSW supports all war widows and service related widows..."
 Italian American War Veterans  "Any American Citizen who was honorably discharged or..."
 Jewish War Veterans of the United States  "We,...of the Jewish faith, who served in the Wars of the..."
 Legion of Valor of the USA, Inc.  "Medal of Honor, DSC, and Navy & Air Force Crosses..."
 Marine Corps League  "...preserving traditions & promoting interests of ...USMC."
 Military Chaplains Association of the USA  "...the professional organization for chaplains of all faiths..."
 Military Order of the Purple Heart (MOPH)  "The Only Chartered...for Combat Wounded Veterans..."
 Military Order of the World Wars (MOWW)  The Order is comprised of over 155 Chapters across the..."
 National Amputation Foundation, Inc.  "...dedicated all its efforts to helping all veteran amputees."
 National Association for Black Veterans, Inc. (NABVETS)  "...positive lifestyles for veterans, families and community."
 National Association of County Veterans Service Officers  "...need help or assistance...obtaining benefits...Contact Us".
 National Association of State Directors of Veterans Affairs  "...representation of Military persons claiming entitlements."
 National Veterans Legal Services Program, Inc.  "...insuring that our Nation honors the pact made with our..."
 Navy Club of the United States of America  " serving in the USN, USMC, Seabees, Coast Guard."
 Navy Mutual Aid Association  "NMAA was created and exists for members and families."
 Non-Commissioned Officers Association of America  "...for noncommissioned and petty officers in all branches..."
 Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)  "...veterans who have experienced spinal cord injury or..."
 Paralyzed Veterans of America - Site Map  Site Map with links to all pages on the website.
 Pearl Harbor Survivors Association, Inc.  "Created to honor the survivors of Pearl Harbor, their..."
 Polish Legion of America  "...organization of American Veterans of Polish ancestry..."
 Swords to Plowshares: Veterans Rights Organization  "...for veterans rights & provide direct services to veterans."
 The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA)  " stop erosion of benefits through our legislative efforts;"
 U.S. Submarine Veterans, Inc.  "We are United States Submarine Sailors!...E2 to 4 Stars."
 Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)  Veteran Services, Community Service, Legislative Service
 Veterans of Foreign Wars Site Map  Site Map with links to all pages on the website.
 Veterans of the Vietnam War, Inc.  " seek help for and to further the cause of all veterans..."
 Veterans of World War I of the USA, Inc.   Email    P.O. Box 8027  Alexandria, VA 22306-8027  (703) 780-5660
 Vietnam Veterans of America  "...the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans..."
 Vietnam Veterans of America Site Index  Site Map with Links all Website Pages.
 Women Air Force Service Pilots of World War II  " honor the WOMEN PILOTS of WW-II and to shine..."
 Women`s Army Corps Veterans Association  "...Women who Loyally Served their Country (in all Wars).

Veterans Organizations - Non Chartered
 African American Veterans & Families Email (202) 518-8488  214 P Street, NW  Washington, DC 20002
 Air Force Association - With Chapter Links  "...promoting public understanding of aerospace power and.."
 Air Force Women Officers Association  P.O. Box 780155   San Antonio, TX 78278-0155
 Americal Division Veterans Association  " memorial to all veterans of the Americal Division.."
 American Coalition for Filipino Veterans, Inc.  Our goal: Pass "VA Health Care for Filipino Veterans".
 American Merchant Marine Veterans  "...both the U.S. Merchant Marine and Maritime Services."
 American Military Retirees Association  "...dedicated to protecting the rights and benefits of the..."
 American Military Society  (301) 925-1420  (800) 854-1267  1101 Mercantile Lane, Suite 100   Landover, MD 20785
 American Retiree Association  Email  (703) 527-3065  2009 North 14th Street, Suite 300   Arlington, VA 22201
 American Veterans for Equal Rights Inc.  "We all know that at some point the Ban against Gays and.."
 American WW-II Orphans Network  "...sons & daughters...killed and missing in World War II."
 Arab American War Veterans, Inc.  Email  (202) 331-4450  65062 Washington Square   Washington, DC 20035-5062
 Army Aviation Association of America   (703) 360-3368  4201 Pickering Place   Alexandria, VA 22309-2820
 Association for Service Disabled Veterans  (202) 543-1942  110 Maryland Avenue NE, Suite 100 Washington, DC 20002
 Assn. of Ex-POW of the Korean War, Inc.   (708) 388-7682  6113 West 123 Street   Palos Heights, IL 60463
 Association of Military Surgeons (AMSUS)  "...a resource for...with an interest in Federal Healthcare."
 Association...199th Light Infantry Brigade - "Red Catcher"  Order of Battle, Commanders, Headquarters, History, etc.
 Association of the US Army - With Chapters  "...advancing the interests of America's Army...who serve".
 Blinded American Veterans Foundation (BVAF)  "...dedicated to all Veterans with Sensory Disabilities."
 BVL Fund - Bowlers Serving America's Veterans  " fund...recreational equipment and therapeutic...for..."
 China Burma India Veterans Assn., Inc.   (407) 282-0346  5860 Amrap Drive  P.O. Box 780676  Orlando, CA 32878
 Cold War Veterans Association  "...representing...rights & interests of Cold War Veterans".
 Combined Natl. Veterans Assn. of America   (202) 543-2239  200 Maryland Ave NE   Washington, VA  20002
 CWO & WO Association US Coast Guard  "...loyalty & devotion to the Coast Guard...unity & morale."
 Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865  "We are daughters, direct descendants...Union Army who..."
 Destroyer Escort Sailors Association (DESA)  News, Reunions, History, Veterans, Tribute, Roll of Honor...
 Eighth Air Force Historical Society  "...values such as loyalty, courage, duty, patriotism to all..."
 Enlisted Association of the National Guard of the US  "...representing both the Army and Air National Guard to..."
 Franco-American Wars Veterans Inc.   (978) 840-0445  135 Lincoln Street   Leominster, MA 01453
 Homeless & Disabled Veterans   (202) 508-1499  1000 Connecticut Ave. NW Suite 600 Washington, DC 20036
 Japanese American Veterans Association  (703) 538-5081  5847 Aspen Wood Court  McLean, VA 22101
 Korea Defense Veterans of America  "...having served, or...serving, in the Republic of Korea."
 Korean War Veterans Association (KWVA)  "..association of..honorable service during the Korean War."
 LSM-LSMR Association   (413) 774-2397  66 Summer Street   Greenfield, MA 01301
 Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association (703) 630-3772  337 Potomac Avenue   Quantico, VA 22134
 Military Justice Clinic, Inc.   (404) 525-0240  960 Martin Luther King, Jr. Dr. SW  Atlanta, GA 30314
 Military Officers Association of America (MOAA)  "...390,000 members...uniformed, active duty, and retired..."
 NAM-POWS, Inc. - Vietnam Prisoners of War (1961-1973)  "...who was a POW in Southeast Asia...1961-1973 is..."
 National 4th Infantry (IVY) Division Association  "...of veterans of the U. S. Army's 4th Infantry Division."
 National Academy for Veterans Service Officers  2768 Longboat Dr.  Naples, FL 34104-3382 (941) 649-4385
 National Alliance of POW/MIA Families  "...the return of any live Prisoners of War, and an accurate..."
 National Alliance for the Mentally Ill  "...dedicated to the eradication of mental illnesses and to..."
 National Association for Uniformed Services (NAUS)  "...all Americans...into a strong, unified legislative force!"
 Natl. Assn. for Uniformed Services & Natl. Society of Mi...  5535 Hempstead Way Springfield, VA 22151 (703) 750-1342
 National Association of Atomic Veterans (NAAV)  "...Armed to ...radiation from atomic..."
 National Association of Black Military Women (NABMW)  5695 Pine Meadows Ct.  Morrow, GA 30260 (404) 675-0195
 National Association of Concerned Veterans  P.O. Box 26031   Washington, DC 20001  (703) 841-2337
 National Association of Fleet Tug Sailors, Inc.  Email  1200 11th Avenue  Yuma, AZ 85364  (602) 783-5701
 National Association of Military Widows  Email  4023 25th Road North  Arlington, VA 22207  (703) 527-4565
 National Association of Radiation Survivors 1-800-798-5102  11054 Thousand Oaks Drive   Saint Louis, MO 63136
 National Association of State Veterans Homes  P.O. Box 1168  Talihina, OK 74571  (918) 567-2251
 National Association of Veterans Program Administrators  "Although the primary scope of NAVPA is education, it..."
 National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV)  "...end homelessness among Veterans by shaping public..."
 National Congress of Puerto Rican Veterans, Inc.  2434 E. Tremont Avenue  Bronx, NY 10461  (718) 822-8077
 National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS)  "...providing united National Guard representation before..."
 National Gulf War Resource Center, Inc. (NGWRC)  "..Gulf War veterans began reporting mysterious illnesses.."
 National League of Families   (703) 465-7432  1005 North Glebe Road, Suite 160   Arlington, VA 22201
 National Military Family Association   (703) 931-6632  2500 N. Van Dorn Street, Suite 102  Alexandria, VA 22302
 National Order of Battlefield Commissions  3505 Orr Street  Oceanside, CA 92054-1610  (202) 739-8101
 National Society Daughters of the American Revolution  Education, Preservation, History, Veterans, Children, etc.
 National Society of New England Women  (410) 729-2514  8228 Hortonio Point Drive  Millersville, MD 21108-1474
 National Veterans Business Development Corporation  "...interested in working with Veteran-owned businesses."
 Naval Enlisted Reserve Association   (703) 534-1329  6703 Farragut Avenue  Falls Church, VA 22042
 Naval Reserve Association  "In 1954...officers founded the Naval Reserve Association."
 Navy League of the United States  "...founded 1902...encouragement of Theodore Roosevelt."
 Navy Seabee Veterans of America  1 (800) 732-2335  555 Fairview Avenue  Creve Coeur, IL 61610
 New Era Veterans, Inc. (NY and PA Registered)  1150 Commonwealth Ave. Bronx, NY 10472  (718) 904-7036
 OSS-101 Association   (972) 239-1499  825 West Center Street, Suite 35B   Jupiter, TX 33458
 P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association  "...preserving...what the P-47 pilots...did to win WW-II."
 Reserve Officers Association of the United States  "...development provide adequate National Security."
 SHAEF/Etousa Veterans Association   (415) 921-8322  2301 Broadway   San Francisco, CA 94115 
 The Center for Internee Rights, Inc.  " the Japanese Forces in World War II...".
 The Chosin Few - The Chosin Reservoir Nov & Dec 1950  "Veterans of the Chosin Reservoir Battle Nov & Dec 1950."
 The Forty & Eight ( 40 & 8) - Forty Men or Eight Horses  "...organized in 1920 by American Legionnaires as a fun..."
 The National Veterans Organization of America  Email  P.O. Box 640064  El Paso, TX 79904-0064   (915) 759-8387
 The Retired Officers Association (ROA)  "...representing officers of the seven Uniformed Services."
 Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc. (TAPS)  "...and information to survivors, military... and casualty..."
 U.S. Merchant Marine Veterans of World War II  "Dedicated to Mariners who died during all Wars, including"
 U.S. Navy Veterans Association  Email  (813) 273-8930  7028 West Waters Avenue #325   Tampa, FL 33634
 United States Army Warrant Officers Association  462 Herndon Parkway  Suite 207  Herndon, VA
 United States Navy Cruiser Sailors Association  "...aid and assist Veterans, their Widows and Orphans..."
 United States Navy Veterans Association  (202) 736-1725  7028 West Waters Avenue  Suite 325  Tampa, FL 33634
 USCG Chief Petty Officers Association  (703) 941-0395  5520-G Hempstead Way  Springfield, VA 22151-4009
 Vietnam Veterans Legacy Foundation  "...organization created to educate..about the Vietnam War..."
 Veterans of America  Email  (310) 791-0419  777 Silver Spur Road  Rolling Hills Estate, CA 90274
 Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge  "Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge are encouraged to..."
 Veterans United for a Strong America  (606) 254-7636  P.O. Box 11195  Lexington, KY 40574
 Veterans` Widows International Network, Inc.  Email    3657 E. South Laredo St.  Aurora, CO 80013 (303) 693-4745
 Vietnam Veterans Institute  "...challenge the revisionist history...vital chapter in history."
 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund  Email  (202) 393-0090  1023 15th Street NW  Washington, DC 20005
 WAVES National  (850) 626-6487 or (440) 238-3085  5654 Wychewood Road  Milton, OH 32570-8217
 Women`s Overseas Service League  Email 1  Email 2  P.O. Box 7124  Washington, DC 2004  (925) 846-4712

Disability Related Organizations
 Adaptive Environments  "...enhancing experience for people of all ages and abilities."
 Alexander Graham Bell Association, Deaf & Hard of Hearing  "...spoken language by children & adults with hearing loss."
 American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)  "...dedicated to ensuring economic self-sufficiency and..."
 American Council of the Blind (ACB)  "...membership organization of blind and visually impaired..."
 American Foundation for the Blind (AFB)  "...resource for people who are blind or visually impaired..."
 Association for Retarded Citizens (ARC)  "...all children and adults with cognitive, intellectual, and..."
 Association for the Severely Handicapped (TASH)  "Advocating equity, opportunities, social justice, and rights."
 Canadian Council on Rehabilitation and Work (CCRW)  "...meaningful and equitable employment of people with...."
 Deaf Initiative in Information Technology (DIIT)  " training workshops to deaf & hard-of-hearing..."
 Disability Info.Gov (White House)  Federal website of disability-related government resources.
 Disability Info.Gov (White House) - Site Map  Employment, Education, Housing, Transportation, Health etc.
 Disability Resources, Inc.  Information is power! Links to everything "Disability".
 Disability Resources, Inc. - Site Map  Hundreds and hundreds of links to everything "Disability".
 Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund (DREDF)  "...dedicated to protecting and advancing the civil rights of..."
 Disability Statistics Center  "...produces and disseminates policy-relevant statistical..."
 Disabled American Veterans (DAV)  "...voice of America's service-connected disabled veterans."
 Easter Seals  "...provides services to children and adults with disabilities..."
 Easter Seals - Site Map  Site map with links to all Easter Seals web pages and more.
 Environmental Health Network (EHN)  "..gathering information which you have every right to know."
 Helen Keller Kids Museum Online  Braille Bug, Reading Room, Games, Parents & Teachers...
 Independent Living Centers (ILUSA)  " assist individuals with disabilities.." +links to all States.
 Institute on Independent Living  "...offers resources for persons with extensive disabilities..."
 Institute on Independent Living - Links by Language  Links to disability resources in other countries and more.
 International Commission on Technology & Accessibility  "A Standing Commission of Rehabilitation International"
 National Association of the Deaf (NAD)  "Established in 1880...deaf and hard of hearing Americans..."
 National Federation of the Blind (NFB)  "Founded in 1940...the leading force in the blindness field..."
 National Info. Center for Children & Youth with Disabilities  " for infants, children, and youth with disabilities..."
 National Organization on Disability (N.O.D.)  ", women and children with disabilities in all aspects..."
 Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)  "...veterans who have experienced spinal cord injury or..."
 Self Help for Hard of Hearing People (SHHH)  " the world of communication to people with hearing..."
 Social Security & Disability Resource Center  Social Security Disability and SSI Disability Articles.
 Soldier Ride  "...fundraisers, cycling, meetings etc..for disabled veterans..."
 Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. (TDI)  "...address equal access issues...deafness and hearing loss..."
 Through the Looking Glass (TLG)  "...for families with disability issues in parent or child..."
 United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCP)  "For 50 years...committed to...for persons with disabilities."
 United Cerebral Palsy Association (UCP) - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the UCP website and more.
 World Institute on Disability (WID)  "...and the full societal inclusion of people with disabilities."
 Wounded Warrior Project  "..assist..our armed forces who have been severely injured..."

Veterans Affairs

Veterans Affairs Departments by State
 Alabama Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Homes, Veterans Trust Fund, Service Officers...
 Alaska Department of Military & Veterans Affairs  Veterans Affairs, Admin Services, Human Resources...
 American Samoa Veterans Affairs  Director, Mailing Address, Telephone and FaxNumbers...
 Arizona Veterans Service Commission  State Veterans Home, Veterans Services, News, Links...
 Arkansas Department of Veterans Affairs  State Benefits, Tax Relief, Domiciliary-Intermediate Care...
 California Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Homes, Veterans Services, Women Veterans...
 Colorado Division of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Services, Preference & Benefits, Training...
 Connecticut Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Benefits, Hospital Services, Recovery Center...
 Delaware Commission of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Benefits, Eligibility, Employment, Contact Info...
 District of Columbia  (202) 724-5454    (202) 724-7117 FAX  One Judiciary, 441 4th Street NW  Washington,DC 20001
 District of Columbia Department of Veterans Affairs  Email  Office of Vet. Affairs Washington, DC 20002 (202) 724-5454
 Florida Department of Veterans Service (FDVA)  News, Benefits, Education, Employment, Nursing Homes...
 Georgia Department of Veterans Service  Benefits, Offices, Claims, Veterans Home, Nursing Home...
 Guam Veterans Affairs Office  Administrator, Mailing Address, Telephone, Email
 Idaho Division of Veterans Services  Services, Benefits, Offices, Information, Women Veterans...
 Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Homes, Benefits & Assistance, Service Offices...
 Indiana Dept. of Veterans Affairs  Quick Facts, Newsletters, Calendar, Forms, Contact, Links...
 Iowa Commission of Veterans Affairs  Services/Benefits, Veterans Home, County Offices, Links...
 Kansas Commission on Veterans Affairs  Office Locations, Soldiers Home, Veterans Home, Email
 Kentucky Department of Veterans Affairs (KDVA)  Mission, Organization, Trust Fund, Programs, Contact, Links
 Louisiana Department of Veterans Affairs History, Benefits, Homes, Education, Strategic Plan, News...
 Maine Bureau of Veterans Services (MVS)  Mission, Offices, Benefits, Veterans Homes, Cemeteries...
 Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Home, Service Program, Cemetery Program...
 Massachusetts Department of Veterans Services  Laws & Benefits, Agents Index, Out Reach, Press Releases
 Michigan Department of Military Affairs (DMVA)  Inside DMVA, Veterans Affairs, Youth Programs, News...
 Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs  Department Profile, Dept. Info, CVSO Directory, Links...
 Mississippi State Veterans Affairs Board  Manual...Hospital Offices, County Offices, Service Officers..
 Missouri Veterans Commission  Benefits & Eligibility, Veterans Homes, Service, News, etc.
 Montana Veterans Affairs Division  Mission, Functions, Facilities, Addresses, Cemeteries...
 Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Homes, County Service Officers, Benefits, Links...
 Nevada Office of Veterans Services  Benefits, Nursing Home, Cemeteries, Organizations, Links...
 New Hampshire State Veterans Council  Benefits, Veterans Home, Visitation, Veterans Cemetery...
 New Jersey Department of Military and Veterans Affairs  Highlights, News Releases, Publications and Forms, Links...
 New Mexico Department of Veterans Services  About DVS, Field Services, Benefits, Fiduciary, Contact, etc.
 New York State Division of Veterans Affairs (NYSDVA)  About NYSDVA, Benefits, Facilities and Nursing Homes...
 North Carolina Division of Veterans Affairs  History, Function, Organization, Field Offices, Benefits, etc.
 North Dakota Department of Veterans Affairs  Commissioner, Address, Location, Phone, Fax, and Email
 Northern Mariana Islands Div. of Veterans Affairs  Email  Office of the Governor  Saipan, MP 96950  (670) 2650/2651
 Ohio Governor's Office of Veterans Affairs (GOVA)  About GOVA, Veterans Rights, County Veterans Offices...
 Oklahoma Department of Veterans Affairs  Veteran Centers, Claims & Benefits, Financial Assistance...
 Oregon Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Home, Benefits, News & Events, Home Loans...
 Pennsylvania Department of Military Affairs (DMVA)  Veterans Benefits, Homes, Soldiers and Sailors Home, Links
 Puerto Rico Public Advocate for Veterans Affairs  Contact Information, Services, Benefits, Rights, and Email
 Rhode Island Division of Veterans Affairs  Veterans Affairs Office, Veterans Home, Medical Center...
 South Carolina Department of Veterans Affairs  Benefits, Staff, Veterans County Offices, Newsletter, Links..
 South Dakota Division of Veterans Affairs  Who is?, Benefits, Affairs, County/Tribal Service Officers...
 Tennessee Department of Veterans Affairs  Our Mission, Services, Federal Benefits, Federal Agencies...
 Texas Veterans Commission (TVC)  About TVC, Benefits, Office Locations, Training, Forms...
 Utah Division of Veterans Affairs  Mission, Advisory Council, Benefits, Nursing Home, Burial...
 Vermont Office of Veterans Affairs  Benefits and Programs, Office Information, Special Interest..
 Virgin Islands Office of Vet. Affairs  Email  (340) 773-6663  1013 Estate Richmond   Christiansted, VI 00820
 Virginia Department of Veterans Services  Benefits, Care Centers, Cemeteries, Education, News, etc.
 Washington Department of Veterans Affairs (WDVA)  About WDVA, Veteran Benefits, Veterans Homes, News...
 West Virginia Division of Veterans Affairs  Organization, Services, State Benefits, Exemptions, Email
 Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs  Benefits & Services, Veterans Homes, Cemeteries, Links...
 Wyoming Commission of Vet. Affairs  Email  (307) 265-7372  5905 Cy Avenue, Room 101  Casper, WY 82604  Read PDF

Veterans Information Bulletins

Current & Past Veterans Information Bulletins
 James Tichacek's RAO Veterans Information Bulletins  Full text of current and past Bulletins with a complete Index.

Military & Veterans Reunions - Military Reunion Center  " our database of reunions branch..."
 Military - Reunion Center  "Click your branch to see all of the upcoming reunions."


Prisoner of War - Missing in Action
 History of the POW/MIA Flag  Mission, Events, News, Personnel Accounting, Recovery, etc.
 Operation Black Flag (POW/MIA)  "...Veterans of all Wars who never made it home."
 National POW/MIA Recognition Day  Observed on the third Friday of September each Year...
 Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office  Department of Defense Strategy to Recover & Account for..."
 Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command - JPAC  " the families and Americans waiting to come home."
 Raptor's Nest -  "...we have the Right and Responsibility to Demand and..."
 U.S. Air Force POW/MIA Program  "... Liaison Between Government & AF POW/MIA family..."
 U.S. - Russia Joint Commission on POW/MIAs (JCSD)  " to determine the fates of their missing servicemen."

The Stars and Stripes

Our American Flag
 American Flag Etiquette, Folding, Disposal, U.S. Flag Code  Flag Etiquette, Folding the Flag, Retirement, U.S. Flag Code
 Citizens Flag Alliance  " protect the Flag from acts of physical desecration..."

Mil/Vet/Gov Graphics, Clip Art, & Photos

Graphics, Clip Art, and Photographs
 America United by 9-11 Attacks  " the victims, families and heroes of the 9/11/01...attacks."
 Air Defense Artillery School - Secure Site - Select Yes  "The preeminent Air and Missile Defense force in the World."
 Air War College - Gateway To Army & Marine Clip Art  400+ Images - Soldiers, Weapons, Artillery, Tanks, Missiles...
 Anne's Memorial Day Gifs & Backgrounds  "...resized, transparentized, optimized, & or colored, by me."
 Annie's World of Gifs - Civil War  "Feel free to use what you wish, however do NOT link to..."
 U.S. Air Force - U.S. Air Force Art  600+ Images  Aircraft, Heritage, History, Memorials, Natural Disasters, etc.
 Breaching Fin Graphics - USA/Patriotic  "All graphics created on this site are under my copyright..."
 Bruce's Place - 4th of July Holiday Banners  "Feel free to take what you want but please...whatever you..."
 Civil War Clipart Gallery  "...please use our logo and add a link back to this page."
 Clip-Art-Guide.US  "Welcome to one of the biggest clip art sites on the Internet..."
 Confederate Clipart Gallery - Savage/Goodner's  "All are welcome to use this artwork. All that is requested is..."
 Debbie Does Graphics  "The Graphics here are free to use...but we would appreciate..."
 Dee's Patriotic Graphics  "...below are my Patriotic Graphics, you may use them freely."
 Fort Sill Military Clip Art Library -  Aircraft, Insignia, Patches, Equipment, Flags, Logos, Ships, etc.
 Fort Sill Military Clip Art Library - Flags Of All Countries  Five pages of Flags Of All Countries in Alphabetical Order.
 Fourth of July Fun  Declaration of Independence, Pinups, Eagles, Covers, Posters...
 Free Web Graphics - Patriotic Graphics  "A link back to this website would be very much appreciated."
 Little Doc's Free Patriotic Graphics  " for use on your...or other military tribute or patriotic..."
 Luke's Military Graphics  " everybody may have access to them and use them."
 Marine Corps & Patriotic Graphics by Doug Kidd  " All graphics on this site are free to use...I also ask that you..."
 Memorial Day Clip Art  " for use on your own personal or your own commercial..."
 Military Clip -  " or distribute any Content from this Site except..."
 Military, Weapons and Political Clip Art  "...weapons, tanks, guns, soldiers, vehicles, rifles, rockets..."
 Miss Pita's Domain - Patriotic Graphics  "If you like anything, please feel free to take it, just upload..."
 Operation Just Cause  "These also may be used if you have a Military related or..."
 Original Country Clipart by Lisa - Patriotic Graphics  " for your webpages. I hope you will find some that..."
 Patriotic Graphics Adoptions  "Free to anyone for use on personal web pages. A link would..."
 Patriotic Graphics by Joanna  "I ask provide a link back and credit me for my work."
 Patriotic Graphics by Kev  Spirit of 76 USA, America Remembers, Brothers in Battle...
 Raptor's Nest - Graphics  You Are Not Forgotten, Heroes All, POW/MIA, and more.
 Sergeant Jack's Military Graphics  Vehicles, Aircraft, Ships, Soldier, Ammo, MP, Patriotic, +Links.
 September 11th 2001 Graphics - Susan Vitti  "...Many of the graphics...were sent to me by my viewers. If..."
 USA Web Sets & Patriotic Graphics  "Free to use these requested, but not required."

All Services - Command Structure

All Services
 The White House  The President, The First Lady, History, Tours, News, etc.
 The White House - For Kids  Traditions, Patriotism, Life in the White House, Games, etc.
 The White House - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the White House website.
 Cabinet Departments  "The Cabinet includes...and 15 executive departments..."
 Department of Defense  Top News, Forces Press, Defense Sites, Special Interest, etc.
 The Secretary of Defense  " the principal staff element for policy, planning, fiscal..."
 Top Leaders  The Top Civilian and Military Leaders
 The Pentagon  Pentagon Information, The Building, Tours, Events, Pictures
 The Joint Chiefs of Staff  "...shall assign all forces under their jurisdiction...missions..."
 Unified Commands  "...establishes missions and geographic responsibilities to..."
 United States Central Command  "...objectives are ...regional stability and...regional security."
 United States European Command  "area...from the North Cape of Norway to...South Africa"
 United States Joint Forces Command  "...more than 800 people including each Military Branch."
 United States North American Aerospace Defense Command  "Aerospace warning and control are the NORAD missions."
 United States Northern Command  "...defending American people where they live and work."
 United States Pacific Command  " and peaceful development...Asia-Pacific region."
 United States Southern Command  Area of Responsibility: Mexico to tip of South America.
 United States Special Operations Command  Special Operations Acquisition and Logistics Center Site
 United States Strategic Command  "...early warning of, and defense against, missile attack..."
 United States Transportation Command  "...worldwide delivery of cargo, passengers, and property..."

All Services - Defense Department

Defense Department Websites
 Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC)  "Secure duty military...retired, DoD Civ..."
 Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)  Uniformed Services personnel, family, Civil Service, and more.
 Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)  Your Financial Partner At Work Main Page
 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  "...military intelligence to warfighters...and force planners..."
 Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)  "...research ideas offering a significant technological impact..."
 Defense Commissary Agency (DeCA)  "...operates a worldwide chain of nearly 280 commissaries..."
 Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA)  "...responsible for contract all DoD Components..."
 Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA)  "...responsible for Federal acquisition programs, supplies..."
 Defense Finance and Accounting Service (DFAS)  Military Pay, Travel Pay, Civilian Pay, Contractor Pay, etc.
 Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)  Freedom of Information Act, Guidance, Reading Room, etc.
 Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)  "...foreign military intelligence...intelligence to war fighters..."
 Defense LINK  The War on Terrorism & Links to all DoD Sites
 Defense LINK - Today in the DoD  Who's Where?, Doing What?  Appearances, Hearings, eta.
 Defense LINK - DoD Current & Past News Releases  Day-By-Day News Releases and Archives
 Defense LINK - DoD Special Reports Online  Current and Archived Special Reports
 Defense LINK - Site Map  Site Map >90 Links     Links to all Elements of the DoD
 Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)  "...logistics for the Military Departments...Commands..."
 Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC)  Dept. of Defense, Coast Guard, & Uniformed Services Only
 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNSFB)  "...oversight of all activities affecting nuclear safety and..."
 Defense Prisoner of War/Missing Personnel Office  "...fullest possible accounting of our MIAs...from all wars."
 Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA)  "...stable security relationships with friends and allies thru..."
 Defense Security Service (DSS)  " education and training to DoD and other entities..."
 Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)  "...safeguards interests from weapons of mass destruction..."
 Defense Visual Information (DVI)  "Combat Camera and other imagery of current operations..."
 Department of Energy (DOE)  "...advance the national economic and energy security of..."
 Department of Energy (DOE) For Kids  Contests, Energy Basics, Events, Formulas, Games, Quizzes...
 Department of Energy (DOE) For Teachers & Students  Educational Resources, Educational Resources, Contests...
 Department of Homeland Security (DHS)  " protect the nation against threats to the homeland and..."
 Department of State (DOS)  "...implement U.S. foreign policy, development assistance..."
 Directorate for C4 Systems - J6  "...provide the CJCS advice and recommendations on C4..."
 DoD Office of the Actuary  Military Compensation and Benefits Website
 DoD Education and Professional Development  "...the principal advocate for...all DoD civilian education."
 DoD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms  "...Dictionary, Acronyms, Abbreviations master data base..."
 DoD Education and Professional Development Site Map  Site Map with Links to all EPD Pages
 DoD Operation Transition (OT)  "...listing of jobs..separating/retiring military and civilian..."
 DoD Operation Transition Links for Job Seekers  Website Links Page
 DoD Operation Youth Attitude Tracking Study (YATS)  Information from American Youth on Military Topics (PDF)
 Energy Department (DOE)  " applying advanced science and nuclear technology..."
 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (DOE)  "...Mission is to advance the National...and energy security..."
 Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy For Kids  Efficiency, Wind, Renewable, Geothermal, Solar, Alternative...
 Energy Information Administration (EIA)  "... data, forecasts, analyses, and public understanding of..."
 Enforcement (Treasury Department) EOTF/FC  "Executive Office for terrorist financing and financial crime."
 Enforcement (Treasury Department) - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the Enforcement website.
 Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  "Protecting human health, safeguarding natural environment."
 Environmental Protection Agency For Kids  Kids, Students, High School, Teachers, Science, Games, etc.
 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  Airports, Air Traffic, Passengers, Safety, Licenses, Research...
 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  Espionage, Terrorist Attack, Violent Crime, Cyber-based, etc.
 Federal Bureau of Investigation - Most Wanted  Top Ten, Terrorists, Fugitives, Alerts, Missing Persons, etc.
 Federal Communications Commission (FCC)  "...communications by radio, television, wire, satellite, cable..."
 Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the FCC website.
 Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC)  Family, Food, Health, Housing, Education, Money, Travel, etc.
 Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC) - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the FCIC website and more.
 Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)  "...hurricane, earthquake, tornado, flood, fire, hazardous..."
 Federal Emergency Management Agency for Kids  About FEMA, Games, Quizzes, Homework Help, Disaster...
 Federal Emer. Management Agency - Parents & Teachers  Curriculum, Activities, Disaster, Terrorism Related, Fire, etc.
 Federal Emergency Management Agency - Site Map  An alphabetical directory of all web pages on the FEMA site.
 Federal Laboratory Consortium for Technology Transfer  "...technical cooperation...federal, businesses, academia..."
 Fed. Laboratory Consortium for Tech, Transfer - Site Map  Site map with links to FLC and related Federal web sites.
 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC)  " enforcement training for 75 Federal Agencies and ..."
 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) - Links  Contact Information, State & Local Training Links and more.
 Federal Maritime Commission (FMC)  "...ensuring efficient, equitable, and expeditious resolution..."
 FirstGov for Kids - Kids Portal  "...links to Federal kids' sites...some of the best kids' sites..."
 FirstGov for Kids - Kids Portal - States  Links to individual U.S. States Kids web sites, Arts, History...
 FirstGov for Kids - Kids Portal - Site Map  Links to all pages on the FirstGov for Kids website and more.
 Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS)  Public Health, Food Safety, Foodborne Illness, Inspection, etc.
 Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) - Site Map  An alphabetical directory, with links to all FSIS website pages.
 Geological Survey (USGS)  "Federal source for science about the Earth, its natural and..."
 Geological Survey (USGS) - Site Map  USGS Site map with links to all pages on the USGS website.
 Global Affairs (State Department)  "...democracy, human rights, labor, environment, oceans..."
 Global Affairs (State Department) - Countries and Regions  Independent States, Diplomats, Embassies & Consulates, etc.
 Global Communications Office (OGC) - White House  "...truthfully depicting America and Administration policies."
 Grain Inspection, Packers and Stockyards Admin. (GIPSA)  "...facilitates marketing of livestock, poultry, meat, cereals..."
 Grain Inspection, Packers Stockyards Admin. - Site Map  An alphabetical directory of all pages on the GIPSA website.
 Homeland Security Department (DHS)  "...enhancing security at our nation's key ports and facilities..."
 Homeland Security Department (DHS) - Site Map  Site map with links to all elements of the DHS organization.
 Human Resources Strategic Assessment Program (HRSAP)  "...surveys & assess the attitudes and opinions of the DoD..."
 Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF)  "...prepare military officers & civilians for senior leadership..."
 Industrial College of the Armed Forces (ICAF) - Links  Links to all of the ICFA organization, Classes, Faculty, etc.
 Industry and Security, Bureau of (BIS)  "...advance U.S. national security, foreign policy, economic..."
 Industry and Security, Bureau of (BIS) - Resource Links  Links to National, Federal, International, and Military sites.
 Industry and Security, Bureau of (BIS) - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the BIS website.
 Interior Department (DOI)  "DOI manages 507 million acres of surface land, web cams..."
 Interior Department (DOI) - Just For Kids  Park Service, Geological Survey, Fish and Wildlife, Mining...
 Interior Department (DOI) - Teacher Resources  Life Sciences, Ecology, Earth Science, Classroom Activities...
 Interior Department (DOI) - Site Map  Site map with links to all elements of the DOI and more.
 Internal Revenue Service (IRS)  " the Nation's tax collection agency and administers the..."
 Internal Revenue Service (IRS) - Site Map  Site map with links to all, and other elements of the IRS.
 International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB)  Voice of America, Radio Sawa, Worldnet, Radio Free Europe...
 International Broadcasting Bureau (IBB) - Broadcasters  Descriptions and links to all Radio and TV IBB broadcasters.
 International Trade Administration (ITA)  Export, Import, Global, Trade, Standards, Industry, Legal, etc.
 International Trade Administration (ITA) - Site Map  Site map with links to all elements of the ITA organization.
 Japan-United States Friendship Commission (JUSFC)  " the challenges and opportunities in the US-Japan..."
 Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS)  "Your link to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Joint Staff, and..."
 Joint Forces Staff College  "...educates...joint and multinational warfighters to plan and..."
 Library of Congress  U.S. History & Culture, World Culture & Resources, Global...
 Library of Congress - For Kids & Families  Americans, Back in Time, Explore States, See-Hear-Sing, etc.
 Library of Congress - For Teachers  Lesson Plans, Activities, Collections, Community, Professional
 Library of Congress - A to Z  A to Z library catalog file of all current and archived materials.
 Library of Congress - Site Map  Site map with links to all pages on the Library of Congress site.
 Local State Governments  9,000+ links to States, Multi-State, Federal, National, & more.
 Military, National Guard, and Reserves Locations by State  "RAPIDS" Site Locator - Contact Information By State
 National Defense University (NDU)  "...premier center for joint professional military education..."
 United States Institute of Peace (USIP)  "...the prevention, management, and resolution of conflicts..."
 United States Institute of Peace (USIP) - Site Map  Site map with links to all elements of the USIP and more.
 Veterans Affairs (VA) for Kids  Learning About VA, Honoring Veterans, Teachers Page, etc.

United States Armed Services

Armed Services
 United States Army Main Page  News, Leaders, Career Management, Organization, etc.
 United States Navy Main Page  Navy News, Navy Leaders, Organization, Careers, etc.
 United States Air Force Main Page  News, USAF Sites, Careers, History, Photos, Library, etc.
 United States Marine Corps Main Page  News, Units, Careers, USMC Family, Recruiting, etc.
 United States Coast Guard Main Page  News, Services, History, Aircraft & Cutters, Auxiliary, etc.

United States Army
 Army Main Page  News, Leaders, Career Management, Organization, etc.
 Army Sites - A to Z List  An A to Z list of Commands, Units, Centers, Training, etc.
 Army Recruiting (Go  Benefits, Army Life, Special Professions, Recreation, etc.
 Army National Guard  News, Leaders, History, Education, Resources, Join, etc.
 Army Department of National Security and Strategy  "Focused on national security & national military strategy."
 Army Strategic Studies Institute (SSI)  "Army's think tank for the analysis of national security..."
 Army Retirement Services, G1  "...benefits/entitlements to active duty...for retirement."
 Army - 50th Anniversary of the Korean War  "This is the official, public web site for the United States..."

United States Navy
 Navy Main Page  Navy News, Navy Leaders, Organization, Careers, eta.
 Navy Website Index - A to Z List  An A to Z alphabetical listing of what is on the Navy's site.
 Navy SEALs - Sea, Air, and Land  "Their stealth and clandestine methods of operation allow..."
 Navy Medicine  Surgeon General, Departments, Research & Development...
 Navy Nurse Corps  History, Duty Assignments, Newsletters, How to Join, etc.
 Navy Recruiting  "Chances are, the Navy has a career that’s perfect for you."

United States Air Force
 Air Force Main Page  USAF Sites, News, Careers, History, Photos, Library, etc.
 Air Force Sites - A to Z List  An A to Z Select Links Page
 Air National Guard  ANG Units, History, Career Opportunities, Recruiting Info
 Air National Guard Sites  A listing of ANG sites by name, number, location, and State
 Air Force ROTC  Colleges, College Life, Scholarships, Careers, etc.

United States Marine Corps
 Marine Corps Main Page  Units, Careers, News, USMC Family, Recruiting, etc.
 Marine Corps Units  Commands, Divisions, Units, Bases, Schools, Aviation, etc.
 Marine Corps Site Map  Links to all web pages on the Marine Corps site.
 Marine Corps Recruiting  About The Marines, Contact A Recruiter, Advisors, etc.
 Marine Corps Recruiting Site Map  Links to all web pages on the Marine Corps Recruiting site.

United States Coast Guard
 Coast Guard Main Page  News, Services, History, Aircraft & Cutters, Auxiliary, etc.
 Coast Guard Units  Listed by Areas, Districts, and States.
 Coast Guard Reserve & Recruiting  About, Jobs & Careers, Scholarships, Find a Recruiter, etc.

United States National Guard

United States National Guard
 Army National Guard  About Us, News, Leaders, History, Mission, Resources, etc.
 Army National Guard Units  Divisions, Brigades, Air Defense, Aviation Units, etc.
 Join The Army National Guard  Active Duty, Prior Service, High School & College Grads
 Air National Guard  About the ANG, A Look Inside, Careers, Benefits, and FAQ.
 Air National Guard Units Listed by State  Select-A-State to find Units - Links Page
 Eastern Army Nat'l Guard Aviation Training Site (EAATS)  Location, Mission, Student Info, Flight Training, Billeting...
 High-Altitude Army Aviation Training Site (HAATS)  Kiowas, Hueys and Blackhawks are typically flown at...
 Join The Air National Guard (Go  USA Map - Select-A-State To Join
 National Guard Challenge Program  Overview, Programs by State, News, Events, Resources, etc.
 National Guard Bureau  National Guard Staff, Chiefs, News, Hot Topics, Images, etc.
 National Guard Federal & State Missions PDF  "...mission is to maintain well-trained, well-equiped units..."
 National Guard History  "...the oldest Component of the Armed Forces of the US..."
 National Guard - Site Map  Site Map with Links to All National Guard Website Pages
 Western Army Nat'l Guard Aviation Training Site (WAATS)  "...located at the Silverbell Army Heliport, Marana Arizona.

National Guard & Reserves Employer Support
 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve  "Significant changes in Military leave of absence include..."

United States Military Reserves

United States Military Reserves
 Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs  "...overall supervision of matters involving the Reserve..."
 Civil-Military Policies  "Develop policies and programs for the RC which support..."
 Mobilization and Demobilization Info. and Resources Guide  "...information that will assist in preparing...military duties."
 Reserve Affairs Deputates  Military Assistance, Resources, Readiness, Manpower, etc.
 Reserve Forces Policy Board  " the principal policy adviser...relating to the Reserve..."

United States Army Reserve
 Army Reserve  "Maintaining a force that can mobilize rapidly & skillfully..."
 Organization  "The Army Reserve has more than 2,000 units in the..."

United States Naval Reserve
 Naval Reserve  Support To The Fleet...Ready And Fully Integrated.
 Navy Reserve Mission  Provides mission-capable units to the Navy/Marine Corps.

United States Air Force Reserve
 Air Force Reserve Command  "Air Force Reserve Command provides the U.S. Air Force..."
 Air Force Reserve Public Site Map  Site Map with links to all pages on the AFR's website.

United States Marine Corps Reserve
 Marine Forces Reserve  " augment & reinforce active Marine forces in time of..."
 Marine Subordinate Commands & Units by Location  United States map for locating MFR Units in a State.
 Marine Associations/Organizations A to Z Site Map  Site Map with Links to all Associations and Organizations.

United States Coast Guard Reserve
 Coast Guard Reserve  " provide trained personnel for active duty in time of..."

National Guard & Reserves Employer Support
 Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve  "Significant changes in Military leave of absence include..."

Other Sites  .gov  .mil

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All Services
 Aberdeen Proving Ground...Aberdeen Maryland  "...a facility where design and testing of ordnance materiel..."
 America Supports You  "...a nationwide program launched...Department of Defense..."
 American Battle Monuments Commission  " honor...accomplishments of American Armed Forces."
 Arms Control and International Security  "...arms control, nonproliferation, and disarmament concerns."
 Bosnia LINK  "...Operation JOINT FORGE, the NATO peacekeeping..."
 Broadcasting Board of Governors (Voice of America, etc.)  "...for all U.S. government and non-military, international..."
 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives  Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Bomb Threats, etc.
 Bureau of Customs and Border Protection (DHS)  "...the single unified Border Agency of the United States..."
 Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services (DHS)  "...the former Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)."
 Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement  "...movement of people and goods into and out of the U.S..."
 Centennial of Flight Commission  "...the most info and links...regarding the history of flight."
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  News, Diseases A-Z, Terrorism & Public, Emerging Diseases...
 Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)  Medicare & Medicaid Services, Medicaid, SCHIP, HIPPA...
 Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)  "...counter intelligence activities, special activities, and..."
 Central Intelligence Agency - The World Fact Book  Select a Country, Flags of the World, Maps, Country Profiles...
 Civil Air Patrol (The United States USAF Auxiliary)  "...64,000 members, eight regions, 52 wings, and 1,700 units..."
 Cold War Certificate Program - 02 Sep 1945 to 26 Dec 1991  "...armed forces members & federal civilian personnel..."
 Community Oriented Policing Services (COPS)  " policing makes law enforcement safer and..."
 Corporation for National and Community Service  The Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, and Learn and Serve America.
 Customs and Border Protection (CBP)  "...CBP was formed on March 1, 2003...18,000 inspectors..."
 DD Forms - Department of Defense Forms - Inventory  DoD Forms Inventory - Other DoD Form Sites
 DD-214  DD-180  Military Personnel Records  Use the DD-180 to request a copy of your Form DD-214
 DD-149 Amend or Update Your Military Record  Application for Correction of Military Record Title 10 US Code
 Department of Homeland Security  "...safeguard citizens, border security, ports of entry, air..."
 Department of Homeland Security - Select State/Territory  Homeland Security personnel contact list by State.
 Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)  "The FAA is responsible for the safety of civil aviation."
 Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)  " to uphold...investigation...intelligence...terrorist..."
 Federal Bureau of Investigation Site Map  Site Map with links to all FBI website pages.
 Gulf LINK...Gulf War Illnesses  News, Exposure Reports, Narratives, Vets Help, Links...
 Korean War Commemoration  "...servicemen who did not return from the Korean War."
 NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration  "...great scientific and technological feats in air and space."
 NASA Sites - NASA Headquarters and 10 other NASA Sites  "...for space and aeronautics research and development."
 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)  "It enables inspect what Government has done."
 National Constitution Center  "...understanding of, and appreciation for, the Constitution..."
 National Counter Intelligence Executive (NCIX)  "...the unauthorized disclosure of classified intelligence..."
 National Intelligence Council (NIC)  "...denial & deception, space systems, and atomic energy..."
 National Personnel Records Center  "...central repository...military and civil service personnel."
 National Security Agency (NSA)  "...protect US information systems...produce foreign intell..."
 National Technical Information Service (NTIS)  "..resource for scientific, technical, engineering information."
 TRICARE  "...military, their families, & survivors...quality health care."
 Norfolk Naval Shipyard...Portsmouth, VA  ", conversion, overhaul, repair...of ships and..."
 Redstone Arsenal...Huntsville, Alabama  "...rocket, guided missile development and space exploration."
 State Websites for Kids  Government, Health, History, Science & Math, Fun Stuff, etc.
 TRICARE A to Z  Site Map with Links to all TRICARE Pages
 USA Freedom Corps  "As a Coordinating Council at the White House chaired by..."
 United States Intelligence Community (IC)  "collection of...hostile activities against the US by foreign..."
 United States Selective Service System  Registration Compliance (End of 2002)   Men 18 to 25 Years
 United States Selective Service System - Site Map  Site Map with Links to all Selective Service Website Pages
 Veterans Administration (VA)  Veterans Administration Main Page
 Veterans Administration (VA) - Site Map  Site Map with Links to all VA Website Pages
 Veterans Benefits Administration  "...provide benefits and services to the veterans and their..."
 Veterans Day National Committee  "...all veterans, all veterans' organizations, and the entire..."
 Veterans' Employment and Training Service (VETS)  "...job pension and health benefits will continue for their..."
 VA Health Administration Center  " care benefits program..spouse, widow, children..."
 VA Health Administration Center Site Map  Gateway to VA Web Page Site Maps
 Vocational and Adult Education   " help prepare people for post secondary education, and..."
 Voice of America (VOA)  "...communicating directly with people of the world by radio."
 Walter Reed Army Medical Center (WRAMC)  Patient Info, Medical Info, Departments, TRICARE, Admin..
 White Sands Missile Range (Army)...NM & AZ  "...ensure our war fighters have the best military equipment..."

Military Academies

Military Academies, Institutes, and Schools
 Air Force Academy  "...Academy offers 32 academic majors: Aeronautical Engin..."
 Army War College  Website Main Page with Frequently Asked Questions
 Canadian Forces College  Army Electronic Library...Army Lessons Learned Centre
 Coast Guard Academy  Campus, Cadet Life, Academics, Admissions, Athletics, etc.
 Coast Guard Institute  College Funding, Degree Roadmaps, Education Grants, etc.
 Marine Corps Institute  About MCI, Course Catalog, Education Sites, and FAQ.
 Marine Corps University  MCU Hq, Staff Sections, Schools, Resources, Events, etc.
 Marine Military Academy  Academics, Admissions, Leadership, Athletics, and FAQ.
 Merchant Marine Academy Kings Point, NY  "...unique academic, regimental and shipboard programs..."
 Naval Academy  Academics, Admissions, Student Life, Athletics, Library, etc.
 Naval Postgraduate School  Academics, Research, Education, Students, Faculty, etc.
 Naval Senior Enlisted Academy  History, Curriculum, Reporting, Activities, and FAQ.
 Naval War College  Students, Academics, Library, Research, Alumni Affairs, etc.
 United States Army Center of Military History  Bookshelves, Images, Force Structure & Unit History, etc.
 United States Army Material Command Historical Office  Mission & Organization, Programs, Museums & Holdings, etc.
 United States Army War College Foundation, Inc.  "...academic environment...research activities...excellence..."
 United States Military Academy - West Point  "...developing Cadets...intellectual, physical, military, and..."
 West Point in History - Smithsonian Institution  "...West Point and its contributions to American history."

Additional Sites  .com  .inc  .net  .org

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All Services & More
 Air Force Association  "...understanding of aerospace power and its role in the..."
 Air Force Enlisted Village  Providing Homes to Surviving Spouses
 Air Force Historical Foundation  "...preserve...traditions...and history of aerospace power..."
 Air Force Memorial Foundation  "To honor those who distinguished themselves in the USAF."
 Air Force Recruiting Service  "With over 150 Careers in the Air Force..."
 Air Force Sergeant's Association  "...dedicated to the people behind the stripes."
 Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO/AFSOUTH)  Operations, Subordinate Headquarters, Commands, + Links.
 American Red Cross - Military Members and Families  Communications, Financial, Counseling, Veterans, FAQ, etc.
 American Red Cross - Site Directory  Site Map with Links to all American Red Cross Pages
 American War Library (The)  Military/Veteran Registry - Over 21 Million Listings
 Arlington National Cemetery  " remember and honor the Nation's war heroes; and..."
 Armed Forces Insurance  Armed Forces Insurance Exchange Main Page
 Armed Forces Retirement Homes  Gulfport, Mississippi and Washington, DC
 Army Reserve Association (ARA)  " advocate of a strong United States Army Reserve..."
 Association of the United States Army (AUSA)  "...supports Army, Active, Guard, Reserve, Retired, Civ..."
 California State Military Museum  Preserving California's Military Heritage  "...information useful to service members, families, and..."
 Citizens Flag Alliance  Protect the Flag from Physical Desecration Main Page
 Coast Guard Auxiliary Association, Inc.  "35,000 Members...Established in 1939 ..boating safety, etc."  "Join our veterans-only online community to connect with..."
 Disabled American Veterans of Spartanburg SC  "We are a well organized group of Prior-Military Soldiers..."
 DUI Foundation  " people realize the life-altering effects drinking & driving"
 Federal Long Term Care Insurance  "...the only long term care insurance program by OPM".
 First World  Beginning, Timeline, Battles, Air War, Maps, Tours, + more.
 Fisher House  "......that supports America's Military in their time of need."
 Florida Department of Veterans Affairs  Veterans' Benefits - Veterans' Homes - Veterans' Information
 G Battery, 3rd Battalion, 14th Marines, 4th Marine Division  " promote the greatest fighting team in the World, the..."
 Give2TheTroops  "...loving care packages and letters from all over the nation..."
 Griffin's Lair - By Peter S. "Grif" Griffin  "Paratroopers, stand in the door!...where eagles soar!"
 Habu.Org - "You had to fly an SR-71 to wear a Habu Patch"  "...preserving the heritage of the SR-71 Blackbird."
 Healthopedia Injuries and Wounds  "Profiles over 70 common injuries...animal bites to whiplash."
 Healthopedia Injuries and Safety  Healthopedia Breakdown by Category or Alphabetical List.
 Healthopedia Emergency Department  "The emergency department (ED) or emergency room (ER)..."
 Healthopedia Emergency Medical Services  "The EMS system was developed to provide care to ill and..."
 Historical Society for Georgia's National Guard  "...perpetuate the history of the Georgia National Guard..."
 Honor And Remember  "To create, establish and promote a nationally recognized flag..."
 Information Warfare Sites  Electronic Warfare, Cyberwar, Electronic Defense, etc.
 Jack's Joint - An "Unofficial" U.S Coast Guard Library  "USCG stories, articles, poems, essays, and downright lies..."
 Jim's Police And Military Website  Police, Firefighters, Military, Terrorism, Graphics, and more.
 Journal of Electronic Defense (JED)  "...electronic warfare, warning, countermeasures and..."
 Korean Defense Veterans of America  "Respect and Recognition for Service..."
 Korean War Project  "...a service to veterans...and students of military history."
 Living History History Links - Military Units  Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WW-I & II
 LST - The U.S. LST Association  " get old shipmates together and renew old friendships."
 LST - LST-534 Reunion  Documentary, History, Crew Log, Interviews, News, etc.
 LST - The USS LST Ship Memorial, Inc.  Welcome, Progress, Newsletter, Memorial Voyage, etc.
 Melville Air Station - Labrador, Canada  "Memories, stories, & photographs..Goose Bay, Labrador..."
 Mesothelioma  Mesothelioma...exposure to asbestos, smoking, free booklet.
 Mesothelioma.Com  Types, Risk Factors, Causes, Symptoms, Stages, and more.
 Mesothelioma Diagnosis  "...a one-stop resource on all issues surrounding asbestos..."
 Military Connection  " directory of military resources and information."
 National Military Family Association, Inc.  "Serving the Families of Those Who Serve."
 National D-Day Memorial Foundation, Bedford, Virginia  "Nearly 4,500...lost their lives...names engraved on tablets..."
 Nevada Patriot Guard  "Our mission is to honor the men and women of our armed..."
 Nike Missile Web Site by Ed Thelen  Nike History, Technical & Operational Info, Places to Visit...
 Potawatomi Tracks - By Larry Mitchell  "Potawatomi Tracks: The Ballad of Vietnam & Other Stories."
 Remembering the War Years - "Kilroy Was Here"  The Legend of Kilroy, Stories from the Front, In Harm's Way...
 Save-A-Vet nfp Inc  "..well-being of all military & law enforcement working animals..."
 Screaming Eagles  "...a view of what it means to be a Screaming Eagle and..."
 Smokey Bear  "...importance of outdoor fire safety and wildfire prevention."
 Smokey Bear For Kids  Forest, Facts, Mail, What's Hot!, Play Smoke Jumper, etc.
 Social Security Disability SSD, SSDI, SSI Benefits  "This site deals with the following SSD, SSDI, and SSI issues."
 Special Forces Association  History, Around the Globe, Membership, Locator, Taps, etc.
 Swift Boat Veterans  "Swift Vets and POWs for Truth has been formed to counter.."
 The Kitchen Table Gang Trust Madera, California  "Veterans Helping Hospitalized Veterans and Our Troops..."
 The National Army Security Agency Association (NASAA)  "...fraternity of former members of the Army Security Agency"
 The Pine Tree Line  "We have to remember that these Radar Stations were..."
 Todays Military  Learn about Military Life, Benefits, Rewards, Career Info...
 U.S. Army Ranger Association  Ranger Creed, Operations, Regimental Honors, History, etc.
 Veterans and Mesothelioma  "Veterans with asbestos-related illnesses find themselves..."
 Veterans Flag Depot  American Flags, Military Flags, Poles, Cases, Flag Knowledge
 Vet  Military/Veteran search, military record information, and more.
 Veteran Loan Center  "Discover how to make the most of your VA Benefits."
 Vet  Military Units, Veterans Business Directory, Jokes, Books...  "The Vietnam War was mis-reported by the Media, mis-rec..."

Museums, Memorials, and History Links

Memorials, Monuments, Museums and Displays
 Also...Post 119's Mil/Vet/Gov Museums, Memorials, Parks
 Air Force Memorial Foundation  "To honor those who distinguished themselves in the USAF."
 American Battle Monuments Commission  " honor...accomplishments of American Armed Forces."
 California State Military Museum  Preserving California's Military Heritage
 California's Military, Aviation, Maritime Museums & Parks  Links to more than 50 Museums and Parks
 Korean War Commemoration  "...servicemen who did not return from the Korean War."
 Korean War Veterans National Museum and Library  "...groundbreaking ceremonies were held in Tuscola Illinois"
 Marine Corps Hedritage Foundation  135 acre site next to to the Quantico VA Marine Corps Base.
 Medal of Honor Museum - Charlestown Harbor, SC  Memorabilia & Artifacts, Documents, Rotating Displays
 National Air and Space Museums (NASM) 3 Museums  "...the largest collection of historic air and spacecraft..."
 National Korean War Veterans Memorial - Washington, DC  Korean War Veterans Memorial - Washington, DC
 National Korean War Veterans Memorial Events Calendar  Monthly Calendar of Events
 National Medal of Honor Museum Chattanooga, Tennessee  "...more than just the men and women...awarded."
 National Museum of Naval Aviation  "140+ restored aircraft, Navy, Marine Corps,Coast Guard."
 National Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Washington, DC  Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Washington, DC
 National Vietnam Veterans Memorial - Events Calendar  Monthly Calendar of Events
 National World War II Memorial - Washington, DC  World War II Memorial - Washington, DC
 National World War II Memorial- Events Calendar  Monthly Calendar of Events
 Navy Memorial Foundation  Locate Shipmates, Ships & Commands Rolls, Reunions, etc.
 Marine Corps History and Museums Division  "...provides the histories and traditions of the USMC."
 Seattle Museum of Flight - Seattle, WA  "...acquire, preserve, and exhibit significant air and space..."
 Soldiers Memorial Military Museum - Saint Louis, MO  "Two museum galleries contain a collection of military and..."
 The Moving Wall - Vietnam Veterans Memorial  "...the names of those who gave their lives...are inscribed..."
 The Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University  "Collecting & preserving materials relating to the Vietnam.."
 United States Air Force Museum Wright-Patterson AFB,  "Exhibits include over 300 aircraft and missiles...displays..."
 United States Military Museums by State  Military Museums from Arizona to Wisconsin.
 U.S.Military...Other Aviation, Maritime Museums & Parks  Links to more than 25 Additional Museums and Parks
 U.S. Army Museum System  Links to Military History, Museums, Heraldry, Heritage
 U.S. Merchant Marine Museum Kings Point, NY  "...many unique...models, rare instruments, cookery..." etc.
 World War II Memorial  Tribute to a Generation Who Served During World War II

Military & Related History Sites

Military & Related History Sites
 Air Force Historical Foundation  "...preserve...traditions...and history of aerospace power..."
 Air Force History Support Office (AFHSO)  "...provides historical information, analysis, & perspective..."
 Air Force Historical Research Agency (AFHRA)  "AFHRA..the repository for Air Force historical documents."
 Army Center of Military History (CMH)  " distribute historical inform, educate..."
 Army Europe Military History Office (MHO)  "...record of the Command's activities and operations."
 Army Historical Foundation  "...preserving history and heritage of the American Soldier."
 Army Military History Institute (USAMHI)  "...mission is to preserve the Army's history and ensure..."
 Centennial of Flight Commission  "...the most info and links...regarding the history of flight."
 Coast Guard Historian's Office  "...consists of 500,000 unique images and a documents."
 Coast Guard Reserve Historical Index  A Historical Bibliography, USCGR History, Chronology, etc.
 Military History Institute (MHI)  With over 60 Links "...that present USMC information..."
 Marine Corps History and Museums Division  "This site provides...histories and traditions of the USMC".
 Naval Historical Center  " the official history program of the Navy Department."
 Naval Historical Center - Ships History Branch  "...maintains an archive of records on U.S. Navy ships..."
 Operation Just Cause History (PDF File)  From the Joint Operations Electronic Library

The United States Civil War

United States Civil War History Sites
 Civil War Information - Louisiana State University  Hundreds of links to United States Civil War websites.
 A Civil War Tribute - North/South, Officers, Battles, etc.  "...a tribute to those who fought and died in the Civil War"
 Camels in War 1855  "1855...Congress appropriated $30,000 for the project."
 Camels (Dromedaries) in Texas 1856  "...dromedary camels might replace horses in the...desert."
 Combat at Pringel's Creek  "They pulled back to Pringle's Creek and waited. They..."
 Civil War Links (From A Civil War Tribute)  More than 80 links to other U.S. Civil War websites.
 Divers find Civil War Treasure  "...was 35 feet below the surface of the Tennessee River..."
 National Museum of Civil War Medicine  Location - Exhibits - Tours - Events - Collections - Contacts
 The Civil War in Montana - "Gold"  "...this flow of wealth won the war for President Lincoln."

Mil/Gov International Sites

Yellow Background = Link added recently, or a change in Internet address

International Organizations
 Allied Forces Northern Europe (AFNORTH)  "build an meet the challenges of the future."
 Allied Forces Northern Europe (AFNORTH) Site Map  Welcome, Mission, Organization, Activities, and More
 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)  "...consists of 2,500 multinational military and civilian..."
 North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Site Map  Home, Wings, Information, News, Affiliates, Contact
 Organization for Security & Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)  "...the largest security organization with 55 States from..."
 Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)  "...guarantee security and integrity of NATO nations in..."
 United Nations (UN) English Version  "...Peace through International Cooperation and Security. "
 Western European Union (WEU)  "...commitment to mutual defense...of an armed attack in..."

Ministries of Defense
 Argentina - Ministry of Defense  Language of Argentina
 Australia - Department of Defense (English)  "...Border Protection, UN Operations, Coalition Operations"
 Austria - Federal Ministry of Defense (English)  Facts, Figures, Tasks, Organization & Points of Contact.
 Austria - Federal Ministry of Defense Site Map (Austria)  Language of Austria
 Belarus - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...partnership relations with all the Countries of the World."
 Belgium - Ministère de la Defense (English)  "...Intelligence, Security Intelligence, Security....Support"
 Brazil - Ministry of Defense - Secure Site  Language of Brazil
 Bulgaria - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...between NATO and Bulgaria...policy and security...."
 Canada - Department of National Defense (English)  "More than 3,400...are deployed overseas on operational..."
 Canada - Department of National Defense Site Map  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Cuba - Ministry of Defense  Language of Cuba
 Cyprus - Ministry of Defense (English)  "The defensive preparedness of the Armed Forces should..."
 Czech Republic - Ministerstvo obrany - Ministry of Defense  "...soldiers participating in...missions in Iraq and Kosovo..."
 Denmark - Defense Command Denmark (English)  "Immediate Reaction Forces, Rapid Reaction, Air Force..."
 Estonia - Ministry of Defense (English)  "responsible for military issues issues,..."
 Estonia - Ministry of Defense Site Map (English)  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Finland - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...tailored to secure the country's territorial integrity,..."
 Finland - Ministry of Defense Search & Site Map (English)  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 France - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...commitments in Europe and in the rest of the World. "
 France - Ministry of Defense Site Map (English)  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Germany - Ministry of Defense  Language of Germany
 Germany - Ministry of Defense Site Map (German)  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Greece - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...personnel training, welfare, infrastructure, armaments..."
 Hungary - Defense Ministry  "...related to the democratic control of the armed forces..."
 Ireland - Department of Defense (English)  "...shaping and executing of security and defense policies."
 Ireland - Department of Defense Site Map (English)  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Israel - Israel Defense Forces (English)  " early warning capability, regular Air Force and Navy."
 Italy - Ministry of Defense  Language of Italy
 Latvia - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...the NAF for compatibility...and participation in, NATO."
 Latvia - Ministry of Defense Links (English)  Links to World Organizations and Defense Related Sites
 Lithuania - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...participation of Lithuanian troops ...Afghanistan & Iraq."
 Lithuania - Ministry of Defense Links (English)  Links to World Organizations and Defense Related Sites
 Macedonia - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...participating in peacekeeping/peacebuilding in Europe..."
 Macedonia - Ministry of Defense Site Map (English)  Links to World Organizations and Defense Related Sites
 The Netherlands - Ministry of Defense (English)  " operate in groups led by NATO, the UN, (W)EU..."
 The Netherlands - Ministry of Defense Links (English)  Site Map with links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Norway - Ministry of Defense (English)  "...increased readiness...Norway's engagement in NATO."
 Norway - Ministry of Defense Site Map (English)  Site Index with links primarily to Norwegian web pages.
 Poland - Ministry of National Defense (English)  "...participation of Polish military in peacekeeping and..."
 Poland - Ministry of National Defense Index (English)  News, Tradition, Culture, Gallery, Catalog, Tourism, etc.
 Portugal - Ministry of Defense  Language of Portugal
 Romania - Ministry of Defense (English)  "The global character of the fight against terrorism has..."
 Romania - Ministry of Defense Site Map (English)  Site Map with Links to all Elements of the Defense Ministry.
 Russian Federation - Ministry of Foreign Affairs (English)  Documents and Materials of the Russian MFA.
 Slovak Republic - Defense Ministry  Ministry of Defense - Converted to the English Version.
 Slovak Republic - Links (English)  Links to NATO and the Armed Forces of other Countries.
 Spain - Ministry of Defense  Language of Spain
 Sweden - Ministry of Defense (English)  "Defend...against armed aggression, defend...territorial..."
 Sweden - Ministry of Defense - Site Map  Links to the Government And Its Offices
 Switzerland - Federal Department of Defense (English)  "Swiss neutrality is self-determined, permanent and armed."
 Turkey - Milli Savunma Bakanligi  Language of Turkey
 Ukraine - Ukrainian Defense Ministry (English)  " among leading states/contributors to peacekeeping..."
 Ukraine - Ukrainian Defense Ministry - Site Map (English)  History, Authorities, Structure, Departments, and more.
 United Kingdom - Ministry of Defense (English)  "Prevent with Allies and..."
 United Kingdom - Ministry of Defense - Site Map (English)  NATO/Ministries/Departments/Agencies of other Countries.
 United Kingdom - Veterans Agency (English)  " to pensioners, widows, dependents, and other..."
 United States of America - Department of Defense (English)  Warfighting, Peacekeeping, Humanitarian, Evacuation, etc.
 United States of America - Department of Defense Site Map  Links to all elements of the U.S. Department of Defense.
 Venezuela - Ministry of Defense  Language of Venezuela

Armed Forces of Countries Worldwide

Some Sites Require a Long Download Time
 Argentina - | Air Force | Army |  Language of Argentina.
 Australia - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of Australia.
 Austria - | Armed Forces | Site Map |  Language of Austria.
 Belgium - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Converted to the English version.
 Bermuda - | Bermuda Regiment |  Converted to the English version.
 Brazil - | Military Organizations |  Language of Brazil.
 Canada - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Converted to the English version.
 Czech Republic - | Army |  Converted to the English version.
 Denmark - | Army | Navy | Air Force |  Converted to the English Version.
 Finland - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Converted to the English Version.
 Germany - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of Germany.
 Ireland - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Converted to the English Version.
 Israel - | UnitsAir Force | Intelligence & Terrorism Center |  Converted to the English Version.
 Italy - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of Italy.
 Netherlands - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of The Netherlands.
 Norway - Forvarsnett (Armed Forces Network)  Converted to the English Version.
 Portugal - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of Portugal.
 Spain - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of Spain.
 Sweden - Swedish Armed Forces  Converted to the English Version.
 Switzerland - Switzerland Armed Forces  Converted to the English Version.
 Turkey - Turkish Armed Forces  Converted to the English Version.
 United Kingdom - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Converted to the English Version.
 United States of America - | Air Force | Army | Navy |  Language of The United States of America.
 Venezuela - | Air Force | Army |  Language of Venezuela.

Mil/Vet/Gov Related Websites

Mil/Vet Organizations

> = Greater Than    < = Less Than
 33rd Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron Online  "Reconnaissance pilots who flew through flak continued to..." - (The Aircraft Museum)  Details + Pictures of Fighters, Bombers, Helicopters, Civil...
 Aircraft Image Repository Directory  >80 Aircraft Links to many Sites and Countries
 AVweb - Aviation Website Links - More than 150 Links  FAA, NASA, NTSB, Avionics, Weather, Aircraft Sales, etc.
 American Red Cross - Armed Forces Emergency Services  American Red Cross Main Page
 American Red Cross - Site Directory  American Red Cross Site Map   >500 Links
 American War Library (The)  Military/Veteran Registry - Over 21 Million Listings
 Amnesty International  "Working to Protect Human Rights Worldwide."
 Armed Forces Communications & Electronics Assn. AFCEA  "...information technology, communications, intelligence..."
 Center for Defense Information (CDI)  " dedicated to strengthening security through..reduced..."
 Confederate (Now Commemorative) Air Force  "To preserve...a complete collection of combat aircraft...".
 Command Web Sites - Quick Response Military Commands  Air Wings, Naval Strike Aircraft, Aircraft Carriers, etc.
 Darrel LaMar Wakley's Links & Veteran's Links  A very large number of U.S. Military and Veteran's Links.
 Elevon: Aviation on the Internet  "...a web site dedicated to Aviation on the Internet." + Links
 Extreme Air Machines!  Pictures & Facts of Fighters, Bombers, Cargo, Spy Planes...
 Fighter Pilot: "Ace" List  Sorted by War and Country
 First World  Beginning, Timeline, Battles, Air War, Maps, Tours, + more.
 German Air Force Flying Training Center (GAF/FTC)  "...German pilots in Phantom and Tornado weapon systems."  "...designed as an aid for researching the U.S. armed forces."
 Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages  "...on the health effects created by the Persian Gulf War."
 Historical Society for Georgia's National Guard  "...perpetuate the history of the Georgia National Guard..."
 Information Warfare Sites  Electronic Warfare, Cyberwar, Electronic Defense, etc.
 Journal of Electronic Defense (JED)  "...electronic warfare, warning, countermeasures and..."
 Korean Defense Veterans of America  "Respect and Recognition for Service..."
 Living History History Links - Military Units  Civil War, Indian Wars, Spanish American War, WW-I & II
 Jewish History  American Jewish Community - Modern Jewish Ideology...
 Joe Baugher's Encyclopedia of American Military Aircraft  "...created by Joe Baugher, describing US combat aircraft."
 Korean War Project  "...a service to veterans...and students of military history."
 Korean War Veterans Association  "..who have seen honorable service during the Korean War.."

 Maritime & Naval History Links  U.S. Merchant Marine Links Page  >400 Links
 Marine Link (USMC Links Page)  Units, Organizations, Associations, etc.  >45 Links
 Marine Corps Association  "...committed to professional development and education..."  "Those who are Warriors, who are Driven, who Belong..." Site Map  Links to all Web Pages on
 Marine Corps Heritage Foundation  "...promotion of Marine Corps history and tradition..."
 Marine Corps League  "...preserving traditions, & interests of the Marine Corps..."
 Marine Officer Candidate School  " what it takes to become leaders of Marines."
 Marine Moms Online  " and encouragement for parents of Marines..."
 Marines - Women Marines Association  "...women who have served honorably in the Marine Corps."
 Military Aircraft Database  Military Aircraft Sorted by Country
 Military Almanac  Publisher of Military, Reserves, Guard, etc. Almanacs
 Military Aviation - Around The World  Military Aviation Around The World - Links to Links
 Military Aviation Database  Modern Military Aircraft - Other Countries Aircraft + More
 Military Coalition (The)  A Group of 35 Mil/Vet & Uniformed Services Organizations  "The largest online military destination..."
 Military Medicine Site by Alberto Ocasio HM2 (FMF)  >100 Links Navy Sites, Medical Sites, Marine Corps, etc.
 Military Network  "...information Members of the Armed Forces...."
 Military Officers Association (MOAA)  "MOAA serves your needs and fights for your rights."
 Military Officers Association - Site Map  Site Map      >200 Links
 Military Order of Turtles - Hut 36  "Cheerful Service To Our Hospitalized Veterans"
 Military General Interest - Emphasis on Foreign Sites  Chinese, Russian, Jane’s Information Group/Global Security
 Military Uniform Accessories Unlimited  Badges, Medals, Devices, Patches, Caps, Rank, etc.
 Military USA  Veteran Databases, Military Reunions, Books, etc.
 National Guard Association of California (NGAC)  "Guardian Bear for the child of a deployed member of the..."
 National Military Family Association (NMFA)  Serving the Families of Those Who Serve Main Page
 National Military Family Association Site Map  Site Map with Links to Links...Number of Links Unknown
 Naval Sites - United States and Foreign  Naval History, Science, Tactics, and Equipment.
 Navy Amphibious Links  LCT Flotillas World War II   >50 Links
 Non-Commissioned Officers Association (NCOA)  Main Page    
 Non-Commissioned Officers Association - Links  Related Links   >60 Links
 National Guard Executive Directors Association (NGEDA)  Main Page
 NGEDA - State Associations and Adjutants General - Links  Links by State...Number of Links Unknown
 National Guard Association of the United States  Main Page
 Organization for Security & Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)  "...States from Europe, Central Asia, and North America."
 OSS.NET - Global Intelligence Partnership Network  "...Intelligence, Risk Mitigation, and Security for the..."
 Philippine Scouts On Line  Philippine Scouts Members, Widows, and Accociates.
 PT Boats, Inc.  WW-II PT Boats, Bases, Tenders  "...artifacts, books, documents, blueprints, manuals, photos.."
 Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness  "...grew rapidly from statewide service to an international..."
 Ribbon Review  A Source of Information for Ribbon Identification/Collecting
 Reserve Officers Association ( ROAD)  Main Page
 Reserve Officers Association Site Map  Site Map      >80 Links
 September 11th 2001 - On A Rock In Rural Iowa Quotations, Recognition, Civil Death, Injury and Destruction.
 Senior Army Reserve Commanders Association (The)  "...association of the leaders of the U.S. Army Reserve."
 Senior Army Reserve Commanders Association - Links  >25 Links
 SAT MOM'S Military/Veterans Links  Military, Veterans, Miss. Links  >270 Links
 Second Yamamoto Mission Association (SYMA)  " Admiral Yamamoto's airplane was shot down & by..."
 Space-A Travel  Flights & Stops - Andrews, Keesler, Kelly, Scott, and Travis.
 State and Local Government on the Net  >9000 Government, State, and Local Government Websites
 Strategic Research - U.S. Military & International Groups  Nuclear Safety, Intelligence, Security, Rand Corp., etc.
 Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE)  "...guarantee security of NATO member nations in Europe."
 State Guard Association of the United States, Inc. (SGAUS)  "You are true Citizen Soldiers, embodying the Militia..."
 Storming Media - Pentagon Reports  Reports & documents produced or collected by the Pentagon.
 Toppan's Data Files (Aircraft)  Blackbird Family, Aircraft Serial Numbers, Other Files
 United Nations (The) UN  "...the means to help resolve International conflicts..."
 United States Air Force Thunderbirds  "The F-16 has remained the choice of the Thunderbirds..."
 Unsung Plains (The)  B-29 Superfortresses - Pratt, Salina, Great Bend, Walker KS
 U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association (USAWOA)  Welcome, About, Benefits, Services, Scholarship Foundation
 U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association - Links  Greater than 300 Links including "Mega Links".
 U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association - Site Map  Site map  with greater than 160 links.
 USO (The) United Service Organization  Main Page...Morale, Welfare & Recreation Services
 Veterans Colonel Dan Cedusky  "...informing veterans...about a variety of issues that affect.."
 Veteran Web Ring Connection  Military & Veterans Web Ring Listing
 Veterans Legacy Project (The)  Speakers Bureau, Flag Exchange, Oral Histories, etc.
 Veterans News & Information Service  Military Reunions - Military Discounts - GI Bill Schools, etc.
 Vulture's Row  An Online U.S. Naval Aviation Resource and Links.
 Women's Army Corps Veterans' Association  WAC Mothers Association...founded during World War II.
 Your Guardians of Freedom  (Air Force) "...public support for America's airmen"

Mil/Vet/Gov Web Rings

Mil/Vet Related Web Rings

> = Greater Than    < = Less Than
 Aircraft Carriers of the World  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (Air Traffic Control & Aviation  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (Combat Aircraft)  Web Ring     >20 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft Image & Information  Web Ring     >50 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft & Aviation  Web Ring     >40 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (Fighter Aircraft)  Web Ring     >20 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft ( Fly! )  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (For Grumman Owners and Enthusiasts)  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (Homebuilt Aircraft)  Web Ring     >40 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (Microsoft's Fighter Ace)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (Soaring)  Web Ring     >100 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 Aircraft (The Tiger Moth,,,De Havilland)  Web Ring     >20 Member Web Sites
 Airplane Images Ring  Web Ring     >60 Member Web Sites
 Aviation Ring (The)  Web Ring     >100 Member Web Sites
 Aviation (The Military Aviation) Ring  Web Ring     >90 Member Web Sites
 Aviation (The Aerodrome) Ring  Web Ring     >50 Member Web Sites
 Aviation and Aerospace  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Air Force Online  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 American Legion (Unofficial)  Web Ring     >190 Member Web Sites
 American Legion (MALO)  Web Ring     >40 Member Web Sites
 American Legion (7th District Junior Auxiliary)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 American Legion (Sons of the American Legion)  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 American Legion Riders Motorcycle Association  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 American Legion (Amateur Baseball)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 American Veterans (Disabled) DAV (Unofficial)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 Aviation History  Web Ring     >100 Member Web Sites
 Air Force AFSC's (USAF)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 Armed Forces Military (U.S.)  Web Ring     >70 Member Web Sites
 Army Security Agency (COMSEC)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 Armed Forces Wives Ring  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 B-24 Web Ring  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Band of Brothers USMC  Web Ring     >180 Member Web Sites
 Disabled American Veterans (Unofficial)  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 Gulf War Webring  Web Ring     >100 Member Web Sites
 Gulf War Veterans (We Support Our)  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 Holocaust Ring (The)  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Jewish History (The) Ring  Web Ring     >50 Member Web Sites
 Junior ROTC  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites

 Military Aircraft Database  Military Aircraft Sorted by Country
 Military Families  Web Ring     >200 Member Web Sites
 Military Pride  Web Ring     >80 Member Web Sites
 Military Spouse Support Ring  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 Military Order of the Purple Heart  Web Ring     >40 Member Web Sites
 Naval Sea Cadet Corps (U.S.)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 NAVetsUSA (Navy Veterans Organization)  Web Ring     >50 Member Web Sites
 Navy Seabees (The United States)  Web Ring     >40 Member Web Sites
 Persian Gulf Troops (Thank You)  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 POW/MIA  Web Ring     >500 Member Web Sites
 POW/MIA Freedom Fighters Ring  Web Ring     >60 Member Web Sites
 United States Armed Forces Military  Web Ring     >70 Member Web Sites
 September 11th 2001 - Americans United  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites
 September 11th 2001 - God Bless America  Web Ring     >20 Member Web Sites
 September 11th 2001 - Remembering 9/11, 2001  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 We Remember - Salute to Veterans and Pow's/Mia's  Web Ring     >90 Member Web Sites
 Proud to Support Our Veterans  Web Ring     >70 Member Web Sites

 Special Forces  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 Veterans Of Foreign Wars (VFW)  Web Ring     >110 Member Web Sites
 Veterans Online Pager Network (V.P.O.N.)  Web Ring     >220 Member Web Sites
 We Support Our Vietnam Veterans  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 World War II  Web Ring     >350 Member Web Sites
 World War II Online A to Z  Web Ring     >10 Member Web Sites
 Young Marines  Web Ring     <10 Member Web Sites
 Zone Eleven  Web Ring     >30 Member Web Sites

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