General Guidelines


  1. You may type plain text and/or html in the forms. If you are not planning to use any HTML or other code in your post you can skip down to section " J ". Code other than standard HTML is discouraged and if posted may be deleted.

  2. If using HTML in a post there is no need to use the <HTML> start or </HTML> end tags or the <HEAD> and <TITLE> tags as these are already included on the page to which you will be posting.

  3. Close all HTML tags. Open HTML tags can alter more than just your own post... for example if you use the code: <font size="+4" color="orange"><b> with no closing tags </font> etc. this will increase the size of ALL the text on the board and turn it orange! For these and other similar reasons HTML is usually turned OFF on most of the avalable scripts and message board systems.

    Rather than turn off HTML which is in my opinion, a quite useful feature... several areas are provided where posts can be previewed in order to check the appearance and readability of various text and background color combinations, and to screen for HTML errors. The best place to practice or experiment with HTML prior to posting a project would be the HTML TEST BED or the HTML GENERATOR . Finally There is a Test Post Preview Page Which is a working duplicate of a regular forum page except that it was set up to practice on and the posts will automatically expire or be deleted periodically.

  4. Before you post using HTML...   PLEASE check out the HTML GENERATOR. with it you can preview and edit your post all you want without them becoming permanent. The HTML GENERATOR will produce posts in a "standard" format quickly. You can then be creative and alter this format a little if you need to (within limits)... But the idea of the standard format is to give each post an equal share of the resources of this directory and to ensure that the posts are in a compact form that can be easily reviewed by visitors to this site.

    It is intended that post to this forum will provide a brief (up to about 100 words) account of each project, basic contact information and a link to more detailed information on the projects own website.

    When you have the post looking the way you want it, you can copy the code output by the HTML GENERATOR and return to the appropriate board to make your post.

  5. Please do not practice your HTML by posting it to the regular catagorized boards! If posted there your HTML doodles will be permanent. (Until I get around to removing them...) If you do make a mistake, however, feel free to send an e-mail and ask that the post be removed or corrected.

  6. Concerning your actual and final post. Please do not overdue the HTML... you may be just about as creative as you like within the format, but try to keep the file size to a minimum so as to keep loading time down for everyone.

  7. Also, please refrain from using animation, moving, jumping, "flaming" or oversized Jumbo text. You may increase the size of the text a point or two, use <B>bold</B> <I>italic</I> and other simple formatting tags. You may also provide links to your own pages and include whatever you like there. To save your having to experiment too much... Let me say up front: Any standard HTML will work. Any code that would normally function on a standard HTML web page should work here. There are no filters or blocks to prevent anyone from posting any type of HTML or other code... but please adhere to the HTML 4.01 "transitional" standards for your final post. Use of other proprietary code or code not universally supported by older browsers is discouraged.

  8. You may use colors in your text and background. These features are included in the HTML GENERATOR... but please do not use background images as in combination these can drastically slow down loading time for everyone. In the event that any posts are found to create problems for others or interfere with the general functioning of this forum the person(s) responsible for the post may be asked to repost a corrected version and, or, the original may be altered or removed.

  9. Maintain your image or logo (just one please), which can be set up using the HTML GENERATOR, at about 125 pixels square or about 15,000 sqare pizels. If your logo or image is not square but rectangular or some other shape the code output by the HTML generator will need to be altered by changing the numbers in the <img height="125" width="125"> tag. For example a 75x185 pixel image would be fine as long as you maintain the image or logo at about 15,000 to 20,000 square pixels (height x width).

    Images or logos may be hosted on THIS website for faster loading or if your web site hosting service does not allow remote linking to images (Many of the free, or advertisement driven services and image hosting services no longer allow remote linking. If your image or logo is running on your own server or a paid ISP this should not be a problem).

  10. Your post can be up to about 100 words.... slightly more or less. In any case your final post in its entirety, including text, links and image should fit easily within (about 2/3) the average browser window so that it can be read WITHOUT SCROLLING.

  11. Finally... do not hit the POST IT! button until you have previewed your post and are sure you want it up there for everyone to see.

  12. Oh... one more thing... Please post to a category appropriate to your project. If you cannot find a category (or categories) that fit you may request that another page be set up and the new category will be added to the Categories List Page. Until the new category is available you may post to the "Miscellaneous" page.


It is intended that this forum be made available to everyone. Students, Teachers, Various Groups and Organizations, Community Groups, Church Groups, Non Profit Groups, Coalitions, Activist Groups, as well as INDIVIDUALS... Someone could make a post about a project they are doing in the back yard, but in all cases some form of contact information is REQUIRED. It must be possible to verify the projects by direct communication and if applicable; on site inspection. In other words... These posts are public disclosures and it should be expected that neighbors or visitors to the area may drop in to find out how the project is developing and possibly report on what they find. So people should not just post ideas off the top of their heads**. No one should post a project here unless they are sure about what they are doing, have a clear purpose and goal, intend to work with others and are willing to stand behind the project in connection with any possible news or media coverage.

Note: An "Ideas" section is linked to each category page. These "Idea" and other forums assosiated with each category (links provided at the top of each category page...) are not subject to the same requirements as "PROJECTS". Ideas, links to resources, organizations and other information posted as such may be posted anonymously (with or without contact information) to the appropriate sections.


The basic requirement for posting a project here is that it be, as previously stated above: an actual project, the end result of which can be clearly visualized. The various categorized Project forums are not for posting general information about any INDIVIDUAL, ORGANIZATION, or BUSINESS but rather information regarding projects that are open for participation by members AND NON-MEMBERS alike. These forums are not intended for general advertising or promotion for any business or organization. Posts that do not relate directly to an actual project with a specific goal may be removed. If the project cannot be verified by direct contact through information provided in the post... the post will be removed. The project should involve something people can actually get involved in. The main purpose in posting to this forum should be to get people involved in the project in some way. If you do not want direct participation and involvement in your project by people (members of the general public) who read your post... don't post it! It should be made clear in each post and in the links provided in each post, just how others might get involved, what they can do to help, and, or, how they can participate. Note: Nothing stated here is intended to exclude any individual, organization or business from posting projects that meet the above guidelines or from promoting other membership projects on their websites which may be linked to a project post here.

The project could be a book someone is writing... where the author is looking for research assistance. An event inviting on site participation, a relief effort, a construction project or other similar project requiring volunteers, a design project,... just about anything you can think of... these are just a few examples... but it must be something with a clearly defined goal that others can understand and picture so as to be able to visualize the outcome. Projects should be intended to produce tangible results. This does not exclude "Prayer" or "Visualization" projects if others are invited to participate and the intended positive results are made clear.


Unlike many of the message board systems on the internet today... Posts to this board are NOT intended to be anonymous or private. Consider your post here to be the equivalent of posting your project with a half page add appearing on the front cover of every major newspaper in the world... You must include some form of reliable contact information such as the Name of a specific contact person, a physical address, event location, phone number, e-mail etc.

If you do not want yourself or your project widely advertised. Including possible direct contact from people reading the post and possible on-site inspection of your project don't post it here!

Please Note:These are as stated, general "Guidelines" not arbitrary rules and exceptions can be made for good reason in various circumstances. The basic idea is to be civil... make your posts clean, fast loading and practical so as to convey the most pertinent information in the smallest possible package. Within these limits feel free to create posts that are also artistically appealing. Ocassionally, if you feel moved to do so, feel free to post brief quotations, perhaps of an inspirational nature (with proper permissions and credits), a line of poetry or a bit of art... (again, if not in the public domain, be sure to get permission from the author and cite the origional source).



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