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June 9, 1999

Art, fanfics, persona are updated. Check out the Fan Stuff page for more details!

June 7, 1999

Persona Updated for DeM. I also added a few links on my links page. PLEASE go visit the pages! Deona's page,for instance, needs a little bit of encouragement so she'll be more motivated to update it ^_^

May 23, 1999

It took me forever to do this update, and I'm tired. I posted up 12 new fanfictions, so go check them out in the fanart section!

May 9, 1999

As usual, DeM news hasn't been updated because I don't know what to write there. But things HAVE been happening. *Unfortunately*, although the archives are slowly being sorted, it's such a menial task that it's taking me a while. I'm afraid of losing posts. Right now, the archives are okay, but Anastasius Dumar has helped me sort a few of them, so...

Other page stuff. The fictions have been updated ever since May the second rolled around, but I didn't actually update the "Updates" page (ironic?) until today. I moved my fanart to a new Tripod directory to allow myself for a bit more space (and less updating hell). There are a few new pieces.. check out Kamitra's archive, Amber's archive, and the new feature for Lex.

April 4, 1999

Lots of updates to the "Xenogears World". I added a section for DeM-specific data. The most substantial addition is likely the "Conversion Table" for Xenogears. I took my time to write down all of the data given for the gears and to list them in a table.

Other updates include the addition of a new fanfiction, artwork by Waffle-sama, artwork by Calis, the donation of two new banners (on my links page), and the regular persona changes for DeM.

April 2, 1999
Updates! Art by Amber, Art by Kamitra, fanfics in my Fanfic section! I think there are two new completed fictions, one new work in progress, and an update!
March 20, 1999
I found a bunch of references to Norse Mythology in Xenogears, and using a source, I researched these topics. They are posted on my "World" page.

I've posted a new fiction by Janus, about the Elements and Ramsus after the Merkava incident, and an update to Calis' "A Piece of Me".

March 16, 1999
Quick update: Dominia's fiction, "The Story of Daytaii Valere" is posted on the Fanfiction Page!
March 13, 1999
A new fiction by Azusa, and a piece of art by Kamitra!
March 7, 1999
Lots of work this and next week, but I got off a small update. Zachary has a painting of Krelian that I think everyone should look at! Go to the fanart section!
March 2, 1999
I updated this page three dats in a row. I think I must be feeling ill or something.
Anyway, Alanna has two more fictions that she didn't send me yesterday. They're called "Exodus" and "...To Thy Rest". Read them on the Fanfiction page.
March 1, 1999
I got Alanna's fiction, "Mourn not for Angels" uploaded! In addition, Macha 26 has Chapter 2 of "Between Two Shadows" available for reading. I also uploaded Calis' new fiction, "A Piece of Me". It's up by chapter, so enjoy this one :)
Fanfiction Page
February 28, 1999
Okay, this is the "four new fanfics" update. I uploaded:
  1. "Guardian Angel" by Rune Grey

  2. "Eternal" by Calis Clea

  3. "Sins of Time" by Michael Ashby

  4. "Heart" by me!

They're all on the fanfiction page, so be sure to check them out!

February 22, 1999
Take a while guess what has changed on the page. If you said "Fanfiction and Fanart", you're ABSOLUTELY correct! I've added new art by Vera, art by Kamitra, and art by Ruaki on my page, so go on and look. I've also uploaded "The Alpha" by Kyle Tide on my fanfiction section.

Waiting verification: I'm waiting to get verification on "Guardian Angel" by Rune, "Eternal" by Calis Cleah. There are also a few more Xenogears fanfics that have to be either verified by the authors for posting or written (like mine).

February 22, 1999
Sorry, I've been busy.
Again, my fanart section has been expanded with contributions from Brennan Clarkson. The fanfiction section has been updated with a new chapter for "Wishing for Hope" and a new fiction called "Eve Before Judgement Day". Check them out in my fanfiction section.
February 6, 1999
Updated two fictions (Babylon of the Sky and Between Two Shadows). I also added two fictions, a poem titled "The Demon Within" and a story called "Wishing for Hope". I also added Amber Michelle's art on the fanfiction page.
January 30, 1999
Added Chapter 1 of Ruaki-chan's fiction, "Babylon of the Sky".
January 27, 1999
All I did was add Huy Nguyen's art to the page :)
January 24, 1999
Deus Ex Machina's positions are selected. I also uploaded two more fanfics and HTML-ized the third one. Head on over to the fanfic page!
January 20, 1999
A new fanfiction (which I haven't read yet) is up. In addition, I posted a Guestbook sor you guys can leave me criticism!
January 17, 1999
Added more of Vera's pictures to the Fanart section. I also started up a DeM Mailing List. I also added a few more MIDI files. Hopefully, I'll eventually be able to get a MIDI for each track of the Original Soundtrack :)
January 16, 1999
Added all of those MIDI files to my Music Section! I also included the track list for the Xenogears Original Soundtrack and Creid.
January 15, 1999
There's new fanfiction by Ruaki and Vera up on my page! Maybe I'll become the well-known Xenogears Fanfiction site after all! I also added art by Vera.
January 12, 1999
I added a few images under my Fanart... unfortunately, it's nothing unique. I don't have any permission from the artists that I've asked... sucks to be me. If you would like to contribute to this site, please speak up. Anything, from feedback to fan stuff, is greatly appreciated.
January 3, 1999
I posted my fanfiction! Now I have one of the only Xenogears fanfics out there! I swear, I can NOT come by any Xenogears fanfics out there...
January 1, 1999
A counter is posted. More (potential) pages are posted. The Setting of the Game is updated.
December 30, 1998
This page is posted on the net. What an entrance!
December 29, 1998
This page is created. I'm not even sure where I'm going to post it yet! All I did was design it offline.
December 26, 1998
I beat Xenogears. Yay! If you want to know, I used Fei, Citan, and Emeralda to defeat the end boss.

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