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I've moved most of the Deus Ex Machina (the interactive fiction) operations to http://dem.leamonde.net.

If you still wish to join, you can do so by joining the mailing list as usual, but it is a very slow going game, and it is on its way out. Six years after Xenogears was released, people tend not to have interest in a game such as this one anymore. :) That's okay - the game's created a lot of great stories and has forged many memories in its time.

In totally different news, I have opened a web page, Scrapped Mine, at http://scrapped.mine.nu. This one is based off of the idea of dynamic, community-contributed content, so your presence is very welcome! The site talks not only about the MUCK Epheria Mys that it hosts, but also about generic anime and games.

June 11, 2004

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Deus ex Machina is a Latin phrase which means "God from the Machine". Thanks to Anastasius Dumar, who came up with the title!

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