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July 20, V-498
After a battle that lasts into the 21st, Kislev captures Bledavik and sign a peace treaty with Aveh.
July 18, V-498
Shevat falls under attack from Solaris forces. Aphel Aura loses power and all citizens stay in the palace.
July 16, V-498
Bledavik falls under attack by Diablos forces on the last day of the Aveh Tournament.

June 7, 1999

I have to pay attention to the archive maintenance more. *sigh*

The Persona Page has been updated... It's about time!!!

April 4, 1999

DeM players may want to check out the "World" section and refer to the "Unit Conversions" and the "Affiliations" section of the page.

Under unit conversions is data dealing mainly with gears that will put the large mecha in perspective with the real world.

Under affiliations, you may want to look (and E-mail me contributions) at the descriptions and the persona. If you want your persona to be listed, or want to add a new affiliation, then please E-mail me a description!

April 2, 1999
More people have been removed from the list. Usually, your name will be removed if you create a character and do not either talk to others OOG or write an intro for your character in the next two weeks. If you do write an introduction, your grace period is extended significantly. Note, this is NOT a posting requirement. I usually do this to remove persona that people create "for the heck of it".

The new Elly substitutes have been selected. They are Elanore and Athena, by Amber and Arcana (me!) respectively. Why are there TWO Elly subs? Well, you're going to have to read to find out!

March 13, 1999
The work of execution has started... sorry guys, but I had to remove the characters Falcon, Saladin, Jethro, and Elena from the lists. I'm now looking for new substitute players. Please head over to the substitutes page to see if you are willing to play any one of the NPC substitutes.
March 7, 1999
The Persona Archive's updated to reflect the changes recently with members that have come and gone. Of course, Hobbes and I try to keep the Persona updated as often as possible. In addition, the Text Archive 5 is posted!
Feburary 26, 1999
Persona are updated, I've also updated the Guidelines page to make it cleaer. And Hobbes is now helping me do updates too! He'll mainly be working with Persona Sheets and Archives, but his help will go a long way. Thanks, Hobbes!
Feburary 22, 1999
Archive 3 is up. Archive 4 will be coming soon.
Feburary 7, 1999
The second archive is posted in HTML format. Queen Cyrene has an HTML page! In addition, a short timeline of events is posted as well.
Feburary 6, 1999
The first archive for Deus Ex Machina has been posted.
June 26, V-498
Darius sees an amazing sight: an apparition directs him to seek out powerful armour in Blackmoon Forest. A vicious battle occurs outside of Lahan, and the town is virtually destroyed.
January 30, 1999
June 26, V-498
Aishou goes on a raid of a Kislev Military Station. She is intercepted by Kyouran.
January 27, 1999
I withdrew my sheet for Miang, so we need a Miang now. If you're interested, submit a P-sheet for her.

The first story for Deus Ex Machina was sent today. The game has officially begun :)

January 26, 1999
Lots of sheets were added. New Main Characters were also uploaded:

Elly will be played by Warmoose.
The ruler of Aveh will be played by Chris.
Emperor Cain will be played by Un Bel Di.

In addition, two NPC's, one for the Prime Minister of Aveh, and another for Peter, the eldest member of the Gazel Ministry, have been posted. The game will probably be able to start up tomorrow.

January 24, 1999
The results of the substitutions so far:

Fei will be played by Firestorm.
Miang will be played by Arcana (hey, that's me!)
Krelian will be played by Wolf.
Grahf will be played by Rune.
Ramsus will be played by Hobbes.
Citan will be played by Lord Bob.
Bart will be played by Ruaki.

And I probably forgot someone.

January 24, 1999
Early morning... posted up a new persona. I've also decided on who is going to play Bart on DeM. He's the first I decided on, and was one of the more difficult decisions.

I also have the DeM story list set up. You may join and read the stories from the Main Page.

January 23, 1999
There's about five more persona on the page, including applications for Ol' Man Bal and the Head of the Etones.
January 21, 1999
Even more verifid Persona. In case you haven't heard, the deadline for submission of Main Characters sheets (the ones in competition) is January 24th, evening. I will be making my decisions then as to who gets to play who.
January 18, 1999
More persona is up on my web page for DeM. That's all for now...
January 17, 1999
I started the Deus Ex Machina OOG Discussion list. It will be for anyone who is interested in writing for a Xenogears-related world; there will be people to bounce ideas off of and to discuss new characters with.

If you are interested head to the main page and join up!

Also, I decided to choose a Grahf substitute, I found someone who wanted to play the Captain of the Thames, and I managed to verify a few more sheets. What's with this? Did everyone beat Xenogears just this weekend? Or maybe my site finally's on those Search Engines...

January 12, 1999
I want hits. Yeah, that just sort of came out for no reason. Right now, I need some more interest in the main character positions, especially Elly, Ramsus, Krelian, and the rulers of the countries. Please consider playing a king :)
January XX, 1999
During some date, I made an update and I didn't write anything down. Basically, I revised the "Main Character Substitute Page", trimming it down and making the rules a little less confusing.
January 2, 1999
The name "Deus ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale" is dubbed by Anastasius Dumar.
December 31, 1998
Setting is confirmed. Setting will be the World of Xenogears, but with the main characters replaced. Basically, the ultimate end of both the Playstation game and the IF game will be the same, but the direction will be different.
December 30, 1998
The Project XAT Page is posted.

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