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Deus Ex Machina: The Xenogears Tale

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I like this one. It features the eyes of Emeralda ^_^
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This is another cool one... the Captain of the Eldridge, watching it all fall apart. From this Machine, God arrives.
Banner by Jackie.

Can't read Japanese on your web browser? Use Shoudoka Launchpad! Just open this up, type the URL you want to view in the "URL" form, and you'll be reading Japanese!

Episode 6: Creid A Play-by-E-mail Xenogears game that takes place a few years after the defeat of Deus. The game started in February, so reserve your spot now!

The Xenogears RPG. This is another Play-by-E-mail Xenogears game that uses the original characters in the game for a more dramatic, exciting, and renewed version of the original game.

Guardian Angels. This is a Xenogears page by Amber! It features a lot of original art, accurate information on the game Xenogears, and lots of references to mythology and the origin of certain names. Certainly a must-see for any Xengoears fan. This page is one of my favourites.

Queen Vera's Project Xenogears page. Her page was the first I looked at (it inspired me, in fact) and it is another of my favourite Xengoears Sites out there.

Xenogears Infinity. A very comprehensive site that is exceptionally well constructed. Hobbes designed this site... yup, the same guy who helps me do updates on the Persona of my page! This place is certainly a recommendation if you want to learn about the actual game itself. He has lots of downloads, sounds, and story information that my site lacks.

XenoEtone. The author, in addition to keeping Xenogears information, updates often and has a lot of information about Gaming Current Events.

Xenogears HQ. This site has a lot of information: including an encyclopedia of terms and the full game script!

Letting the Soul Sleep. This is a web-page dedicated to the author's fanfiction, "Letting the Soul Sleep", a story about the Nisan Epic.

Xenogears MUCK. The web page for the Xenogears MUCK (which I happen to participate in now, my character is named Aristol). The MUCK needs more players, so come along and sign up now!

The Ultimate Xenogears Page. Great source for information, in both game and story! One of the largest English Xenogears sites on the Internet.

Xenogears: The Beginning and the End. I really like the detailed Gear Information that's available on this site. It's a very well-built site and looks much spiffier than this one here :>

Xenogears: The Legend. This site is filled with all sorts of information, game, story, or other.

PS: I love you! (Japanese). Yeah, corny title, but it has lots of stuff about PSX games on here. Of note are the Xenogears MP3's from both the Original Sound Version and the Creid Arranged CD. You can also acquire MIDI's and lots of other stuff.

The Usual: Anime. Ruaki is one of the contributors to the fanfiction section. She also does artwork too, and it's posted on her site. Very interesting site design and lots of Multimedia, such as music and movies.

Square Soft Forever. A very profesionally done site with many resources.

Shack's Fanfic Clearinghouse. A fanfiction site, from Video games down to Star Trek and X-Files.

Xenogears Files (X-Files). A new page with a bit of information. Visit and offer a few suggestions. Jackie, who runs thi site, also made me the DeM banner with the Eldridge!

Xenogears: Guardian Legacy Project. David Beach hosts his fanfiction, "Guardian Legacy" on this server.

The Nisan Sanctuary. A very large site for Xenogears, with information, fan items, and game tips.

~*Chain of Ocean and Fire*~. Named for the track for the Fatima Brothers... on my page, it was translated as "Bonds of Sea and Fire".

Broken Mirror. Another fanfiction site for Xenogears. Starmage's stories are original only to this site!

DeM: Xenogears Interactive Fiction (The Homepage of Shiohisa). Shiohisa has created a page dedicated to Deus Ex Machina and her character, Shoshana. It has great original artwork, so please check it out! It's worth it!

Shitan Uzuki Shrine (by Deona). A shrine to Shitan Uzuki, one of the most well-developed characters in Xenogears. It's a small page right now, but go look. Deona's an avid collector of fanfiction (like I am) and she also writes a lot herself.

Heaven Can Wait. A Xenogears site devoted mainly to Alanna's fanfiction. She has a lot of intersting things on this page, from role-playing logs to Xenogears History.

Followers of Grahf. A Grahf shrine, including a Grahf Club and a script of Grahf's lines.

Elly, I Dream of You. It's a sweet page dedicated to Elly, my second-favourite character after Emeralda ^_^

This page is a Xenogears page which has a Play-by E-mail Game as well; this is of interest if you enjoy DeM.

Xenogaers: God and Mind This page is updated a lot and is packed with the usual and more! Worth your visit.

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