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If I get this section up (it's going to be the most difficult section), it will feature Characters, Cities, the Plot, and other very specific things dealing with the World of Xenogears.

If you have any contributions (as stupid as they may seem), send them anyway! Even if it sounds like the most moronic piece of information in the world, send it to me below. I really need help on this page, and it's great if people submit information.

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The Xenogears World

  • Episodes of Xenogears *SPOILERS*

  • A bit of a theory on the "Episodes" in Xenogears.

  • An Author's Notes of Xenogears

  • These are just notes that I made as I played the game through so I would be able to write a few fanfictions. These are also notes that I wanted for use with Deus Ex Machina. For the most part, it's nothing coherent, but you might want to look it over.

  • Xenogears Unit Conversion Tables and Gear Statistics

  • There are a number of units that are stated in Xenogears, such as the Repsol and the Sharl. This page will display the appropriate conversions, the real-world dimensions of the in-game gears, and realistic proportions for any created gears.

  • A Summary of Xenogears' Plot

  • This story summary was written by Sajon on the RPGamer Message Board. Right now, it's in text format and has a few extra "addition" notes made by some of the other members. If you want to get a general idea of the "beginnings and ends" of the plot, read this. A lot of the "Roles" for the Main Character Substitutes were derived from this plot summary.

  • References to Norse Mythology

  • Many names in Xenogears were acquired from mythology, and the influences of Norse Mythology did not elude Square. In this document are terms that define Andvari, Sigurd, Heimdall, Fenrir, and Yggdrasil.

  • Names Allusions from Xenogears

  • By Kamitra. This is a listing of a few of the names in Xenogears, plus their significance from real life, or mythology.

  • Xenogears World Map (version 1)

  • A colour version of the world map, labelled in Japanese.

  • Xenogears Packaging: CD front cover

  • The packaging of Xenogears: Japanese Version. I swear, this is an original scan, and not some rip from some other site.

  • Xenogears Packaging: CD back cover

  • The packaging of Xenogears: Japanese Version. Ditto above.

The World Specific to Deus Ex Machina

Deus Ex Machina can be considered the "New Xenogears Episode 5". Because we dwelve into more detail about the smaller things of the world, I felt it was necessary to post a section for Deus Ex Machina material. You will find history files, dating systems, culture, and other information below.

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